Skyrim takes home five AIAS awards

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences held their award show last night at the DICE conference, and Skyrim took home five trophies, including Game of the Year.

The awards are voted on by the 20,000 members of the AIAS. In addition to the top honor, the distinguishments included Best Story, Role-playing/MMO Game of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Gameplay Engineering, Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction.

Congrats to the team!

Reader Comments

    • penta congrats to the skyrim design team i am disabled and have a limited income but i always budget for skyrim and i’ love morrowwind too your dev teams rock. you guys deserve the praise you got at DICE

  1. Thats no surprise to me. Bethesda has always delivered rock solid games since the first Elder Scrolls game. I hope your not resting on your laurels. We are eagerly awaiting news of the next release in this serie. Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Very well deserved!

    Now go back to work adding all that stuff we saw during that JAM vid! in your next DLC! those moving platforms gave me Daggerfalls flashbacks!

  3. Just further evidence of a fact that we who have played the games for the past decade or more know — Bethesda Game Studios is the best game studio in the world. And only getting better.

  4. and once again it’s proven that money wins awards, not good games

    playing skyrim feels like a playing compilation of the worst and unfinished mods.

    Skyrim is not a finished, complete product. it’s at most alpha.
    very buggy alpha

  5. Skyrim is my favorite game since … ever (though Morrowind is still winner of the hearts), and GOTY is well deserved, but best story really surprised me.

  6. I currently have the PC version of the game and have the luxury of using the Creation Kit to build my own dungeons, weapons, etc. With new locations and spells being added every day, there is no end to the replay value of Skyrim. Best game I’ve played in a long time. Congratulations, Bethesda Game Studios! You deserved those awards!

  7. It’s great to see Bethesda receiving the recognition it so richly deserves, but how about a status update on what you’re actually working on? These recent posts give the impression you’re all on vacation.

    We’d like to hear plans on future updates, High-Res Texture Pack update/fix, and even DLC. Will the next update be a big one like 1.4, or an incremental update?

  8. The only game that is close to Skyrim(may actually surpass in graphics)that I have played is Fallout New Vegas. Congrats on the awards, and keep up the fine work.

  9. I agree in everything but in the story, it was good, great for an elder scroll game, but imo not for best story.

    Where are the stories of the psone/ps2 generation?, or I’m getting to old for videogame stories?. 🙁

    • They seem to focused on graphic’s (which with this game was one step backwards). Rather than having a really really good story line.

      Vagrant Story ftw.

  10. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of entertainment! The best investment in fun, in a video game, that I’ve made since Morrowind. Congratulation’s on your well deserved awards!


  11. Great job! Just watched the keynote from DICE. That would totally have been awesome if you put in dark/pitch black dungeons. Early on in the game, so you were forced to use a torch, scary fun. And ignitable surfaces to get a glimps of a bigger picture… would have waited longer for the game for some of that Game Jam stuff….

  12. Bethesda, here’s an idea, how about stop patting yourselves on the back long enough to fix the PS3 versions of your games? Or is that asking too much? I’m starting to think that your studio, or the ones you partner with, aren’t good enough to program for the PS3 system. Are you a little over your head?

  13. As much as I love Skyrim, and I love Skyrim *a lot*, “Best Story”? Really? Especially with The Witcher 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution released the same year?

    The Elder Scrolls games have fantastic background lore, sure, but the amount of actual story or plot in Skyrim is minimal.

  14. obvioulsy some of you dont pay attention to what you’re playing because the stories in skyrim are pretty awesome, Dark brotherhood, main quest, companions, all have awesome stories so next time maybe u should pay attention when u play, also, the PS3 version *has* been fixed, trust me i’ve been playing my 13mb 160 hour dunmer and it runs great, so try actually playing it instead if bitching about it. and finally Bethesda, you deserve everything, for making one of the best gaming experiences on the planet, everyone else are just whiny babies

  15. It’s a really good game and all but it’s not their best work from far. They’ve tried to stick to the deadline to much in my opinion for the release which I blame the glitch’s on. The story lines were nowhere near as good as Morrowind or Oblivion. I was a bit gutted with the Dragonborn quest line and the Civil War quest line.

    I can see why they won GOTY though since there weren’t many games that was brilliant that year and is my best game for this year. So well done Bethseda but now I’ve gone back to Fallout 3 and Oblivion for a more fulfilling story line.

    Ps. People shouldn’t have to up-date the game via online to fix the game for console players, end of story.

  16. First of all, Congratulations,
    I agree, you’re whorthy of that awards
    But i got a question.
    When you gonna bring it us a Goty edition???
    I want to own it jejeje