Web Roundup: Fallout 3 marathon, BAFTA Nominations, and more

A few news items to share from around the web.

A group of teenagers in Washington state are participating in a 60-hour Fallout 3 marathon this weekend in an effort to raise money for Child’s Play. Their goal is to reach $2,000, and to help out, we’ve sent them some cool Fallout 3 prizes — including (2) limited Fallout 3 bobbleheads signed by Todd Howard. Visit the Fallout 3 Marathon site for more information.

Across the pond, nominees for the 2012 BAFTA Video Game Awards have been announced. Skyrim has received nominations in categories for Best Game, Artistic Achievement, Design, Original Music, and Story. Additionally, as announced last week, you can vote for Skyrim in the Game Award of 2011 Category.

And finally… just when you thought you’d see everything, here comes Fus Ro Dog!

Reader Comments

  1. 60 hours? is that all. I could play fallout 3 for over 9000 hours straight…

    But seriously i have over 700 hours in that game. Wish i could be there for the event, these guys are doing a great thing.

    Oh and FUS RO DOG was awesome.

  2. Bethesda. Put one of those bobbleheads out on ebay for auction or buy it now and I will get it asap. Been going trough all the fallout 3 stuff everyday on ebay now since august now in search for one. So as you can see I would give a lot for one for just to let my obsession and my head rest a little.

    Kind regards from the the most obsessed fallout fan in Norway