Reader Comments

  1. Don’t do it! Bethesda doesn’t deserve any awards for this game. They’ll probably pay off the British Academy to win the award like they did with VGA’s.

  2. I was *this* close to going on the website and voting for Skyrim… Then i voted for Minecraft… Sorry Bethesda, but you already have a bunch of awards.

  3. Oh wait, sorry. LA Noire is on the list. Too bad Skyrim. If I’d been able to play the game in this state at its release, you’d have got the vote.

  4. Voted. Out of all of the nominees, Skyrim is my GOTY so there was only one way I could vote! Congrats again to the entire team on all the wonderful awards you’re getting; they are so deserved.

  5. Would have voted, if the game was not as buggy as hell- unable to complete quests being my number one complaint. How you get away with selling such a shoddy unfinished product is beyond me- a very disgruntled PS3 owner. You should be ashamed…