Remembering Adam

Last week our dear friend and colleague, Adam Adamowicz, passed away. Adam touched the lives of everyone that knew him, and his spirit will live on in the games we create.

This week we put up a page so that everyone — family, friends and fans alike — can visit and remember him. The page includes memories and reflections from the team, plus a comprehensive collection of his work on Oblivion DLC, Fallout 3, and Skyrim. And as the introduction notes, you haven’t seen the last of his work.

We also encourage you to “squeeze the nun for service” by donating to the American Cancer Society.

With Adam’s passing, I’ve spent some time going back and looking at some of the stuff we’ve done with him — here on the blog, on The Bethesda Podcast, and elsewhere.

G4TV — Not long after Fallout 3’s release, G4TV learned about Adam’s work as a concept art. Watch the video above.

Fallout Official Site — Before Fallout 3 launched, we did several developer diaries. In Adam’s diary, he shared details on how his inspirations for the game’s vault suit, creatures, weapons, and more.

The Bethesda Podcast — A few weeks before Skyrim’s launch, Nick and I did a podcast interview with Adam and his longtime friend, concept artist Ray Lederer. No one at the office knew Adam better than Ray, and you can read his reflections on his personal blog.

Bethesda Blog — Adam did an early Inside the Vault interviews for Fallout 3. Even today, it’s a hilarious read. After I posted it, he emailed me and asked me to add this picture. I thought he was nuts, but I’m happy to add it again.


Rest in peace, Adam.

Reader Comments

    • Bad days for concept artist. Ralph McQuarrie and then Adam! Thank you for filling our collective imagination with the products of your creativity and skill! Now that’s a skill I wish I had.. Thank you.

  1. I posted this over at AwesomeRobo’s remembrance page for Adam. Reposted here:

    My condolences to Adam’s family and friends at Bethesda who loved him.

    I, also, played more hours of Fallout 3 than I can count. We forget that the games we love are the product of thousands of hours of work by individuals who bring their own indelible stamp of creativity to a project. Adam’s work reminds me of all the other times I’ve looked at original artwork for games and been envious of the talent that those artists and designers have for creating visual magic from a blank screen or canvas. I’ve always wished I could do that. Adam channeled his imagination into something more than just a static image, he helped create a world we could walk around and make our own memories in.

    Thanks, Adam, for sharing your passion and creativity with us. The world’s a better place with people like you in it, and we’re all a little poorer for having lost you so soon. Next time I fire up Fallout 3, I’ll make sure to take a good look around at all your work.

  2. It’s always been my dream to be a concept artist, even as a kid(i know, dreaming kind of small when everyone else wanted to be astronauts) and i’ve seen his work before, it was an inspiration. His mix of emotive interiors, fantastic landscapes but above all exciting character/armour designs are exactly what i’m aiming for.
    Rest in peace Adam, you and your art will be missed.

  3. His final masterpiece, Skyrim. He will live on in the game itself as we observe and share his passion for the artistic nature of the video games he helped design.

  4. I never realized that the concept art of most of my favorite games was done by pretty much one person. This is a tragic loss and makes me treasure my Skyrim CE art book even more.

  5. While I never knew him, I knew his works and I enjoyed them. I’ve played houndreds of hours all together in Oblivion and Fallout 3 and nearing 200 hours of play just in Skyrim. I love this game and I thank all the developers and Adam for it.

    My condolonses goes to his family and colleagues for this loss. I try my best to understand what everyone who knew him are going through and the hardship of it.

    Wherever he now rests, whether he rests in the Kingdom of Heaven, became one with the Force or walks over the rainbow bridge to Valhalla(or the dragonbone bridge to Sovngarde), I hope we’ll meet so I can tell him the joy be brought me.

    Rest in peace, Adam, wherever you are.

  6. My sincerest condolences to all affected. We still live in an age where we haven’t solved disease and, that means, we have to be careful about our lifestyle decisions.

    Having worked in drug rehab for years, I tell all of my clients that there’s no such thing as a safe drug including the “socially acceptables”: Marijuana, Alcohol, Nicotine, Caffeine… I really hope that Adam didn’t contribute to his illness voluntarily by smoking. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why it’s called “addiction” because it’s so hard to break the habit.

    The second best way to quit is to quit. The best way to quit is to never start.

    • @Johann — the New York Times piece mentioned lung cancer, but that wasn’t actually the case. He had a rare aggressive muscle sarcoma.

      Thanks to you and everyone else for the kind words.

  7. Sad stuff. Nearly 900 hours altogether in Fallout 3, by far my favourite game of all time. I can honestly say it is mostly because of the unique atmosphere it has, owed almost entirely to the imaginative artwork.

    The world has lost a great artist. RIP

  8. I lost so many ppl in my family and just people i knew to cancer i wish that disease would just be defeated and banished back to hell.It’s the most horrible killer out there. young, old that thing kills without mercy and doesn’t discriminate. 🙁

  9. I feel so sad about not knowing Adam Adamowicz while he still lived in his body. I know he will never be gone, I know he will still be there at Bethesda Game Studios watching over us. I know that he is a hero, and that he will always be!

    Rest in peace, Adam.
    (And if I am grown up, and cancer is still not curable, I am going to make it curable MYSELF!)

  10. adam was great guy and even though i didn’t know him it would have been great to have. but also that ive put over 3 years into fallout 3 and since new vegas / skyrim have came outive devoted alot of time to those games its just a shame that the games i loved the most have lost there artist flare

    R.I.P Adam

  11. a man immortalised in his creations, a bit of him is in every game he worked on. I hope one day, I can do the same.

    live on in what you created Adam Adamowicz

  12. It’s pretty unfortunate he passed away that young, but late condolences from me, and I think he is in a better place now or at least around in spirit. Thanks, Adam, for the great work on the games.

    Love, Luck, and Happiness ♥ ♣ ☺

  13. Damn! Why the hell do we have to consistently lose the best among us at such a young age!?

    He is fortunate though, that he left a sizable legacy with both his artwork and friendship with so many people. This is the consolation that is most important, is that people miss you so much, as to never forget you!