Skyrim 1.4 patch live on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Update 2: The PlayStation 3 patch is now live in North America.

Update: The update is now live for PlayStation 3 users in many European territories. We expect the patch to hit US users later today. If we hear from Sony, we’ll let you know.

If you’re encountering any strange in-game behavior immediately after applying the patch, don’t be alarmed — this is a normal function of the script backlog temporarily correcting itself. For more information on this, and how to speed up the process of PS3 performance enhancements, please read this forum post.

Original post: Following the PC patch, the 1.4 update for Skyrim is now live for Xbox 360 users. For the full list of changes, you can reference this blog post.

Reader Comments

  1. im still having a glitch on companions quest line quest striking the heart where i have to kill the leader of silver blood on ps3 and i go to marker and no one is there just the marker i have already cleared the bridge it sent me to in the quest and i do not have any older save files as i have beat entire game excpet that and the patch did not fix it at all

  2. Hi Bethesda,

    First time leaving a message here and just want to say a big thumb up for the game!

    The 1.4 update says that it fixed the trigger bug in quest ‘Blood on the ice’ but I am having a weird issue where I simply cannot find Viola. I first triggered the quest by purchasing Hjerim and entering the house. Afterward, Viola just disappeared and no pointer … I’ve been spending over 30 hours trying to fix this quest with no luck … even after the update …

    Is there any way to fix this? (I have the PS3 version)

  3. PS3, game crashed again, even with all the steps you suggested for a proper installation of the new patch. I give up, I’m not gonna keep worrying about “fixes” anymore. I’ll assume the game cannot be played normally cause it has factory defects. My money will stay away from future Bethesda games.

    • Oh, so it crashed once and your never ever ever ever going to buy a Bethesda game?What a moron you are, god forbid that it might just be your PS3 that froze and not the game that crashed, freezes happen, get over it.

  4. I finished the game already, i enjoyed it anyways even though those frame-rate issues gave me a hard time, well i guess i’m gonna replay it now, but without the lag, thnx bethesda

  5. And just the let everyone else know, There is almost no lag in ps3, i haven’t experienced any frame-rate issue since i updated, so go ahead ps3 users and update the game

  6. on Xbox 360 and I still can’t get the quest Dampened Spirits for the thieves guild to start up… The patch has been applied and I have tried reloading multiple times and have tried all dialogue and still nothing will make the quest with Maven start…. getting very frustrated with this!!!

  7. i’m stuck at trinity restored i was hoping the patch would fix this or is it not a glitch is there a solution to this karliah dosent show up at the stone any body have an answer

    • does any body have a answer for the thieves guild trinity problem. I have been playing this game for a long time and cant believe that this stupid bug will end it for me pls any buddy give me an answer. i guess that this is just one of these games that you hate to love!!!!!!!

  8. The PS3 patch is working great for me.

    The only thing I have a problem with now is that any characters I played with while patch 1.02 do not have the treasure map chests show up. However, my character that I started after 1.03 came out can find the treasure map chests just fine.

    Also, I have a lot of quest items for finished quests that cannot be removed, and a lot of finished quests that will not mark themselves as being finished. I have a bunch of Return To Skald Misc quest, and the Bards College final quest won’t go away.

    • i to have the same problem with quest items not being able to be removed after completed and quests not being marked as done. i can’t remove any of the bards college musical instruments even thought i’ve completed the quest and the misc quest “collect bounty from skald” wont disapear now that they are all done. i know these are small problems but should have been easy to fix.

  9. Good job. No more lag. But the quest “To kill an emperor” still doesn’t work! After i’ve cooked the soup there comes and explosion so the emperor is already dead and i can’t complete the quest…

  10. Okay, so… are dragons meant to just circle above you, not doing anything? I don’t know if this is a bug or not, and I can’t seem to find a straight answer anywhere.

    • Its listed as a random encounter in the game guide book eg. a dragon that flies around but doesn’t attack – as long as they usually do, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    • yes this is normal. if they don’t notice you or you dont MAKE yourself noticed they can just fly around without a fight. if there quite some distance up in the sky i dont think their range of observation to see you reaches to the ground

  11. Has anyone else had any issues with the College of Winterhold Quest: Revealing the Unseen aligning the beams of light of the Oculory is not working for me…i havent updated the patch though yet so not sure if that fixes it. Really just wanted to know who else was having this issue? btw im a ps3 player not sure if this is a big deal 🙁

  12. The performance issue on PS3 is fine now with 1.04. But I still can not complete the Battle for Windhelm quest. I loaded a previous save, but it still does not load the battle, so I can not complete the Imperial Legion questline.

  13. Forbidden Legend quest is still broken. Fixed being able to loot the amulet part in Geirmund’s Hall, but if you’ve already cleared this place once, you can’t kill the boss again making it impossible to leave the dungeon. Way to go for an incomplete fix!

  14. well the game still lags. what are you supposed to do when you have a 13MB game save? every fight with multiple guards or enemies makes it lag. is it possible that if you change the output settings to 720p it would run better? or is the game just messed up

  15. @MatteIbra10:

    I found a solution for the multiple bugs related to Erandur in the “Waking Nightmare” quest: if you leave the building and walk back in, he will begin talking with you again and you can finish the quest. If he disappears, you can go back to the place you met him and wait/sleep and he should return (similar to when your follower disappears). Hope that helps you finish this quest because the cycle for new patches take much longer due to the process.


  16. Any word on them fixing the bug that doesn’t let me see dual weapons holstered? I can’t play this game at all because dual wielding is my thing but I can’t see both weapons at my sides. I’ve seen it only once actually work. This and sometimes I cannot absorb dragon souls after killing them.

  17. still cant get the house in windhelm, found the note before patch 1.3 about the butcher, and “blood on the ice” never started, got patch 1.4 and it still wont start i read it may take time for the ps3 game to recode or something but how long does it take?

  18. Other little issues – I’m stuck on an animal extermination mission with the companions because when I go to the cave, there’s no animals – just a quest marker sitting still and when I talk to the other companions (I’d like to cure my lycanthropy) they tell me to finish my task for Aela. Thanks for letting me finally become Thane of Riften but please sort out the Dainty Sload mission.

  19. Worked great for a bit.

    My experience so far PS3

    – My save file is 2MB down (from 16 to 14mb)
    – The items from the bards quests (Pantea’s Flute, Finn’s Lute & Rjorn’s Drum) are still in my inventory and marks as quest items but the quest is long done.
    – Killing the leader in Uttering Hills Camp is still not possible (there is a marker but nobody there)
    – Still didn’t get Blood on the Ice

    And only 1 freeze game.

    So looks good this update xD

  20. I am grateful for patch 1.4 have fixed the annoying lag on ps3, but I still can not complete the main quest “Reunification of Skyrim”, I might wait for a correction in small quests like “Repairing the Phial”,but can not complete the main quest is very frustrating, I have completed almost everything in the game,but I can not get the option of dialogue from legate Rikke to advance on the civil war quest,and I’ve already tried all the solutions I saw on the internet and none worked.
    How am I supposed be able to buy future expansions if I can not even finish the game?
    And do not tell me that the only solution is to restart the game from the beginning, because if this is the only solution I prefer to stop playing.

  21. Disappointed. Still not seeing fixes for a lot of my bugs…. on 360 by the eay
    1: Attunement Sphere is locked in my inventory even though all associated quests are done.
    2: All Bards College instruments, the flute and lute or whatever, still stuck in inventory.
    3. Still no prompt for the Blood on Ice quest. Have completed Stormcloaks quest, dark brotherhood (killed a shatter shield sister), recovered house key, entered it, found false panel butcher room etc.
    4. Jorlief assigned me two duplicate quests. One for killing bandit leader in Uttering Hills, which I did, and another to kill dragon at Bonestrewn Crest. Second time around for both but no dragon at Crest so stuck…

    Fix fix fix

  22. Thought this patch was going to fix the main quest bug where Revealing the Unseen doesn’t start after talking to Savos Aren. This blows cause I need one more priest mask to get the gold one but, can’t go any further into the game.

  23. still need to fix thieves guild glitch every time u start a quest u get a negative completion and after finishing u go back to where u were can’t go positive in quests completion and many people can’t enter yngol without there screen turning black on PS3

  24. Are you kidding me…. why was my last post deleted off of here?!?!? This patch didn’t fix the “Dampened Spirits” Quest bug at all for the xbox 360 at least. I’ve tried every option multiple times after reloading and still won’t work and there is no way I am going to restart my game at the level I am at now…

    Get your act together Bethesda and fix the problems with your games first before releasing them, it’s called a test phase for a reason….

  25. Before I install it I want to know if this bug is fixed… I can’t finish “The Forsworn Conspiracy” because while entering the chapel of Talos when finishing the quest, instead of appearing one of the guards, General Tulius appear and instead of trying to apprehend, he ask me to join the Legion and I tried to wait for various days, he still appears, is it normal?

  26. I play on 360 and I have updated a patch but to no avail.
    I cant even start the blood on the ice quest and ive done everything on various websites to try and prompt a start.
    Any news wether it is going to be fixed?
    Like others on this post ive done to much to start from scratch.

  27. Please fix the Companion’s guild quest line. Especially the quest take up arms, I am unable to find Aela to give her shield back anywhere. There is no work around for this at all and I have complained about it before. She is not at jorvaskr or at Bleakwind Basin, I want to become a badass werewolf!

  28. PS3 User – love the patch – fixed all the lagg for me.
    However some bugs:
    – Bookcases are still a bit weird, sometimes I can see it is full but it says I can put 18 more books on it.
    – I invested 500gold into my chosen merchant and she has no lost that permanently invested 500 gold (not major but it means I wasted a skill perk.
    – The tree in Whiterun is bugged if you do the quest where you choose to replant one from the seeds because a smaller tree starts growing from the original one with out the original one being removed, as the game suggests.
    – Can you patch Shadowmere to go back to stables, or the pool (and respawn after 10days) because so many people are complaining that they loose it. –> I lost mine on the quest you get it. I mounted the horse and fast travelled to Dawnstar, I came out after killing ***** and it had disappeared.
    – BUT THE MAJOR ISSUE IS TO FIX “Blood on the Ice” – it still won’t trigger for me. After completing civil war quests and half way through dark brotherhood, and 120hours, I’d really like the house in Windhelm, I have too much money and need to spend/waste some on that house because it looks great.

  29. If I cant get passed this software error(bug)I am currently experiencing and soon, I will never buy another Bethesda game ever, and will discourage anyone who will listen from waisting their coin as well …So let me get this straight Bethesda… I waisted over a month of my Life leveling up my character up to level 47 just to have the game jam up on me on some side mission( RETRIEVE THE TOTEM OF HIRCINE).. The game will NOT let me leave the Companions Cabin(Jorrvaskor) in Whiterun.freezes in load screen when trying to walk out. tried like 30 times….

  30. The weapon rack down in the basement of my Solitude house is still glitched.
    The place on the left end of it, I now have 2 swords in it, and I can still put more in it, never stops ssaying Activate on it.

      • After the patch 1.4 – The 5 slot weapons rack in the basement has a glitch with the two end units. If you put a short item in the slot such as a standard sword you cannot retrieve it and you can add additional weapons into those slots which if short are also stuck. If you put a tall item in, such as a broadsword or staff, then you can retrieve it, even if its layered over/under another, by clicking on the area above the top of the rack. Thats the trick, make sure anything in those slots are taller than the rack.

  31. OK Ive seen the dlc vid and i almost cryed it was so good but ya should add mulitplayer to that also im not able to receive a cornered rat quest i did everything but it wont come when i talk to the girl i did the diplomatic immunity quest and i know its not because of my level im level 81

    • Level caps at 81. This is based on all skills being at 100 so its kinda hard to raise the cap. The only reason to do so would be to get more perks and Bethesda followed the Fallout 3 style of letting you chose the perks you want but making sure you can’t have them all. IMHO this make for a richer gameplay since you have to carefully choose which perks are most important to you. Those people I’ve talked to that have the PC version and can give their character all the perks say its a real game killer. NO fun at all to be that invincible.

  32. Dampened Spirits won’t trigger,can’t remember if Brynjolf told me to speak with Maven Black-Briar but she can’t be found in Bee and Barb or Black Briar meadery. When i meet Brynjolf he’s always saying “Sorry lass… I’v got important things to do. Well speak another time”. It would have been nice if you could restart completed quests and hopefully get past the point where the questline locks up! I’m on level42 now and it looks like i’m gonna restart the game from beginning so i can complete Thievs guild questline and unlock related throphies!
    I won’t stand first in line when Bethesda releses another game! 🙁

  33. Playing on 360 and have seen several of above glitches (2 NPC’s right inside whiterun, quests not moving to next step or disappearing altogether)and experienced quite a few freezups. But would really like to see the glitch where lydia looks like a werewolf changed. I did notice the nirnroot fix but wasnt very concerned. Glad theres has been some progress hope theres more to come…

  34. I saw that skyrim for the pc was online and i watched some gameplay and the chacter animation didnt work they were all float and to others they arent wearing any armor i wanted to know if that is going to be fixed or if its just going to be left like that.

  35. Hello Bethesda

    Please fix the quest “Message to Whiterun” (Xbox Version):
    I should give Ufric the axe but this is impossible. There
    is no dialog option for this. I have already downloaded the
    newest patch. Overall it is a great game, I would really like to continue.

    • i just want to be sure how do i download the new patch on xbox because when i open skyrim it just opens and it doesn’t say there is any update or do i have to just login to a game and then the patch will apply?

  36. WHY DIDNT YOU FIX THE NIGHTINGALE BLADE OMG WHYYYY!!! why hoe could you do this to me its my fav and i loved skyrim until i found out i couldn’t upgrade it now i hate skyrim and im not gonna play it until you fix it PLEASE FIX IT IM DYING I HATE MY LIFE AND SKYRIM BECAUSE OF THAT ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY PLEASE BETHESDA FIX THE NIGHTINGALE BLADE FIX IT!!

  37. Guys, I need your help. You see, I’m over 100 hours into the game and I have done every quest line except for the main one, which I’m saving for last. I was doing the daedric quests now and passed all the “missable” ones, but then I discovered a bug in the House of Horrors one… I entered Markarth for the first time via the A Night to Remember quest, and because of that the Forsworn Conspiracy quest did not activate when I went to the market. This has been corrected by some people by entering stealth mode and killing the forsworn agent, then triggering the quest normally and then un bugging the House of Horrors one (Tyranus never appears). My problem is that… there is ANOTHER bug here. I have finished the Civil War ques line and given Skyrim to the Stormcloaks, which makes Eltrys being dead when I enter the Shrine of Talos, thus not being able to start Forsworn Conspiracy AND House of Horrors. The first is ok to miss, but the second one is related to a trophy… Please, could you fix this?

  38. I am in South Africa, where do i go to get the 1.4 patch for the PS3, i will have to download it on USB stick and then install on console. Any help would be appreciated.

  39. Wth? Can I get no break? I applied the patch, manual saved instantly and restarted PS3 like I was told and now I’m dying… Every other minute! I want to enjoy this game and I can’t. Please fix this game. This is ridiculous! I haven’t been able to actually play in maybe 3 months. I’m agree with other ppl that you ppl at Bethesda should refund us.

  40. Still can not get the main storyline quest “A Cornered Rat” after completing “Diplomatic Immunity” on the Xbox. How is this still broken?

  41. Hey, I’m playing on Xbox and I cant load my game. I’m on the loading screen right now from when you press “Continue Game” from the title menu, and I’ve been waiting for about 20-30 mimes now and it still hasn’t fully loaded. It’s not frozen since I can still mess around with the 3D character in the middle, it’s just taking forever. I restarted my Xbox twice it’s still doing the same. Please fix this or help me, thanks. 😀