Double the Fun with the Fallout 3 & Oblivion Double Pack

On April 3rd, BGS fans can pick up the award-winning classics, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, in a new double pack combo. Available in North America, the Double Pack will be available on Xbox 360 and PC for $29.99 and $19.99, respectively.

I was going to put up Double Mint-inspired lyrics to get you excited, but after seeing this video on Kotaku, I thought you’d enjoy it more….

Reader Comments

    • Uh…No it’s the remnants of a massive merchandising and exclusivity deal they did with Microsoft.

      PS3 is quite clearly, in performance and technology terms way superior to any other console, and if your the sort of person who spends 2000 bones on a PC just to play games you probably need a mental health assessment.

      • who are you to say spending 2000 dollars on a pc makes you crazy? i can afford it, in fact my computer costs over 10000 dollars. just because you cant afford it does not make someone crazy, is it crazy to have a car that goes over 200 miles an hour even though the fast roads are only about 70? you need to reevaluate yourself and perhaps get off that pedestal you cling to. also, just so you know, i own a ps3, i own 2, and for all that extra power over the xbox it looks no different, the ps3 is shallow in comparison. and in terms of my pc, its not even in the same galaxy. play arkham city on my 1600p not 1080p monitor and see if you dont change your mind on whats the best.

      • Umm, I spent 2500 on an Alienware m17x for WAY more than just gaming. It’s got a blu-ray drive and both HDMI out and VGA out so I can hook it up to my 46″ Samsung and watch movies and game and whatever else I want to do, and with a REAL KEYBOARD AND MOUSE INTERFACE so I’m not having to tool around with a damned controller.

        Oh, and I don’t have to whine about when a PC-based game gets ported to a under-performing system like the PS3.

        I also get to miss out on all those cute little manga JRPGs you all seem to love so much. I mean, the ONLY game that’s a PS3 exclusive that I’ve been interested in was Uncharted, and it’s still not enough for me to want to pay $300+ to get a system that’s only going to get used for one title.

        And one more thing, with the PC I can play Skyrim modded. That’s worth more to me than a PS3 any day. I used to play Oblivion with mods that laid the ground work for the survival mode of Fallout: New Vegas, the special kill moves in Skyrim, and the inability to fast travel to every major city off the bat (a la Skyrim and Fallout 3/NV). More challenges, more content, more choice.

        PC wins every day of the week.

  1. As a PS3 owner who’s pretty much exclusively played PS3 ports of Bethesda’s titles, my only hypothesis is Bethesda can’t program adequately for the PS3. Lag, crashes, freezes, texture glitches, etc. have plagued Bethesda’s PS3 titles for years. At this point, I think they’ve just given up on going back and optimizing even existing titles.

  2. Why has PS3 been left out. If this is intentional, you will loose a large fan base including me. I have owned and completed both games on PS3 so feel it is unfair that you are biased and focus on Microsoft platforms.

    • They can’t program properly for the PS3 system. If they released this pack on that platform, it would just be another broken mess. Maybe they are finally learning that the PS3 system is above their heads and they lack the capability, knowledge, and skills to make a working title on it.

      • Your seriously calling them stupid? I had oblivion for my ps3 and it worked fine. no problems at all and yet you think that you know everything about bethesda and the ps3. you dont work there do you? you dont know the reason behind the ps3 versions of the games. im sure its just a big coding difference or somthing, and with xbox and pc it might be easier, but idk the whole story. dont be mad just because this isnt on ps3, you can still go out and buy both the games seperate and probably save some money on em.

      • Sorry dude, but it’s not that they aren’t good enough to make functional games on the PS3. The PS3 can’t handle the system requirements needed to run their games.

    • IF youve completed both games why would you buy them again? also no one gives a damn if they lose one person because he cant get 2 games in one.

  3. I already own both games AND ALL dlc for XBOX. Why wouldn’t you push to make sure that the PS3 version comes out quicker? I’d love to see how they play out on that platform!

  4. So, are these the game of the year versions or not? That is what I really need to know before buying. I’m guessing by the packaging that they are not. Oh well, I already own both GotY editions on Steam 🙂 Anyway this is great, I hope more people enjoy these fantastic games!

    • Or it could be sony. idk why they would care if they had to make a ps3 version, it would be just as easy as making the xbox and pc ones and they would earn more money. i think its sony mad about dlc for skyrim or lagging or somthing.

      • GFWL isn’t displayed in the mentioned box art, “Games for Windows” is a brand status via Microsoft to say that this will work on Windows and will feature 360 game-pad Compatibility.

        Nevertheless, GFWL isn’t required to play and has simple DRM…Which doesn’t work.

  5. Woah nice combo pack! If i didnt already have two versions of FALLOUT 3 and three of OBLIVION i would snatch this up in a heartbeat.

  6. You can grab a 5th anniversary edition of oblivion and Fallout 3 GOTY for under $40 so what are people complaining about? These are AAA games that I had no problem paying a lot of money for. I have spent hundreds of dollars on these two games with the DLC, Collectors Editions, and Guides.

  7. I can understand the reason for producing F3/Elder Scrolls 4 shovelware (it reintroduces them back into the marketplace, low cost decision with high net profit gain). It’d be nice to know when they’ll release a non-steam version of Fallout New Vegas (I probably won’t see a non-steam or otherwise untethered version of Skyrim or any future Elder Scrolls game in my lifetime) for those of us who actually remember a time when you didn’t need the Internet to install a game.

  8. Why is it called Fallout 3 and Oblivion?
    Shouldn’t it be called Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls IV?
    Seems kinda weird to call Fallout by it’s number, but not for Elder Scrolls.
    You wouldn’t call it New Vegas and Skyrim would you?

    • Umm, people HAVE been simply calling it “Skyrim.” And if F3 had a tag title, it would be called “Fallout 3 : Your mom’s house” or whatever. The Elder Scrolls franchise has always called it’s games by their title, not the title of the franchise. For example:

      TES: Arena
      TES2: Daggerfall
      TES: Battlespire
      TES: Redguard
      TES3: Morrowind
      TES4: Oblivion
      TES5: Skyrim

      Not ONE of these titles gets the “TES*” treatment; hell, even Future Shock 2 was just called Skynet. It’s Bethesda’s MO and what a goofy thing to get hung up on.

  9. gamer: Bethesda, why you didn’t answer our question? why? why?
    Bthsd: Which question?
    gamer: Are these games GoTY Editions? Or just Original ones?
    Bthsd: errr…. i took an arrow in the knee, so i… errrr….
    gamer: grmbl….

    • It’s fairly obvious these aren’t the GoTY editions.

      Look at the box art. Is that the box art for Fallout 3 GoTY edition? Nope.

      Is that the box art for Oblivion GoTY edition? Nope.

      Does it say anywhere on there that either of these games are the GoTY edition of said game? Nope.

  10. Dunno if any of the staff will see this – but would you recommend/encourage/DIScourage actually e-mailing Sony and trying to like, lobby them to let the set be made for PS3 as well?

  11. bethesda. will this be released in europe and the netherlands? european ppl always feel left out because of the special things americans get such as a steelcase or a special limited edition

  12. The Game of the Year Awards and Editions are not the same thing.

    Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition came out in late 2009.
    Oblivion Game Of The Year edition was released in late 2007.

    Its very hard to find the original non-GOTY versions without getting them used.

    While the boxes don’t say GOTY, is there confirmation that states that they don’t have any of the dlc included? Something to avoid people getting confused when buying it. Although a dual GOTY pack might be useful, but it might be a lot more expensive. As for the discs in pack, each one is individual?

  13. Of course once again you don’t give a crap about the PS3, and like to use your excuses. If you truly “can’t” release it on PS3 it probably says something about what Sony thinks about your company after this Skyrim nightmare. They’re probably sick and tired of allowing your garbage products to go to sale. I hope when the next Bethesda title comes out, Sony refuses to release it.

  14. Bethesda, fix skyrim first, then do silly stuff like release a game compilation pack. I just lost a 200+ hour character because I went in riften around 40 hours in and just a few play hours ago I learned why I didn’t get the quest “a cornered rat” thanks a whole lot for wasting MY time. When I spend 60 dollars on a game like Skyrim, I feel secure that it’s been tested right and is safe for release. I’ll give that to you guys since you don’t put a $60 price tag on a game and release a new title with the same engine every year (coughcallofduty). So I thought my expierence was going to be awesome. One thing I will say is the game is unique and fun, but before patch 1.4 on the ps3 the freezing was causing me to lose save files when I had to force shut down my deadlocked ps3 and it was damaging the file system too. Very unprofessional. And now my main guy with His quest bug, or should I say – lack of a quest – bug. Have you learned nothing from Oblivion and applied it to anything in almost 6 years?

  15. Will Fallout 3 be getting Windows 7 support? I bought the game of the year edition on steam awhile ago and I still can’t get it to work.