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      • Thats like asking whats wrong with a handicapped child? Well nothing really but he has stumps instead of arms he’s special he has learning difficulties steam gets into your face a lot.No my internet is out right now let me are my game files? erhm..hello..where is the manual? No manual? How about just a pdf file of the manual you get if i bought a non steam boxed copy that costs exactly the same? btw I bought Skyrim off Steam for €59.99 thats $78.70 just three weeks ago.

      • Steam is a massive DRM slap in the face. If I don’t want to have a constant internet connection required to play a single player game, then I shouldn’t have to. So, I choose not to buy the game. Simple as that. Not to mention there seems to be no control over my games. I should be able to update my game that I paid for whenever I damn well feel like it.

          • Just like I can turn auto-update off so it can turn itself back on to update? No thanks, I don’t trust it. Besides, even IF steam wasn’t all that bad, is it so wrong not to want it? It’s quite proven that using steam doesn’t protect products against piracy, so what’s the point?

        • Well good for you! Steam sucks!
          I feel sorry for you though. There won’t be very many new games you can play that aren’t attached to an online service like Steam.

  1. Some people don’t have an unlimited amount of internet data. Any games for steam (i.e. Skyrim) have to be downloaded. 4.8 gigs out of 5 available doesn’t work out. That’s the very reason I don’t have it for my PC.

    • I wasn’t aware a 5 gig download limit was still a thing. If this was 10 years ago I could believe you.

      Sounds like your service provider is ripping you off. Big time.

  2. Eh, that’s not how it worked for me. I got my hard copy from Best Buy and the game installed itself from the disk- I could also download the game from steam once it was connected to the account, but I found installing from the disk more convenient and more quickly. All updates though are handled through steam though.

  3. Actually, a lot of ISP’s have bandwidth limits. Many have begun to impose them to combat piracy (yes, that’s for real).

  4. Wait until the game is finished. By the time bethesda has all the bugs fixed I figure the game must be 20$, once we idiots that payed full price on release date are done beta testing for them.

    I feel so cheated by Bethesda…