Skyrim 1.4 patch live on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Update 2: The PlayStation 3 patch is now live in North America.

Update: The update is now live for PlayStation 3 users in many European territories. We expect the patch to hit US users later today. If we hear from Sony, we’ll let you know.

If you’re encountering any strange in-game behavior immediately after applying the patch, don’t be alarmed — this is a normal function of the script backlog temporarily correcting itself. For more information on this, and how to speed up the process of PS3 performance enhancements, please read this forum post.

Original post: Following the PC patch, the 1.4 update for Skyrim is now live for Xbox 360 users. For the full list of changes, you can reference this blog post.

Reader Comments

  1. hey i’m a Skyrim fan on Xbox 360 and wondering when we would be able to play online on Skyrim for Xbox360 so message me back and tell me when because i have ideas for online

  2. The 1.4 patch (PS3) resolved many of the issues but it seems to have introduced a few. In particular, past dragon kills are showing up long past when they should have disappeared. The first was south of Riften and then showed up just west of the original kill area with full skin mesh (and a second one, only bones, right next to it) then later just outside of the north gate of Riften then reappeared just east of Shor’s Watchtower, in the valley area below Tolvald’s Cave. I put an arrow in its inventory the second time it appeared and it was the same dragon. The latest battle with a reappearing dead dragon was between Hjaalmarch Imperial Camp and Mzinchaleft then it later showed up at Mzinchaleft falling down the stairs to the entry door. Another comes and goes near Gjukar’s Monument but thats a pretty regular battle-zone. Others are more random so its hard to give you a better sequence of where the kill occurred vs where they’re showing up to help ID the problem – sorry. Usually bones, only the first one still has the skin mesh and that looks different, pale and washed out. Time frame for the first is now easily over several in-game months that its been reappearing. The last was within the last few in-game days. It started soon after the patch was applied. Hope that helps. Its not all of them by any means or the landscape would be filled LOL. LVL64, File size 12meg, this character started prior to the patch.

    • I had that to. Only In Sollitude. On my first save (lvl 51)
      In this save are still a lot of problems.

      Stared a new game, and after playing whole day, I had only one freeze @ lvl 18.
      But the bugs know pre-1.4 didn’t show uo (yet?).

  3. I would REALLY appreciate some help for this.. I am playing the xbox 360 version of Skyrim and my character is trapped in Dead Mans Respite. I was doing one of the 1st quest from the Bards College to retrieve the verse for them. Can’t remember the quest name. Anyways, I got the verse book from the skeleton. The only way to get out is from the Claw door with the 3 rings around it, BUT, none of the rings are activating for me, in which I can’t leave. I can’t travel backwards due to falling down into the cave, so the claw door is the only way out. I had an extra saved game but my wife accidently saved over it, so right now I started a new character, which is not what I wanted. I tried reloading my game about 50 times and still nothing. Please help! Thanks!

    • If all else fails , use the “~ tcl” , then hit enter,cheat code & you can go through or over anything(yes you can fly or pass through solid rock, or doors. To go back to normal mode just hit ~ again and type tcl & hit enter again. It’s a good emergency cheat code if you ever get stuck between two solid objects & can’t move anywhere.

  4. Hopefully the next patch will finally fix the bug which causes ‘A Cornered Rat’ to not appear in your quest log. I would really like to finish the main quest on my Orc I have poured 130+ hours into but alas playing on the xbox with no console commands really sucks. Please Bethesda I, and many other concerned fans, would really like to have this bug addressed.

  5. I have to agree with some of the players. Why am I paying 60 bucks for a broke-ass piece of crap. These companies pay lobbyists to go to congress and protect them from people copyright infringement yet who is protecting me from Bethesda and their half-ass attempt at a game. I should just go back to pirating games on PC, screw Bethesda, I can get past their disc-protection, been pirating since the dawn of the Internet, and if its a broke-ass game like Skyrim I definitely wont feel bad for pirating it…..FFS

  6. I’m playing on the Xbox and I am still stuck with the Message to Whiterun/Season Unending glitch. Does anyone know how to fix this, I’ve downloaded the patch. Or do I have to start over completely.

  7. @gstaff I start the game and maybe a minute into playing, my health goes down and my character is moanin as if my character is being attacked, but I’m not. I first noticed it as I went back to continue the BREAK OF DAWN quest. I went back into Meridia’s temple and killed a few Stormcloak Soldiers, but then I started losing health and figured I was being attacked, so then I stayed in Whiterun and once I walked around for a bit, same thing happened. I was losing health as if I was attacked and I died. I even paused the game while losing my health and I still died.

    • Genaro, Does this only happen during the day? If so, make sure you haven’t become a vampire. The sun damage could be what’s draining your health.

      • If you are carrying too much weight, goodies you picked up, this can cause you health & stamina to both go down.
        Lighten your load by selling some stuff , or just throw some stuff you don’t need away.

    • Note on the above comment, Stage 4 drops your health by 60, stage 3 by 45, stage 2 by 30, and stage 1 by 15 (I was thinking Oblivion – sorry).

    • Use the “God Mode Cheat Code” To do that just hit ~ then type in “tgm” and hit enter, then ~ again. Don’t use the
      “(quotation marks)just tgm (toggle god mode). That’s
      ~ tgm enter ~ . While in this mode you don’t lose health, magicka, or stamina. When you shoot arrows you keep the same number of arrows in your posession no mater how many you shoot , while in God Mode. Sometimes when the Game won’t work right you just have to compinsate the best way you can.

  8. Patch 1.4 has not addressed the main quest bug I have encountered. I am no longer able to finish the quest on my character who has 130+ hours of gameplay. After I left the thalmor embassy following the completion of ‘Diplomatic Immunity’, Delphine says I must talk to Esbern in riften; however, I am never given the following quest ‘A Cornered Rat’ even after talking to Brynjolf who says he has better things to do. Please, Bethesda, I purchased the Collector’s Edition and would really wish to continue the main quest on my Orc. Please address this bug!

  9. Hi there,

    I am playing through Skyrim on the Xbox and I am having trouble with numerous glitches. In particular the Thieves Guild Questline – I have completed ‘A Chance Arrangement’ but everytime I return to Brynjolf he is in the market place in Riften and simply says ‘Huhmm?’ everytime I go near him. So last night I signed up for Xbox Live in the hope of downloading something to fix this. I read online patch 1.4 is the solution.

    I was prompted to download something which did not identify itself as patch 1.4, which I did, and immediately the game said my Briar Heart had finally been recognised for the White Phil side quest so I thought all was well. However – neither the White Phial quest nor Brynjolf are working. I did spot Brynjolf in the Ragged Flagon but once again all he could mutter was ‘Huhmm?’

    I have really enjoyed playing this excellent game so far and I am a patient person but my patience is now wearing thin.

    Can anybody at Bethesda help me please?



  10. Keep trying to beat the quest for the dark brotherhood ( the cure for madness ) but doesn’t matter if i kill cisero or not when i go back to the sanctuary and try to enter, my game freezes ( xbox 360). I even restarted the quest and still the same thing happens. level 73 here so imagine how many hours i have in this game and do not want to start over at this point.

  11. The “Ill Met by Moonlight” quest needs fixed badly. Is it really that hard to add something so that the game checks to see if the White Stag is within the boundaries of the world map and, if he’s not, moves him there? It’s annoying that this hasn’t been fixed yet when there’s an Achievement/Trophy affected by it.

  12. Hi, does anybody know if i can download the ps3 update to a memory stick on a pc? i dont have the internet where my ps3 is so i’d like to get it as i have a new ps3 and just bought skyrim

  13. When will this bug in the main quest be fixed? I killed Sahloknir (A Blade in the Dark quest dragon) but am unable to absorb the dragon’s soul. In order to complete this main quest I need to talk to but Dalphine won’t talk to me just keeps saying “Gods above, look at that” and no dialog comes up, most likely due to the fact I did not absorb Sahloknir’s soul. I thought it might be because I returned the horn or something so I went all the way back to before the initial dialog with Dalphine for this quest, many saves ago and then actually followed her to the burial mounds rather than fast travel. Nothing works. Definitely a HUGE BUG! How are you supposed to complete the game if you can’t get past the main quest?

  14. There is still a minor bug around the quest ‘The Blessings of Nature’ Where you have to use the Nettlebane to find a new seed for the big tree in Whiterun. After completing the quest, you should see a new tree growing in whiterun. Instead, the old one still stands and you can’t see the new tree because it is inside the old tree’s model.

  15. I know I’m late but I’ve been trying to get the update and it isn’t happening. Did it stop being pushed out or something? Any help would be appreciated.

  16. ok idk if u guys at bethesda have seen the muiltplayer mod but i was wonderin if ya could make that into dlc i really want 2 go on quest with other ppl