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  1. Good stuff. But for the sake and future of all Skyrim modding, I hope you’re working hard on fixing the NavMesh-bug (the one that screws up your NPC’s if you travel farther away from your modded cell and leave those NPC’s just standing there when reentering that modded cell). Any news on that? Some of us are really anxious about it.

  2. Thank you for these fantastic brain busted wide open into higher states of evolutionary creative intelligence tutorials.

    Hail Bethesda! Revealing the gifts of doing it right.

  3. I just wanted to say thank you Bethesda, for creating one of the richest gaming experiences I have had so far. From the start to the finish you are enraveled in an amazing story, and the gameplay progress from Oblivion to Skyrim is stunning. Also, thank you for creating a AWESOME mod system. I am a 360 player and wish I got it on my steam because the mods are amazing and the system is so well made. You guys have invested so much time in this game and it has really stunned me. Thank you.

  4. Please bethesda, i really hope you put subtitles in spanish in the videos, i am spanish and i dont understand anything about the tutorial, i really want to learn about the CK with your videos, you the best bethesda. please do it 🙂

  5. Thanks very much for the Creation Kit. Creating mods is easier now with it. However could you possibly allow us to add new animations and assign them functions maybe in a future update? Right now its only possible to replace existing animation in the game.

  6. Awesome tutorials, but is there any news on the CK-breaking bugs? The Navmesh bug and large World Space bug will cripple modding in Skyrim compared to the previous Elder Scrolls titles. Single room houses, and single level dungeons will be about the limit of what can be done.

  7. I originally bought the PS3 version, It was good but doesn’t have mods, so just bought the PC Collectors Edition for $80 on Newegg. Can’t wait so start using the creation Kit, had a lot of fun with the GECK.

  8. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for the modding community but why can’t people use Steam Workshop for adult mods? Wasn’t the game rated M anyway?

  9. Hey, bethesda, when are you going to fix the savegame crash many include me are having?

    I cant load savegames or start new game anymore…
    I get ctd when i try to load them and i just get the skyrim icon with no change in ram or any sign to loading when i try to start a new game…

    • Assuming you are not using a host of 3rd party FXAA injectors or have heavily edited your preference files then there’s two possible culprits. The most likely is a mod that is either outdated, malformed, or missing an .esm (part of the mod) file associated with the plugin file. The other possibility that comes to mind is a game resource file was corrupted at some point – less likely but a simpler fix.

      1) Corrupted base game resource file(s):

      If you can not load your save games or start new games and have no mods active, are not running any script extenders, and have the latest version of the game then it is likely one of the Skyrim resource files was corrupted. To solve this, have steam verify the game cache:

      (2) Malformed, incompatible/outdated, partially-missing, or otherwise misbehaving mod:

      Quite a few mods – and all of the script enxteners – need to be updated when the game is. If the problem occurred just after the patch, then it is possible one of your mods is incompatible with the patch. If you are primarily using the skyrim launcher and Steam Workshop to manage your mods – you may need to check the load orders of mods after the latest update. If they’re wrong, you can no fix that in the launcher itself. If you are using a 3rd marty mod manager then you must update it or load orders (and therefore many mods) will not work properly if at all.

      If you are using mods – have you tried loading the save game without any mods loaded and without SKSE? If the save game is able to load with all of the mods deactivated – then one or more of them (likely a mod which is missing an esm file if that is the case)is to blame.

      If you are able to load your save game when no mods or script extenders are in use (only the base game files activated while not running either SKSE or Script Dragon) then try this:

      If you want the mods you are using, make sure you have the latest versions of them and (after tunring off all mods and having only Skyrim.esm and Update.esm activated) reactivate them them one at a time. After reactivating or resinstalling each mod – check to see if you can still load/start games. And repeat until you find find one where your games can not be loaded after activating it. That would be your culptrit.

      • This happened to a friend of mine (ive spent days trying to fix it) he used no mods of any kind. All of his saves give the same error 43929 (i think thats the numbers) location unknown. it happened after his game was patched by steam.

        we’ve tried every suggestion that we could find. starting a new game, making a new save. verifying integrity, standing on your head while loading a save (jk) seriously tho. weve tried every last suggestion. the patch broke his saves. hes honestly to the point he doesnt want to even play anymore after the amount of time spent.

        we even tried reinstalling from the disk and telling steam not to update. nothing seems to work.

  10. Reading you‘re addressing the NavMesh bug was good news, I hope you‘ll instantly move on the big World Space one once done and on the others too.

  11. I would really like to be able to download these videos. Preferably in HiDef. Are there any plans to make them available? I use a 4G router and it’s shared so bandwidth respect is important to me. I feel I don’t watch them as often as I’d like because I don’t want to sap the connection. Thanks very much for this series they really cement the written documentation on the wiki. :cheers: