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In the next episode of The Bethesda Podcast, we’ll be talking about the Creation Kit and Skyrim Workshop with our friends at Valve.

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Reader Comments

  1. Every modder that has added animations to the game always states, in one way or another, that the Creation Kit does not allow new animations to be added. Oblivion’s Construction Set also had this problem. Why is it so hard to implement this?

    • I think that in skyrim it is cause of Havok. The havok behaviors hold all the animations for exact characters\races. So when you select exact behavior for an race you can use animevents of that behavior in animation windows of ck. And as far as I know there isn’t such a tool which allows us to edit havok behaviors so if we wanna custom animations or to create a creature with a new custom mesh and new skeleton we have to buy havok.

    • Yea, with the G.E.C.K. I had great difficulty trying to modify/change certain animations. I mean, I was a noob at it, but I was trying to change combat animations, such as how the player holds a pistol. Except, even though there were a bunch of “unused slots,” and supposedly you could use them, I couldn’t for the life of me get it to work.

    • How could you implement Havok and on the other hand say, that you wanted to support the modding community even more?

      If we can´t get a way to implement new animations properly, a whole “branch” of modding was made impossible!

  2. Is it even remotely possible to generate an interior cell programmatically? Possibly by piecing pre-made parts together to make a random level? Could it be achieved by making a wide open level, and then placing objects which are modeled to look like walls, etc?

    What I’m getting at: is it possible to make a Skyrim Roguelike mod?!

  3. Will you be providing support for Skyrim alone, or will you take the opportunity to update the Geck for New Vegas as well? I’d like to see a bunch of bugs fixed for the Geck. How about the lip-sync feature as well?

  4. in addition to the confusion about adding NEW animations, There are these major issues I hope you are aware of:

    1. NPC head/body color mismatch (and character color sliders simply don’t work altogether!

    2. The esp Navmesh bug, you guys probably know about it already

    3. The serious bug when creating world spaces bigger than 64*64

    4. The barrage of error messages that pop up when simply loading the SKYRIM.ESM itself!

    These are the most serious issues now, Hope you guys could hurry up with a CK update soon cause the modding scene is really crippled because of them.

  5. Why hasnt the abilty to add new animations to skyrim not been added to the creation kit this would be a great help to modding community and why has the npc nav mesh bug which accures when you renter a .esp modded cell only started to be addressed now when it was also in Fo3 And FNV? Thank you

  6. it will be good to see a tutorials about papirus scripting – and how it works

    my question is – can i create a new magic tupe of damage(as fire frost or shock)
    my second question is – how to make my simple fireball spell to do different damage depending on my players current heals in %
    and how to make my spell do a part of damage in fire and another part in physical or shock damage?

    can i add a new basic things as a new skill tree as conjuration in skyrim

    the last question is about nps ai
    can i write battle behavior to my npc to make him use my new spells right?


      • If it’s a havok limitation, does this mean we won’t be getting a fix? Or that the people at Havok need to come in to fix it?

        If Todd could talk about the issue on the podcast and clear things up that’d be really appreciated 🙂

        • What i do not understand is why this “limitation” only is shown on the x-axis? The y-axis from north to south doesn’t have such a limitation, so i don’t believe it cannot be fixed.

          For future projects this is a neccesary feature and if this is not fixed, projects like nehrim cannot be build.

      • “The -64,64 issue is actually a Havok limitation.”

        Meaning what exactly? This is a really serious issue, and dozens of modding teams are in the process of working on provinces outside of Skyrim that require a fix for this issue. If it can’t be fixed, they need to know NOW so they can start discussing alternatives, or discussing whether modding Skyrim is worth the time at all if the limitations are this restrictive.

        Please provide a straight answer here, Gstaff. Many thanks for your time.

      • When you say that the -64,64 issue is a Havok limitation can you confirm that your developers have investigated the issue to confirm this?

        We are all extremely puzzled as to why there should be this limitation exclusively for the x axis, whereas the y-axis works perfectly well to great distances.

        If this is an issue with the Havok code, has Bethesda raised a support request with them to ask why their engine has this bug and whether they will fix it?

  7. Is a fix for the Navmesh bug really being prepared? When will it be released?

    Has the bug in non-playor actor collision for x distances further than 64 cells from the origin been investigated? This totally prevents several planned large world mods.

  8. I suppose this isn’t a direct question about the tools, but modding in general. Most of what I was thinking of has been brought up already by others:

    What do you think about developers who have ignored the appeal of user-generated content? Bethesda and Valve both release these tools and allow content to be spread, but many big name developers in the past few years have distanced themselves from modding communities and not even released tools at all. What do you say to those who have distanced themselves if not hindered the creation of user-generated content?

  9. As the leader of a Project, what wants to add new land (high rock) outside Skyrim I am very interested if the bug, which is affecting the actor collision in cells -64<x<64, will be fixed.

    It would be very nice just to know if you going to fix it, because we can not go on with our work without knowing that.

  10. From the wiki: There is currently an issue where created actors do not export their facial data (scars, make-up, tones etc) onto the rendered NPCs in game. This can be temporarily rectified by opening the console and selecting the actor in-game, and typing “setnpcweight x” for the selected NPC. However, this only sets the skin tones to a normalized state, with no facial traits.

    This and navmesh are currently completely breaking any progress I can make on my mod (which involves several new dungeons and characters) and have caused me to completely put it on hold.

  11. I’m also concerned about the -64,64 X axis large worldspace bug:

    Morrowind and Oblivion have been so successful in the modding community, and continue to be today, thanks to mods like Tamriel Rebuilt, Iliana’s Deserts of Elsweyr, and Onra’s Tamriel Heightmaps. As much as I love Skyrim, I’m excited at the thought of moving beyond its boundaries into High Rock and Morrowind, as well as exploring the Middle Earth Roleplaying Project. Without a fix for this issue, that won’t be possible.

  12. [Papyrus] Seeing New Races brings broken quests.

    Now, most of this stems around 2 things, werewolves and vampires, if you never become either, then new races will be of no issue to you at all! Just be sure to never be either and you’ll be fine.

    The two major quests that deal with werewolves and vampires are hard coded to only work with the default races.

    Yes, only the default races have proper “Vampire” counterparts, the original race will not be recorded for non-default races for werewolves. The Companions record the “PlayersOriginalRace” when you first initially transform, this is done to “remove Vampirism” by testing existing races against current vampire afflicted races and using non-afflicted ones instead. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any means to get around this.

    As more and more people make new races, the more people will not be able to enjoy all of Skyrim with those new races. The Companions play a large roll in most player’s gaming, as that is one of the first few groups you can join and do things in, since it’s in the Main Quest’s first major hold.

    Two things I could see possible, “Parent” and “Child” races, much like objects. In fact, I thought they would go that route.

    1.) For example:

    Argonian Race -> Argonian Child
    ————–> Argonian Old
    ————–> Argonian Vampire

    The races would merely just be alterations of the original, much like we can do with objects and scripts now, I was somewhat expecting them to do this in the first place, but it didn’t happen.

    2.) I’m hoping the coders at Bethesda will at least give us the option to read the Cloned Race of a race. This way, quests that want the vampire to be gone (Companions Werewolf scripts and the Vampire curing script), can read the Cloned Race of the current Race and perhaps test the race to see if it’s “Vampired” (by checking the current Race’s default spells for “VampireVampirism”). With this kind of functionality built into the game (just one command would do this, not sure if I can read default spells off a race, think I can’t), it would remove the breaking effect that adding new races to the game will have on two of the major aspects of the game. (Dragons are a main focus, not an aspect.)

    Other than that, I guess everyone doing new races will be forced to require SKSE when this functionality (if not already present) becomes available.


    This is a somewhat limited function, as it’s aimed at base actors, while actors randomly placed out in the woods (Forsworn, bandits, etc), will always show the male value when using the leveled or non-leveled base actor. Unless the base actor is specifically flagged Female, it returns Male. Can the GetSex() not be added to Actor?

    And how difficult would it be for an update to properly gender-ize the creatures in the game that are female in appearance but “GetSex()” returns Male (like Spriggan Matrons, Wipsmothers).


  13. Please Bethesda, give the Modding Community ability to ADD new Animations, as of now we can only “REPLACE” animations… please if you really really like user created content and mods please support this.

  14. Are there any plans to provide the modding community with a way to edit behavior files, and implement new animations into Skyrim?

    I believe for a lot of modders, getting new animations to work is a top priority and there is currently no work around for making new animation sets to go with combat mods. Making it impossible for us to create completely new weapon types.

  15. I had a question on Navmeshes.
    I understand how to work with them, and auto generate them for interiors. what about exteriors? It seems the only way to autogenerate them is to autogenerate the entire game. Is there a way to autogenerate ONE cell? Is this possible? If I start Navmeshing world spaces by hand, will it affect the surrounding cells?
    Been doing some research on this, and so far haven’t really come up with any definitive information. Thanks for any help!

  16. Sorry but there are too many trolls on your forums for my tastes so I’ll post my question here.

    How do you add water to an internal cell ?

    Ps I tried this the old way, it does not work anymore. A brand new Skyrim bug it seems.

  17. If the navmesh bug is fixed, will you allow that fix to be ported to fallout 3 and fallout nv?

    They are still being actively marketed and sold, and this would benefit your marketing strategy for these titles if long-standing bugs were to be acknowledged and fixed if this is possible.


  18. I have a question regarding Spawning points:

    *Why didnt you include some sort of “count” into the “Reference” spawning point?*

    If i want to spawn a few characters i have to place by hand each and every single spawn point, please include some soft of “count” so that i just put 1 spawning point and set it to spawn a certain amount of characters of the LvlActor, it could make spawning points much much easier.

  19. It’d be good if the Geck for New Vegas could be updated as well, rather than being tossed aside when a new game comes out. Will we ever see a bugfix patch for the Geck, or has Fallout been forgotten altogether, now that Skyrim is out?

  20. I have a question that requires a simple answer;
    Will you fix “z-fighting”?

    Ps:I know,is not related with CK,but since i’m being ignored in twitter,forums,etc…this is my last hope of receiving a response from a competent professional.

      • Thanks for the honest answer.
        About Creation Kit & Skyrim Workshop,right now i don’t have “specific” questions,but SW needs improvement;make it more simple,affordable…as the apple store,in a way that everything is checked,so that steam user’s like me can just click download and install without having many problems…,about CK,a great tool,a tool that teach,motivates,…and may need some improvements,but nothing special.Thank you for this fantastic tool and all the great games that you do,thank you for being a motivation for me(as a student programming,(…),”non-student” 3D Design).Keep the good work! 😉

        PS:”BGS” for the prize of best game studios of the century? 😀

        I will die,but immortal i will stay,because I found heaven while playing a game made by Bethesda Game Studios.
        Peace & Love
        by: “amilcarwooww”

  21. Is there any chance that the LOD tree and LOD object generation processes will be fixed? Generated tree LOD does not disappear in custom world spaces when the player approaches them, making tree LOD useless. Object LOD textures are incorrectly mapped to objects, making Object LOD useless. If these were fixed along with the navmesh/face color bugs at least smaller world spaces would be possible.

  22. Will ever be a tool to import meshes. I know there are a few community made alternatives but since nif format of skyrim is different we dont know what half of the features do. Will you provide a plugin or tool to translate meshes or will have to keep hacking our way thru?

    Its really nice the release of the CK, but is so limited I can’t believe is the tool YOU (Bethesda) use.

  23. My question is the following statement:

    Please add the following functionality to a future Creation Kit / Papyrus update:
    -UpdateLevel function for Actor scripts
    -SetLevel function for Actor scripts
    -SetPerkPoints/GetPerkPoints for Actor scripts
    -Ability to check soul size in Soul Gem, including Azura Star
    -Ability to call console commands

  24. I followed the instructions on the Bethesda Tutorial for making dialogue, but it wont work! I followed the steps exactly, but when i go to talk to him, the dialogue options don’t show up! Please help!

    • Not this again. It has been told time and again that SONY AND MICROSOFT DO NOT ALLOW MODS for games on their consoles.

  25. Does anyone know why my npc’s doesn’t appear in the game?
    I have set him to just one marker but i can see him anywhere…
    If i cant fix it i cant get any further with the mod.
    Also i have tried to add another just to see if that worked. Nope, it didn’t, so im pretty sure it a bug.

  26. I tried to follow the tutorial on “” to create a custome race. I selected Nordrace in “Morph Race” and “Armor Race”, but I am unable to select hairstyle, eyecolor and eyebrow (droplists are empty). Is this a bug of the Creation kit?
    Will you guys release a creation kit tutorial for making a custom races playable and unplayable (beasts)?

  27. Hey
    I have a question!

    I have made a new custom race, so, is it possible to make this race be ONLY male ? How to disable the “female” selection in the game, when choosing a race?


  28. Are there any plans for the ability to add new animations via the creation kit to be added. Really looking forward to this addon. Thanks for the great game!

  29. Can you add a persistent option on the Preview Object window to flip the direction or reorient the preview based on the ‘front’ or ‘top’ of an object.

    Weapons should be seen from the ‘top’, armors from the ‘front’, etc..

    It’s really annoying to be looking for a base model for a mod and have to rotate each and every one of them to see them properly. Or just leave the orientation as I set it instead of resetting it each time something new is viewed.

  30. I have made a couple of different races,body parts and abilities changed, added different hair colours etc (mixing Dark elf + Wood Elf) and (Imperial + Wood Elf).
    But when I add presets or try to create presets for them, none of them can change eye colour or hairstyle in game.
    What am I doing wrong?

  31. Firstly i would like to see a patch which allows armor addons to be added to armors without the armors becoming incompatible to other mods which edit the same armor.
    This really made no sense to me as it locks most of the benefits, which should come from the seperation of models and armor propery, out for the modders.

    Secondly the modders really need to have some sort of a editor for the behavioral data, like the previous posters already stated.

    Finally I would like to know if there is a way to check for specific enchantments on a weapon or armor per script.

    Thanks for any reply.

  32. Is it possible to make bandits / imperials / guards spawn but as a custom race? I have downloaded quiet a few and would like to see them in my MODrim world. There was a mod for oblivion like this and it made the game much more enjoyable

  33. When I’m in game and I fast travel to the castle I built all of the ImpExtTower01’s I had there magically vanish and they don’t just vanish visually, like I can actually walk through the space they used to take up as well. When I first load my save the towers are there as they are supposed to be it just happens when I try to fast travel back.

  34. So I opened up the Creation Kit for Skyrim recently, and went to the cell preview window. You know, when you right click and hit preview. (I’m not very experieced.) Anyway, I tried to resize that preview window, and it wigged out and got really narrow, and now I can’t resize it, so I can’t see anything in the preview screen.

    How can I fix this? Tried re-installing.



  35. Hello, I need help with the skyrim workshop. When I want to build a collection to fill in forms (name, image, description, section) I’ll save and continue, the collection is not created. Just load the splash screen workshop Please help.

  36. I understand you can´t just upload 3rd-party-tools for free, but please at least talk with the developers and ask them to release(or sell for that matter) them! The problems with Skyrim and tools like 3dsMax or even Blender limit the community alot.

    If you want to support the community(to make real mods instead of dozens of playerhomes and simple retextures) and new modders, this is the way to go(this and a Havok devtool for Skyrim).

  37. *BUG*: Allocating arrays:

    Float[] A
    Int[] B
    Actor[] C

    A = new Float[128]
    B = new Int[128]
    C = new Actor[128]

    a few minutes into game play, C gets flushed by the garbage collection! Winds up as “None”. Clearly wasn’t prior and was being used by a looping routine. It was the last one initialized, so I’ve placed a Dummy array in and initialized it last, it solved the issue with the array going missing.

    Has this been addressed yet?