Skyrim 1.4 patch live on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Update 2: The PlayStation 3 patch is now live in North America.

Update: The update is now live for PlayStation 3 users in many European territories. We expect the patch to hit US users later today. If we hear from Sony, we’ll let you know.

If you’re encountering any strange in-game behavior immediately after applying the patch, don’t be alarmed — this is a normal function of the script backlog temporarily correcting itself. For more information on this, and how to speed up the process of PS3 performance enhancements, please read this forum post.

Original post: Following the PC patch, the 1.4 update for Skyrim is now live for Xbox 360 users. For the full list of changes, you can reference this blog post.

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks. Got it this morning. Noticed something I have not before.

    Was picking nirnroot around Riften. When I picked it, glow and sound stopped. Walked off a little ways and happened to turn around. From a distance, saw the glow of nirnroot in same place where I had just been. Went back and as I approached the light vanished and nirnroot was, of course, gone. Never heard a sound. Only saw the light when I was at a distance.

    Don’t know if this is new. I play on Xbox.

  2. It’s about damn time this patch is released. Will it fix the PS3 lag issue? I doubt it, because like Josh Sawyer said it’s an engine level issue, that cannot be fixed unless the game is rebuilt for PS3. Start recalling the games Bethesda and refunding PS3 customers, we know your incompetent programmers can’t fix this problem with a patch.

    • Most of the people who have played the new patch have said that the lag is fixed.So stop being a troll.It’s a bug, bugs happen in games, especially in games that are as large as Skyrim, get over it.

    • Its funny that their “incompetent programmers” have made a massively detailed game that runs on my bad Laptop in reasonable graphics, while the PS3 can barely handle it.

    • I`m getting a trouble on this quest, I`ve completed some objectives but I can`t ask for help of Ulfric`s guy (forgot his name now). The quest indicator stay on him but I don`t get any other new option to continue solving it. I`ve entered on the house and investigated it, but the blood outside the house just gone…can`t figure out what`s heppening. Some ideas? Thanks!

    • That one is defenatly acts funny to complete you just have to research and know what the outcome is before you even start and the suicidal shatter-shield woman has the hjerim house key thats one way to start, thane of windhelm is another. Hope this makes sense it sounded better in my head….haha

  3. Ok here I am again. The Patch(PS3) didnt repaired the Main Bug. All over the World there are Lots of People upset because the Main Story cant Be completed. The Quest ” a concerned Rat doesnt Start After Finishing the Quest diplomatic immunity. Hey bethesdA please fix this. This is Not a Small Bug – it is a Hugh One. Please please please Repair this. If you Need more Infos contact me via Mail. Thanks

    • dude i’m having the same issues as you but for me I actually can’t even play it nomore. I mean killing dragons and no dragon souls, can’t learn new shouts on walls, and on top of all this I can’t complete any of my quest at all. I’m too far in the game to restart so I’m just taking it as a complete lost. It was fun while it lasted.

      • Hey all, just a thought, have you tried starting a new character and see if that helps? I know it sucks to start over but keep your current game file. I have (on a PS3) done both BLOOD ON THE ICE and A CORNERED RAT on a pre-patch character with no hitches after the patch and was able to do them both long before the first patch release (except the 11 11 11 patch) with my first character when others were having problems. Don’t know why, luck of the draw I guess.

  4. just got the patch and saw significant improvement in framerates on PS3, wich was the most important thing, glad they significantly improved that! i don’t know if that did it for poeples who got even bigger saves than me though…

    as for the nirnroot aura thing Matt mentionned, it IS VERY IMPORTANT because it was discovered that the nirnroots aura stacks everytime the nirnroot respawns (every in-game days), instead of replacing the former aura; wich progressively starts draining a lot of the console’s ressources after some in-game month of aura-multiplication… it whould be a shame for them if they still didn’t fixed THAT! such a simple bug is very easy to repair and should never be seen in a professionnal game to gegin with…

  5. No fix for “Waking Nightmare” quest bug? Erandur disappears in the temple.. Any possibilities with this patch to complete the quest and take “oblivion walker” achievment?? Thanks

      • Yep. It’s all on Sony now. I just wish they would speed it up. They should definitely know that their platform has the most pressing issues with it.

      • [email protected] said on :

        Or Microsoft, depending on which console you’re on.

        The patch needs to pass Microsofts security/quality or some such checks. Bethesda probably sent it to them awhile ago.

  6. Like John commented above, the questline “A Cornered Rat” will not activate after completing “Diplomatic Immunity”, however I’m playing the xbox360 version. This is immensely frustrating as this is the main questline/plotline of the game. I’m glad to see that texture issues and nirnroot problems have been fixed, but they should have been of the lowest priority. Can you please focus on fixing the main questline bugs? Why are these not already the highest priority? I’ve seen the bug I’ve mentioned reported/raised on the Bethesda Forums, this blog, twitter and all the wikia entries surrounding the main quests. How can this not have been fixed?

    Please focus on fixing the main questline before anything else. I’ve done almost everything else in the game except the main quest, and the longer I go without it the less respect I have for the game. It’s difficult to recommend a game that I can’t finish due to this kind of problem.

    As others have suggested, email me and I’ll gladly elaborate further or do anything I can to help

      • Thank you very much for the response, I haven’t visited this page in a few days however I’m very keen to provide my save file etc.

        I’ll attempt to contact you again via the forums.


  7. House in Windhelm is still not cleaned up + when I place a weapon in the weapon racks, it will float in the air 🙁 I hope you guys find some way to fix it. Thanks for fixing a lot of other bugs!

  8. I realise its now in sony’s hands but can anyone explain why they wouldn’t release to everyone at the same time. Is this mythical patch 1.4 being carried by horseback to each country?

  9. well the dagger racks are messed in windhelm. you put one in and you cant get it out, but you can stack more ontop of it and not get those either

  10. I won’t install next update, Ima wait for people to test it first. If something is really messed up, I’m gonna wait for the update scheduled for July, thank you very much.

  11. Thanks for the fixes. Weapons racks working for the first time in Breezehome now and I was finally able to become thane of Riften. There still seem to be issues with the bedroom dagger racks in Windhelm (Mehrune’s Razor is stuck), and I am still unable to return the Chronicles of Nchuleft since I got it before getting the quest. I am also unable to complete an “animal extermination” quest since the sabre cat is already dead. In addition, I still have some items from old quests stuck in my inventory as well as some quests listed as active that should be marked as complete, such as “assist people of Haafingar (5/5)”. This is on the 360.

    I would be happy to provide more details or a copy of my save file (if possible).

  12. I am on the PS3 and every time I hit ok to download the patch my ps3 does the double beep similar to the YLOD beep and the system restarts.

  13. lag seems gone so far, def. recommend creating a new save then waiting/resting for 73 in game days, save&quit then reload. Helps a ton, only thing i have seen changed is the game tips or “hints” are back the first time i enter the follower commands, or the barter option. it’s like im playing again for the 1st time lol. so far so good Bethesda, thank you, my patience & loyalty seem to have paid off! 🙂

    • oh and it also reset all the game settings to default, like the auto-saves back on which so far have been saving flawlessly, it took me a while before i realized they were even going! i opened the load screen and saw 3 auto saves lol. im satisfied bethesda! love you guys, thanks for all the hard work! hope the quests are fixed and i can finally get rid of the damn Chimarvamidum and Talos Amulet lol and Wylandriah’s Soul Gem (that got filled accidentally lol) and Runed Lexicon and Attunement Sphere and Panteas Flute and Finns Lute and Nurelion’s Mixture and Statue Of Dibella …(saying my prayers now)

  14. Bethesda, why did you not fix the problem with the Nirnroot’s in Skyrim? I am on the PS3, level 69 and 240hours of gameplay, and the glow is not going away after picking a Nirnroot, and I think people are right about that being a big issue, because I have noticed lag/freezing/stuttering when approaching a Nirnroot site and it starts to load or “pop-in” in the distance. If this is true about the code or whatever it is stacking, and just loading nirnroot sound and glow and whatever over and over depending on how many are picked, then why not just remove all that and make it a normal plant with no glow and sound? or just fix it so it clears or whatever and doesn’t stack? you guys are the pro’s so my fate as a fan and consumer is in your hands, thanks for everything so far!

    • the problems i said i noticed were prior to patch 1.4, i havent played long enough to see if they persist with the nirnroot, i just read someone else saying the glow did indeed disapear after picking with patch 1.4. so dont take that the wrong way, patch seems great so far. gameplay on the ps3 is much better so far, bout 1 to 1 1/2 hours into playing.

  15. I didn’t pick originally up Skyrim for the PS3 until after the 1.2 patch/shortly before the 1.3 patch. I didn’t run into any lag problems until around the 80 hour mark and I believe my save file was up around the 12MB range. After I would be playing for only 20 minutes or so, the lag would get so bad that the game would quickly get unplayable. So I wound up just stopping playing it until the 1.4 patch came out today that supposedly has fixed the lag problem for good. I was wanting to re-start my character so I’m starting from scratch again. I really, really hope that the lag problem is fixed for good now on the PS3 version. If not, Bethesda needs to offer full refunds for PS3 users for releasing a broken/faulty product. I really hope that the rumors of it being the actual game engine are false. Why is Bethesda the only company that can’t seem to program for the PS3 correctly?

  16. Looks like the “Battle for Fort Sungard” glitch is still alive and well on the PS3. Still getting there and there’s nobody to fight. Hell, it doesn’t even want to register that my map. Nice to see the framerate improve and be able to play more than 3 minutes without the game freezing (btw, that is not hyperbole, 3 minutes was about the average) but the game is still broken. I’d still like to at least get my money’s worth on this game and just make sure to withhold all of my money from Bethesda in the future for genuinely not giving a rats ass about PS3 users.

  17. I need some help here…my game has frozen in blackreach and I can’t complete the main story.Also when I enter the dark brotherhood sanctuary nothing loads and I just fall through the floor.I also can’t enter dragonreach or The blue palace in solitude..I’m having lots of freezing issues as I enter buildings…I’m on the xbox360 the patch hasn’t fixed it.

  18. Blood on the ice quest still won’t work for me either… been trying for a couple of hours!! I refuse to give up my 150 hours for a damn house … Pls fix this guys I really want the best house the game !

    • Most quest issues that are fixed are likely to require a new game, which is why I held of playing for so long. It seems to be like that for most games. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

      • yeah I started a new game been meaning to for a while.

        The fix for the Ed-E explosion glitch in Fallout New Vegas, where Ed-E disappears after an explosion in the vault 21 originally prevented it from occurring and didn’t fix existing files. Later patches did restore Ed-E to existing files. So who knows.

      • Most quest issues that are fixed are likely to require a new game

        This simply isn’t true. Every single quest glitch can be bypassed on the PC with console commands. All Bethesda has to do is enable the damn console on the PS3 and 360, and voila, half of the complaints about this game are gone.

        • That’s the PC. I assumed we were talking about consoles. My statement is true, for now.

          I personally doubt that Bethesda will allow for console commands to be accessable on XBox/PS3. Well, I say Bethesda but I get a feeling it might be more on the side of Microsoft/Sony. Either way I’m not an expert on the ins and outs of the machines so who knows? Maybe in the future they’ll do so.

          I really with Bioware would do the same.

          • Also, I used the word ‘likely’ originally, not ‘always’. The majority of quest problems I’ve come up against whilst playing games on my Xbox have meant I’ve had to start again. Add that to the amount of times I’ve seen a developer tell customers to do so.

    • I had the same problems with the quest not triggering. Try picking the lock and breaking into hjerim, when inside investigate the furniture and that should trigger the quest.

  19. Occasional minor glitches + true HD graphics + ability to use xbox 360 gamepad and ps3 gamepad + amazing mods that add tons of content to the game + extremely fast loading = Skyrim on PC

    Game breaking bugs + fake HD graphics + long loading screens = Skyrim on consoles

    Amount of people who think gaming pcs have to cost over $2000 and need constant upgrades = the people commenting in this posting and many other console owners. Have fun with your glitches.

  20. Damn, still can’t get the Thieves’ Guild quest Dampened Spirits to pop up in my quest inventory on Xbox 360. Restarted system after update, loaded from a manually saved file, tried talking to Brynjolf and Maven, still nothing.

  21. I had a problem where some slots in weapon racks were unusable and this patch fixed that but now when I place a weapon on certain weapon plaques it will either go into it like someones stabbed through the plaque or it will float horizontally somewhere random in the room. The floating thing also happens with weapon racks. I’ve tried various weapons on these glitchy plaques and racks and get the same results every time. I play on Xbox360.

  22. I just want to be able to do the Dainty Sload mission and become leader of the Thieves guild! I’m playing a thief type – so please!

    • They wont tell you. Bethesda only approves and replies on comments that are irrelevant to the actual gameplay of the game, or any bugs reported.

  23. Ok here I am again. The Patch(PS3) didnt repaired the Main Bug. All over the World there are Lots of People upset because the Main Story cant Be completed. The Quest ” a concerned Rat doesnt Start After Finishing the Quest diplomatic immunity. Hey bethesdA please fix this. This is Not a Small Bug – it is a Hugh One. Please please please Repair this. If you Need more Infos contact me via Mail. Thanks. I also thought the thalmor Embassy is Open now. It us still closed

  24. Amazing. Water is now flashing at epilepsy-inducing speeds in places, i still can’t finsh the dark brotherhood questline because the Incriminatng Letter item i need for one of the quests simply STILL IS NOT THERE, and to add insult to injury, it only took 20 minutes for the game to crash as opposed to the usual three hours.

    You absolutely incompetent bastards, how do you get away with this type of crap?

  25. All of my merchant issues are gone. Instantly became thane of rifften after visiting the jarl. I’m not sure I understand. Should I “create new saved game” then use that one? What I have done was overwrite then turn off. Many things have been fixed with doing that.

  26. I’ve been playing on ps3 for a while now and havnt come across any game breaking glitch so I’ll wait before patching! So far it doesn’t look broken so I’m not going to be fixing it! But yeah thanks bethesda

    Great game! 9.2 out 10

  27. When the updates comes up it ays please wait and then restarts my ps3…. Then when I do it again the same problem happens! Is anybody else having this problem? If so what do I do??

  28. the lag is gone for ps3, but my companions quest line is blocked because I have to kill the silver hand leader but i think i already did before so now the objective arrow is leading me to nothing. and i cant quit the quest and get a different one. all of the other members just tell me that i already have a quest going on so im totally stuck. ive already done the other story lines so now i just wandering around… fix it!

  29. Still no fix for the MAIN QUEST bug in Sky Haven Temple, where the NPCs won’t move past the first bridge if you solved the puzzles before meeting them. It’s been three months since the game came out – why the hell isn’t this done yet?

  30. Hi Mr Bethesda. PLEASE FIX THE CONJURATION RITUAL SPELL GLITCH! This has literally broken the game for me. It doesn’t feel good to put MANY hours into a game (and really enjoy every minute) and then the countless bugs start to seep in, I could ignore most of them but running around leveling up my conjuration to 100 just to get the best spells and then have the quest glitch…its highly annoying! And I am playing on the xbox 360 because my computer can’t run games. I have never completed any of the previous Elder Scrolls games because of gamebreaking bugs…its getting so annoying. You guys seem to do such a good job in many ways so please put the same effort into ironing out these silly bugs. I was hoping the new patch would rectify the bug on the conjuration ritual but of course, it didn’t. I cast the spell on the marked area and nothing is summoned. Sort this out…I really enjoyed this game up til then and I don’t wanna trade the game before playing it in its entirety!