Send us your Creation Kit & Skyrim Workshop questions

In the next episode of The Bethesda Podcast, we’ll be talking about the Creation Kit and Skyrim Workshop with our friends at Valve.

If you have something you’d like to ask about the Creation Kit and Workshop, post in the comment section or in our official forums, and your question might make it on the podcast.

Reader Comments

  1. I did some more digging, turns out the garbage collection wasn’t clearing the array out, but if I did this:

    (Float Array) A[x] = FunctionThatReturnsAFloat()

    It would fail part way and null the array out. BUT, if I do this:

    Float F
    F = FunctionThatReturnsAFloat()
    (Float Array) A[x] = F

    It works fine constantly. The None array hasn’t happened since and I’ve tried it about 6 times since and nothing…