Skyrim 1.4.27 released on Steam

The latest title update for Skyrim, 1.4.27, is now out of beta and available to everyone playing the game on Steam. For a full list of change, see below..

UPDATE 1.4.27 (PC Only)


  • Fixed issue with downloading mods when you are subscribed to more than 50 mods
  • Fixed crash when loading a subscribed mod that has been removed from Workshop by the author
  • Mod load order functionality


  • Fixed occasional crashes when loading a save that relies on plugins/master files that no longer exist
  • Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive while charging an enchanted weapon
  • Fixed issue where controls would occasionally become unresponsive while switching from third to first person while using the Arcane Enchanter
  • Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive if activating a crafting station with autorun active
  • Fixed issue where keyboard would fail if Rename Item was selected before choosing the number of charges, while using Arcane Enchanter
  • Fixed several issues with remapping buttons while using an Xbox 360 controller
  • Fixed issue where pressing Escape button after fast traveling but before the loading would cause certain menus to stop working properly
  • Followers now sneak properly when player is sneaking

Our team continues to work on new updates for the game. As we have new information to share, we will put up new information on the blog.

Reader Comments

  1. Thankyou for yet another update. But please please please can u tell me, what I have to do, so you address the eyefinity menu issue. Ok I know that there aren’t that many of us who run this setup, but it is one of the benefits of running a decent pc, and pretty much all games released now do support it. We know that Skyrim does work very well at eyefinity res, and with a hack it is possible to get the menus to work. So can u please add that in your patch, so we don’t have to fix it every single time Skyrim gets updated.

  2. i see that the pc got the update but i am not seeing any talk about a update for the xbox 360 i am having problems with my npc people when they start waling me somewhere they stop and just look at me i have to force them to walk buy either hitting them or running into them it gets on my nervs please help bethesda

  3. Christ, it feels like I’m the only one who keeps getting a Script Dragon Critical Error every time I try to play this game after a patch update. I don’t want to point any fingers, but it certainly is frustrating to have a recurring problem that can’t immediately be solved.

    • You can immediately solve this problem by not using Script Dragon. Or you can get on the author’s case to update it more quickly. Either way, you’re complaining about a third-party mod on Bethesda’s blog, genius.

  4. Bethesda,

    First off all thanks so much for this patch and ofcourse the awesome game, but i had a question:
    Will you guys fix the small immersion issue in cities like Windhelm?
    For say, in a city where they ALL hate Argonians and Dark Elves, i find it kinda breaking that i enter as an argonian and are being treated like just another nord.
    Thats actually the only issue i have with this game atm, no acknowledge of your race except from guards, combat and one DB quest.


  5. these updates for PC are great.
    but im still waiting for the PS3 to be cleaned up.
    ive still got a LOT of quests that cant be finished or erased from my journal.
    ive got many quest items that wont leave my invintory.

    i just really hope before any DLC or extras are created,
    that ALL of the games run smoothly.

  6. Thank You for all the Labor and Love that has gone into this Series over the Years !! Especially Skyrim… By far the Bestand thanks for the Creation Kit !!! The Possibilities are endless !!!

  7. “In the meantime, crashes to desktop are a problem of either (1) and individual mod or (2) the way you are using mods together. This is not Bethesda’s fault, buddy.”
    Does that include the CTDs that can be reproduced with no mods installed?
    I’ve seen a bunch of CTDs without mods and I’m told far too often it’s the mods I’m not using when the crash happens that cause it.

    • In 120 hours I have never once experienced a CTD in this game. Not Ever.

      As for creashes without mods…some mods change things in your game and leave them changed even after the mod is removed. This was a huge problem in Oblivion.

      Sometimes mods change the location of important references like doors, city gates or quest objects. Open Cities mods are one notorious example. When you remove the mod, guess what – your save game remembers the change. This happens more than you would believe.

      So yeah…sometimes a mod can introduce a crash to your game that removing the mod cannot and will not fix. I strongly suspect, given the number of unauthorized tools used to create mods early in Skyrim’s lifecycle, this was the case.

      Speaking for myself and my girlfriend, we have more than 150 combined hours in Skyrim, across two hardware platforms, without a single CTD and wihthout even a significant slow down.

      Do I blame the early modding crowd and their rampant complaints for these make-things-worse patches that resulted from their ranting about crashes? Do I blame players for their own crashes because they don’t take the time to learn what mods actually do?

      Yes, I do. The player is responsible for the number of mods they download. They are responsible for knowing what those mods do, how they affect a game and with which other mods they might conflict.

      Don’t blame bethesda. Don’t blame the modder. Read the read-me, stop trying to patch and merge mods, and just get rid of mods which have conflicts you need to worry over.

  8. Any hints on a patch with marryable Khajiits? My cat’s so lonely… and force-marrying one through the console just doesn’t seem right. =^.^=

  9. Skryim has been running well since the 1.4.27 rolled out. It stopped all my crashes it seems. But one thing is still there, and its the menus, its sometimes hard to click on items or text in conversations. I run SkyUI but I had the same issue in vanilla menus so I’m pretty sure its not because of mods, this issue has been around since launch. Still an awesome game and I’m really glad to see all the updates and all this coming out, gives me some hope. So many publishers and devs that seem to do everything they can to slap us consumers in the face. So keep this up Bethesda, show the rest how its done! 😉

  10. Any word on a menu fix for eyeinfinity / nividia surround? I mean you guys had it working in oblivion and morrowind whats wrong with having it work in skyrim?

  11. I would really appreciate it, if for the console updates you fix some of the quests! Especially the Take Up Arms quest where you need to return Aela’s shield for the Companion’s guild quest line. She is nowhere to be found, not at Jorrvaskr or at Bleakwind Basin or anywhere else. There is no work around, but please fix this I want to be a badass werewolf!

  12. Im doing Blood on the Ice quest. My current objective is Follow up the clues from Hjerim, Im going to see Calixto’s house of curiosities, its 8:40pm. Each time I wait my character freezes and I cant move nor attack nor nothing except looking around. Is this an old or a new bug??

  13. Man Markarth is Bugged Up, when will the Quests be Fixed Please.

    I went into Calcalmo’s Lab to get a Falmer Translation Guide for the Journal of Gallus, then i Sneaked passed Aicantar and returned the Translation back to Enther.

    After he and Karlaia talked, i used the Console to Delete the Stupid Book from my Inventory because it dident want to go away.

    So later in the Game after the Thiefs Guild/Nightingale Quest were done, i went to Sergius Turrianus at the Collage of Winterhold for an Enchanting Pick up, he told me to go get something Enchanted from Aicantar, so i went to Markarth and straight into the Museum when the Quest Repeated itself to get the Translation for Enther Again.

    I Re-loaded a Save, then i did a No-clipping to the Lab above Understone keep and enter through the door, but Aicantar took me as a Hostile.

    What do i do, just Kill the guy now, because it seems theres a Missing Dialogue and he Never appears around Markarth, he just sits there.

  14. I just can’t understand why, with all the money they’ve made from this game, Bethesda can’t just pay someone for a few minutes to fix the menu scaling in widescreen…

    It’s a sad statement about customer service when everyone has to rely on 2 guys at Wide Screen Gaming Forum to come up with a fix each time they update. One of the fixes is 28k. Couldn’t take a menu designer long to write that, could it?

  15. Wow, what bizarre crashes!, i think this game is massive big for these things, we are lucky this game sells well anything else would be a nuisance for beth.

    Thanx beth!

  16. 10 more Updates, then you can get the Game of the Year Edition Box with all the DLC, thats how long it takes for them to fix the Game.

    They are still dancing and partying with Champagne from all the Awards they get, instead of having just 2 Guys sitting with the Fans and looking at that Bug List Thread on the Bethesda Forum to to Fix these Bugs.

    If i were a Bethesda Employee, i would tell Todd sorry old boy, the Fans comes First.

    Im surprised they took a Wekk off just to see how they can make Skyrim etter and those stuff they showed us, could’ve all been in the Game.

    What is Bethesda doing, they arent working with 3 People in a Humunges Company.

    Spread them out into Groups and Fix the Game, Skyrim is Aleady Released and the DLC can come out in July or October for all i care, but Release those Extra Footage as Free DLC

  17. I forgot to add that im very Disappointed in how the Crown of Barenziah is portrayed, we get to find these Jewels all over Skyrim and we Never get to wear this thing, now its some Girly Crown sitting in the Thieves Guild witch is absolutly Pointless, wheres the Cowl of Nocturnal we keep seeing in the Loading Screen.

    Please, have some Employees Fix these Ridicules Quests, why am i even Archmage when i did the Whole Collage Quests in a matter of minutes and im all of a sudden Leader of the place, i thought we can Choose to tell the Next Guy to become the Leader instead of Forcing it on me.

    Please fix the Molag Bal Quest, why am i Forced to Murder the Priest when all the Other Deadric Princes Quests are a Choice.

  18. skyrim like all Bethesda RPG are great games and i have all of them from steam,
    i usually buy them only because NEXUS and the users here!
    u all makes the Bethesda games really even better – its u guys out there that makes all this great mods and all that money for Bethesda ! ..
    *so what im saying is Bethesda makes good money because of nexus( and mod makers)
    but from the day i got this game i feel like WE ALL BETA TESTERS …im A gamer all my life and i never had a game that need so much fix(game of the year).
    i found myself (like must of us) spending hours to configure and fixing reinstalling,re-editing ini files-using like 6 apps just to make it work the way we like -and more..and more..and so on
    found myself spending hours patching this game and not playing it….

    why Bethesda dont work with nexus or at least give the nexus community some kind of kit like the workshop on steam but for NMM?

    Bethesda – nexus helps u if u like it or not – help him back!!!

  19. Thanks Bethesda for trying so hard and putting effort to polish up this game.

    I placed this game aside till I get the feeling majority of issues have been fixed. I really want a near flawless experience (or as close as it can get)

    Keep it up, and thank you again.

  20. I’m wondering when Bethesda are finally going to fix the bug of the incorrect key mappings being displayed on certain screens.

    To recap: If you remap some of the keys on the PC, the various dialogs in Skyrim still show the old mappings. That can make it a royal pain to work out how certain controls work when Skyrim tells you the wrong key for them.

    And it’s a schoolboy programming error, I’m amazed that it was missed during testing, it’d take 5 minutes to fix, and it’s still broken!

  21. I’m not sure if I want to add to all the nagging, which are to a high extent true imo, but since I’m visiting..and so eager to find bug fixes in the patches (that I didn’t find so far) I’ll get a few general things off my chest.

    The tremendous amount of mind and time spent on the focus on quest lines and realism of the story and NPC lines and behaviors depending on each quest and choices the player takes, is simply astounding. If one thing, that’s what has nailed me to the game so far, but to my great disappointment the gameplay, specifically in field of actual functionality of master-level destruction spells, as well as in some other fields, needs utmost attention and improvement. To put it more tangible, a simple arrow (if not all the power attacks) could stagger the dragonborn, cancelling the pointless channeling preceding the casting of master-level spells, while the player has risked getting into the middle of the enemy so the spell actually hits them (imagine blizzard, it does not move around with the player, but it only effects the area it was cast at, so you would need to get to the middle of them), all-in-all making them utterly useless, along with hundreds of hours of gameplay to get to 100th lvl of each magic school, only to dampen the whole enthusiasm put into it.

    Other than that and the sticking bugs of quests which could quite pestering at times, not much else is worth nagging about, but only thanks for the masterful game and the beautiful world of Skyrim. May it become Flawless in an early future.

  22. I also have this bug and it’s very annoying.

    Did not have this problem before this recent update, now, when I fast travel anywhere, several falmer, foresworn, draugr, and witches all appear around me and start wailing on each other.

    • I’ll add also that I’m not running any mods, and I’ve gotten the same result from every one of my older saves.

      It almost seems like every enemy within a certain radius from where I fast travel FROM is getting sucked up and placed at me where ever I fast travel TO.

      • But were you running mods? Ever? Some mods can introduce issues like this and then those issues remain even when the mod is removed. Some references are stored not in a mod, but in your save game. When the mod that introduces or moves these references is uninstalled, the references remain. There is no fix for this. So if you were running mods, those mods might have done this.

  23. all i gotta say is that they should worry about the console systems because there are still hella bugs for quests and work to be done along as dlc and they are just getting chub for the pc players only which only make up a third of there total users which kinda eff over everybody else.

    • They release patches on PC first because they can. the PC is an open environment which allows developers to create a patch and put it in place. The consoles need weeks of testing and then have an approval process before a patch is released to the world. Again, as with mods, blame the console maker, not the game developer.

  24. Hi,

    thanks for the great game, spent far too many hours on this. Not sure if you read the comments, but would like to know if there will be a fix to the Regain Winterhold Hold bug? I can’t progress in one of the main storylines as a result of a decision I made ages ago!

    Thanks very much.

  25. Please help, my game just did a update today (2012-03-04) and now my steam won’t close. I just keep telling me to close Skyrim – It’s already closed and is not running in the task menu. I do not have a constant Internet and need steam to be in offline mode for the next week!
    Any help will be appreciated.

  26. Well I think other than the all the gliches in skyrim xbox360 console and i cant marry lydia (Major Thumbs Down) The graphics are great, The storyline is like the gliches in the system, there is no ryhime or reason to the main storyline I finished Audin wall and no one in skyrim gave a damn either way that the dragon born saved humanity.Thumbs down!!!! Also no links in the story to the storm clock war vs return of the dragons. The feels like your playing 100 different games with no connection for the overall outcome of the game and story unlike elders scrolls oblivion. I hope the patches come soon for console players!!!!!!!

    • You’re obviously playing the wrong type of game then. They wern’t aiming for a game where everyone was all like ‘zomgawwwdddddd! yew sayved uz!! tank yew so mutch! omgewd haf all mai gewldzzzzz”

      If you want a game like that, go play one with an actual ending, not one that allows you to continue playing. Besides, in the real world when do we EVER here about someone who did some major feet that prevented something terrible? Rarely, if ever and we forget in a month or two.

      Thumbs down.

  27. Thanks for the Patch Bethesda, now it would be great if you also address the Mouse Pointer Accuracy while on menus and crosshair and the really really low sound related to some onboard audio like RealTek.

    • I have the same audio problem with my Realtek setup. I had to switch to 5.1 surround on my 2.0 stereo setup to get the volume levels back to normal. Of course afterwards i have to switch back to 2.0 stereo for my other games.

  28. Still a problem with audio cutting out, I walk by an NPC while they’re talking a single word in their sentence cuts off and they finish their sentence. It’s immersion breaking to be sure. I’ve noticed it on peoples let’s plays on youtube as well as in my game, so I know its a problem.

  29. Bethesda im a big fan can you send me the updates to my email for consoles when they come out and could you make some dlc’s for xbox 360 like be able to go to morrowind or something im in no rush for one but i would like that very much

    thnx Bethesda!!

      • Its not Bethesda stopping mods on console. Its the console makers. It is a closed environment. If you want to mod, and cannot because you are on a console, place the blame on your console maker, not the game dev. Sony and MS don’t want mods on consoles, this is not Bethesda’s fault.

  30. Is there ever going to be a fix for the headless bug or are you just going to ‘lolforever’ and ignore the problem? There is *no* fix despite what might pop up on google, it isn’t a full fix.

  31. Where do I go to download the new patch? I couldn’t fine it on the Stream Workshop! Dark Brotherhood Quest “To Kill The Empire” keeps crashing on me everytime I try to leave the castle. I was hoping the patch would help.

  32. Please, please, please fix the “Trinity Restored” quest, every time I try to meet Korliah, and Brynjolf at the Standing Stone at nightingale hall they aren’t there!!! Korliah is still in The frozen Hearth, and Brynjolf is still in the Flaggon. They are both unresponsive! I need my nightingale armor! It’s been too long! I want to finish my thieves guild missions. This has been a major problem with many users, please fix this in the next update. Also when I re-enter the Dwemmer museum I get the Hard answers quest again, and once I finish it Korliah won’t talk to me! Please Bethesda, fix these issues they are game breakers! p.s. I use 360.

  33. I dont understand how Beth gives more attention to PC players than xbox 360, until the game is fully playable i dont plan to touch it again, because there’s tons of madness going on there every time i played lately, mostly mission bugs.

  34. Your latest patch is a disaster. Allow me to tell you why:

    When the game was first released, a ton of people played it using inadequate PC hardware. Others began making mods with unauthorized or aged tools intended for other engines. Then they started experiencing bugs, crashes, slow downs and glitches. Next step: They blamed Bethesda and convinced Bethesda to patch their “broken” game.

    Unfortunately for those of us who played it patient and did things right, Bethesda listened. And they patched. And they broke that which was working fine. Then they did it again. And again. Until the point where they were “patching the patches” not the game.

    Now the FPS is terrible. Load times are horrendous. Khajiit traders just mill about and refuse to set up camps. The game I purchased is gone – replaced with a version which patches bugs that never existed in the games of people who did it right and waited for the authorized tools – and introduces some of those very bugs to us at the same time.

    I have an AMD Phenom Quad Core Black Edition. 8GB System Ram. Nvidia GTX 460 with 2GB video RAM. Plenty of HDD space.

    In 100 hours of vanilla skyrim I never crashed. Not. Even. Once. Never.

    Now Bethesda has patched this game its a disaster in motion. With those specs I cannot even use the High Res pack without horrible slow downs.

    Bethesda, please, listen to the players who didn’t bring the bugs and problems on themselves. To the ones with system specs better than an XBOX. Fix your game for the responsible gamers. And then please – leave it alone. Every time you add one thing, you break something else.

    Please just fix it. And then just…stop.

    • Woah there, can’t let you sully my good name, mate.

      None of what you say is true for me, and I am—by your classification—a “responsible gamer.” Khajiit traders make camp fine, FPS is fine, load times are fine. 200 hours with a handful of (CK) mods + Hi Res DLC, maybe 4 CTDs to date (from my own wrongly configured hardware, derp). Admittedly, my rig’s a bit better than yours, but if it’s a matter of raw power then you shouldn’t blame Bethesda for *you* pushing your machine too hard.

      Bethesda is not just patching things willy-nilly—these people are game developers by profession, not amateurs. If you can retrieve for me a patch note that attempts to fix something caused by user mods (as you suggest) I’ll give you a fishy stick. Otherwise, please keep my namesake out of this din of entitled whiners.

  35. Big bug during dark brotherhoods, 1st 3 side contracts. 1 when killed does not finish quest and quest marker hangs over dead body, therefore cannot continue main quest line as it requires me to get 2 more side contracts from nazir which he says i cant till i complete the others. When is the fix due for the ps3 for this?????

  36. I have yet to buy Skyrim but I intended to until I saw this:

    and this:

    The first article says that certain major areas of the game are clumsy, counterintuitive and tedious. The second advises players to use programming commands that many non-progammer players may find difficult to work with. And the many postings on this site about patches that don’t work and patches that make things worse give me pause. Should I wait till you issue a 2.0 version of the game that clears all up all these problems?

  37. Bethesda, please fix the in game Skyrim bugs that causes Skyrim to crash, freeze, and black screen freezes when players try to enter the “Understone Keep” in Markarth, when trying to enter Whiterun, and when trying to enter various other areas and locations in Skyrim today somehow please, please reply today.