Reader Comments

  1. Impressive amount of effort went into that. Also I like the costuming choices – helmet and cape made one or two of the scenes look pretty hilarious.

  2. The covers, arrangments, and tributes using music from The Elder Scrolls series have been extremely impressive. Maybe I didn’t realize how many bored but very talented gamers/musicians were out there.

  3. I just wanted so say congratulations Bethesda for doing what you guys do, which is making the best games ever. You guys managed to bring even the none RPG fans into the RPG games. I am so happey and proud, yes proud of playing this amazine game series TES. Im not very good with words, but i cannot express of how amazine you guys are, each one of you at Bethesda Game Studios, for making this extraordinary game. Keep up the good work. We love what you guys do.