Tonight on Gamespot: Catch the Game Developers Choice Awards (Update)

Update: At tonight’s award show, Bethesda Game Studios won the night’s final award, Game of the Year! Congrats to the whole team!

To watch an Encore presentation of the awards, visit Gamespot. And for pictures from the event, visit the GDCA Flickr page.

Original Post: This year’s Game Developers Conference is underway in San Francisco. Last night BGS level designer Joel Burgess discussed Skyrim in a panel titled Pursuing Elegance, and tonight, the 12th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards will be announced.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is nominated for five awards in tonight’s ceremony, including Game of the Year, Best Game Design, Best Technology, Best Visual Arts, and Best Audio. If you’re interested in cheering the game along, you can watch Gamespot’s livestream beginning at 6:30 PM PST.

On the subject of awards, you can still vote for Skyrim in the BAFTA GAME GOTY award category. BAFTA winners will be announce next Friday.

Reader Comments

  1. Voted for Skyrim on BAFTA weeks ago. I can’t believe it’s not over yet. The only thing Skyrim needs to worry about is Best Audio and Best Technology. Battlefield 3 will give it a good run. It’s hard to beat DX11 features and destructible environment. That game just isn’t polished at all though. Game Design, GOTY, and Visual Arts. Yeah, Skyrim should win all of those.

  2. Congratulations Bethesda and Adam for winning Game Of The Year for this masterpiece of gaming art which is bringing much joy and happiness to so many.

  3. Another rigged award show, with an award garnered by bribing those who are holding the event. I guess you guys didn’t have the money to cover the bribe for winning the other awards you were nominated for. Gamespot award show? HAHAHA Gamespot are the water carriers and advertisers for all developers who can pay them off. Gamespot is a joke, and so is Bethesda.

    • If you had any idea the amount of hours that these people put into create this work, you wouldn’t make comment like this. The creativity and expertise of the staff that make up these games is immense and deserves the accolades they receive.

  4. Why am i not seeing Pete Hines at these Events aswell, doesent he work On the Game too or is he just the Sideliner who tells People about the Game before release.

    • He’s probably recharging his battery considering the extreme power intensity like a constantly exploding sun going never ending nova his advertising burns brilliantly with 🙂

  5. Love the game and appreciate the ongoing support. I do hope you address balance and exploits soon (smithing/enchanting/alchemy), and fix things that were broken by past updates (e.g. Dragon Research quest) before adding things to the game. If you do add 3rd person kill-moves to the game, I sincerely hope you provide us with the option to turn them off.

    And don’t neglect bugfixes. The number one reason people walk away from Skyrim is because of the number of times they have to look up a convoluted workaround (if there is one) for all the bugs they encounter.

  6. I think its a joke that a game so full of bugs months after its release cab win anything. Not deserved IMO. They are probably giving them back handers !

  7. Bethesda, since October I am a satisfied consumer. Skyrim – PC. The best game of the house, have a amazing stability, comparing with my experiences in Oblivion and Fallout3. A special thank you to Todd Howard, he surprises me since Daggerfall, a motivation to study English at the time, for better gameplay (history). I respect the sacrifices of the team, adapting the RPG structure to a modern consumer, putting books to read, in a time when the player have no patience to listen, works for me. One more thing, try create a huge group of bug hunters! make lists of flaws, this is important! X)