Bethesda Game Studios Leveling Up

While Bethesda Game Studios continues to work on Skyrim, the team is ramping up for their next major release. Visit our job website to find career opportunities for animators, artists, designers, and programmers — including our new programming position focusing on future generation consoles and PCs.

For more on BGS, be sure to follow the team on our newly-created Twitter and Facebook pages.

Reader Comments

  1. Future generation consoles?
    Who need consoles when everyone using smartphones which getting powerful and powerful every year…

    • Yeah, find me a smartphone that can run Skyrim without running a remote connection, and I’ll stop using a PC or console to play video games. Except not really, because I’d like to keep phone calls and texting separate from game-playing.

      • Easy, in 2013-2014 middle class smartphone will be able to play Skyrim on it itself, but also by connecting to the TV.
        Smartphones – WILL BE the Future Generation Consoles ITSELF (just connect them to TV near you).
        I don’t see texting in next two years anythere – most text will be dictated to the devices, phone calls too – video calls by Internet is much more real.

        • I hope you were being sarcastic

          …Maybe embarrassing myself, but playing video games on a smartphone… LOL

          If smartphones are going to be that “capable,” then imagine the abilities desktop PC’s are going to have at that time

          • What abilities? Are you high or something?
            Chips are will be same in the desktops & inside smartphones. The only difference that in desktop you can combine many of them and build a standard processing cluster…
            But using the cluster for ordinary games is the waste of time, money and energy. Better to use it for calculation some important things or tasks.
            Also noone needed clunky PCs desktops when smartphones & tablets easily replace them.

          • Don’t think in two years a smartphone will be running a graphics card like a 7970 so your are a moron. Even at 14nm the power would still be off the chart for a mobile device. Dumb people should not offer opinions!

    • You can be the happy you want with your smarthphone but I can’t play more than 20 minutes a game on a touch pad.

      Oh, I see than they searh for directX 11 experience, so we are going to see directX 11 on the next generation of console.

      How long?, 1 or a 1.5 years before the new consoles make me update my radeon 5870 🙁

  2. Fallout 4…

    Smartphone…! pufff… yeah, find me a smartphone with 27´inch of screen, a mouse and a keyboard, and I’ll stop using a PC…

    Smartphone!!! LOL. Are you serious?!

    • Where you have been all this time? In some cave?
      If you want the computer from your smartphone – just read about Motorola Atrix (tegra 2).
      Most phones on current Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is quad-core devices, some of them with Nvidia’s Tegra 3 which allows to connect the little phone to the big TV with 27 inch screen and play very good Android games there.

      • Yeah, and those state of the art phones are more powerful than an the high end pcs or next gen console?

        What I’m saying, did you said android games in a next gen console topic?

        • i forget, Tegra 3 is providing the level of graphics of Xbox 360. It will be mostly on tablets, later on phones.
          Next move is from developers – to make the good games for this hardware, yeah this games will be made for Android OS and iOS natively – the most crowded places to sell your product.
          The only problem on Android side is the big fragmentation than Apple’s one.

  3. Here we go again…

    It’s just a matter of time until they start concentrating on their future projects and leave Skyrim a broken mess with no intention of fixing it.

    They did it with Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Fallout: New Vegas.

    Again, the PS3 users say “thank you.”

    • Oblivion and Fallout 3 work wonderful. (the ps3 version of FO3 has a few remaining issues.)

      BGS did not make Fallout: New Vegas, so why would they fix it?

      Lots of random assumptions with no proof to back up. Just an angry fanboy.

      • “BGS did not make Fallout: New Vegas, so why would they fix it?”

        Did Bethesda put their name on it? Did they make money from it? That kind of logic is like Ford releasing a new car with a defective engine. When people get mad, Ford replies “The engine was made in Mexico, we didn’t make it” and leaving people “holding the bag” as it were.

        Also, no, if one reads the forums they will learn that every title Bethesda has made for the PS3 system has been broken. With Fallout 3 I will give to you that it didn’t get really broken until one downloaded and installed the DLC, but Oblivion has massive bugs that were never fixed, and it has been well documented how broken Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim are. Google the vampire glitch or the A-bomb glitch with Oblivion and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

        Fanboy? Not so much. Just someone that is angry they spent money on defective products that the company has no intention of fixing or refunding.

    • I know right! I mean to start development of a new project without sacrificing continued support of existing projects you’d have to do something wild like… hire more people.

    • dude fallout 3 was excellent, skyrim i haven’t heard of any issues at all, and fallout new vegas well come on it didn’t follow the storyline and was only there as filler while they work on Fallout 4. New Vegas was rushed and yes it was a broken mess but they fixed mostly everything. i have no problems with Fallout 3 nor has a friend had any issues with Skyrim neither of which were a broken mess to begin with get you’re facts straight

      • Considering you entered your name as ‘Todd H’ it’s no wonder you just wrote a load of fanboyish bull.

        Oblivion’s scripting was a total joke
        Fallout 3 was the best of a bad bunch
        New Vegas, until patched, required you to wear a specific HAT to beat the game. Bethesda put their name on it. End of.
        Skyrim is the worst one yet. Major issues on all systems from the start, 4 months later they’ve barely scratched the surface of the quest bugs. But woo, they’ve added killcams. Great.

    • Well whatever this new project is – they’re hiring people for it. It’s not an announcement that they’ve kicked off development in earnest – but an announcement they’re looking for additional workers in anticipation of it. That should let them keep staff working on Skyrim support and DLC shouldn’t it?

    • You realize if you’re a bit more patient they can develope Fallout 4 when the next line of consoles comes around and we will have more features in game, better load times, graphics ect… Right? Secondly I’d rather they put out dlc for Skyrim, especially follow up on that werewolf perk tree idea… That would be really nice sense the werewolf dies in like 3-4 hits on normal difficulty when you get over level 40… >.<

  4. Fallout 4 in next generation, with new engine, yes please!!!!.

    And you can think of to get some comic related as in the edition of Fallout New Vegas collector, or a book with The Elder Scrolls, the Fallout universe could be much better exploited.

  5. PFFFT. Like I’d ever play a full 3D game on a smartphone. Just what I want to do, downgrade to a 4″ touch screen! No thanks, I’ll stick to playing silly Korean social games on my smartphone, and keeping my PC to play the big games. After all, I don’t want my big fingers messing things up in games like they already do. A keyboard and mouse are the only reliable controls in my book.

    That being said, I really REALLY hope this is going to be the next installment in the Fallout series. Skyrim was loads of fun, but Fallout will always hold a special place in my heart… my cold, Wastelander-slaughtering heart.

  6. Al Alexon i got news for you but smartphones will only be good for handheld gaming and thats it. i can already hook my phone up to my tv but i dont, y u might ask? BECAUSE ITS A P H O N E NOT A GAMING DEVICE. so no next gen consoles wont be phones well one they arent CONSOLES and two well a real gamer wont let a stupid smartphone take over a good ole console. i for one will quit playing video games if they nixed consoles for smart……wait dumbphones

    • Are you sure?
      Even Microsoft is going into that direction with Win 8.
      All this smartphones and tablets by their [Microsoft’s] concept will be the important parts of your whole smart house-computer controlling entertainment system.
      So in next 2 years smartphone will be more than a phone in your pocket. I think that even to enter into your house you will need to bring this phone with you or electronic security system won’t open the door to you. And to start all the systems in your house – especially personalization part – you will need to plug your phone into the dock or you won’t be able even to make a call inside your house (through house internet connection (which cheaper) not cellular phone).

    • Even Crytek studio which made famous Crysis game have completed a new game project for iOS and Android smarphones – Fibble. Check it out.
      So even the big ones see where is the gold mine.

      • That mobile devices will become an increasingly appealing target platform in the games industry is not at question.

        But to say that smartphones will replace dedicated games hardware is absurd.

        Smartphones may have relatively fast CPUs these days and even moderate GPU power, but they are nowhere near fast enough to do next-gen stuff like high res realtime GPU raycasting which, can barely even run on high spec PCs at any decent resolution at present.

        For example an iPhone 4S GPU has throughput below 20 GFLOPS, which is just dismal. In comparison an Nvidia Geforce GTX 590 is above 2400 GFLOPS. They are absolutely worlds apart.

        This doesn’t even take into question the big differences in power consumption between the two types of GPUs.

        Of course as technology progresses mobile devices become faster, but they will always be lagging behind cutting edge dedicated hardware because that is just the nature of hardware development. It takes time to bring new technologies down to mobile scale.

        More simply that that, connecting a smartphone to your TV then sorting out input and networking would be a huge pain compared to: turn on PC or console -> play games.

  7. Whilst i love Washington and newvegas editions of Fallout, it could do with a rest for a while , theres not alot you can do

    Try something different , totally fresh say a game like a colony wars sandbox adventure !
    Flight battles in space , enter the atmosphere of a planet , land the craft , get out take the position in 1st person and await reinforcement or counterattack , free the hostages , jump back in your spacecraft , kill the enemy ifiltrators that sinthetically boarded your ship (Emil to write that particular script), fly warp speed a new mission or rendevous with mother ship.
    You see what im saying there Kids , do something different as a challenge but keep the ethos of openworld or this case open galaxy, a space ground / Flight RPG in a duel 1st and 3rd person prospective.

    If its the next Elder scrolls however, take ur time and plan ahead for the next console cycle …Akavir here we come !
    and if you are gonna use horses can you keep em in 1st person as the Horses in skyrim look totally ridiculous and unuseable.

  8. Fallout is tired? Fallout has a ton of prospects to throw around. Fallout 3 is OK, not up to FO 1/2 levels but OK and a Great game in itself, but a sub-par RPG. It was a better game/worse RPG than Oblivion, to retrospect.

    BGS mostly re-used big flashy elements from 1 and 2 like BoS, Enclave, etc.

    Tim Cain also felt Bethesda used a ton of elements again when there’s a million stories and ideas to be told.

    FEV need not be half-ass ported to the East Coast. Originality could of been used.

    • Fallout series recentry got new competition on horison – The original Wasteland game project (which is the father & mother for all fallouts) was restarted in this March for making a new version of game with modern graphics using the fan base. Their site is online now. This is what will be interesting to see…

  9. Also Zenimax Online is working on an MMO yes, but the team is separate from BGS. Like iD is.

    Also Rogue Warrior was published by Bethesda Softworks.

    Not developed by Bethesda Game Studio which is Zenimax’s/Bethesda Softwork’s prime internal studio.

    Think of the relationship between Take Two and Rockstar.

    Only BGS is homegrown, the studio as a whole can’t leave Zenimax, and Zenimax Media is private vs Public so there’s no stock holders to please ala Activision/EA/Eidos/Ubisoft.

  10. Awesome! Does BGS plan to any internships in the future? I’m working on my bachelor’s degree in Game Art and to work with Bethesda one day would be insane.