Web Roundup: These are the links you’re looking for

Here’s a look at some notable links from around the web…

  • A trip to the Skyrim Reddit page revealed an amazing Skyrim tribute to Star Wars. See the full-res image here
  • Both GameFront and UGO share their favorite Skyrim Workshop mods.
  • GameRevolution shares photos from Reddit user Freezing0verHell’s trip to the Mojave Wasteland. Check here to see some of the real world locations that made it into New Vegas.
  • Read Game Informer’s DICE interview with Todd Howard.
  • NVIDIA shares details on their new drivers that bring a significant performance boost to Skyrim.

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks a lot to the reddit community and especially Bethesda for spreading my Greybeard image so far across the web!

    It was inspired by the Greybeard who appears in the loading screen. His pose just always struck me as a carbonite kind of pose. So I figured what better way to tribute two of my favorite fantasy universes?

    Plus, the whole Greybeard vow of silence thing kind of fits here too..

  2. Fantastic work Mr Todd Kumpf and strangely fits in to the world of Skyrim on the Dwemer tech side of things. Thank you for this grand feast for the eyes. MM-MM YUMMY!