Follow Authors on the Skyrim Workshop

In a new update to the Skyrim Workshop, the team at Valve have added a new feature that allows you to  follow your favorite mod authors. For an explanation, here’s a snippet from the Valve’s Workshop blog:

“For any item, you can click ‘View all shared files’ to see what else the author has created, and then choose to follow that author. Following someone in the Workshop will let you easily discover the latest items and mods that they create, which is accessible through the “Followed Authors” filter on the right side of the Workshop. If you’re just getting started with the Workshop, let us point out a few of the more than 5,000+ authors that have been busy contributing.”

Pretty easy, right? To start following folks, visit and make sure you’re logged into your Steam account.

Reader Comments

  1. Great to see since usually any mods that grab my attention have many more coming into existence that are just as exciting by the same Modder(s).

  2. I definitely wish for the best to the steam workshop, but currently the workshop is severly lacking in overview and search / filtering. Currently I look to the nexus for most of these services, but I can definately see the workshop becoming better in time.