Skyrim Roundup

We’re back with another round of updates on Skyrim…

In the video above, Gamespot continues their weekly look Skyrim mods — both from the Skyrim Workshop and Skyrim Nexus. Mods featured this time include:

Looking for more Skyrim mods. Techland’s Matt Peckham has a new feature sharing his top 20 mods for the game.

Elsewhere on the web, check out these links…

Before we go… we leave you with BenSpinSpace’s piano arrangement for Morrowind.

Reader Comments

  1. The elder scrolls journeys is stolen from the original mod that my team and i have been working on since the ck was released. I’m sick of him and his minions taking credit! We even have screens and written documents. Please give credit to who is due. Not them, thank you. I would give a link but my iPhone sucks. I will later when on my pc.

  2. Just wondering when Bethesda is going to fix the latest bug in the PC version of Skyrim. This one causes games to crash whenver a new mod is introduced, or an existing mod is changed, upon loading the game. The only workaround is to manipulate load order EVERY TIME the mod is reintroduced with a change. This seems to “tell” the game where to load the mod, and allow the game to load once more.

    Please either notify players of this irritating necessity or fix this bug.

    And before denouncing me, I have been two full days doing nothing aside from modding. Well, that and trying to isolate the cause of my first crash in 110 hours. This IS the problem.

  3. This begs the question, why weren’t follower horses implemented in the first place? Companions are next to useless when questing outdoors.

  4. Skyrim para mim é o melhor jogo que joguei até hoje e posso dizer que jogo videojogos à mais de 20 anos! Mas os bugs meu deus….Tenham mais respeito pelos jogadores da ps3!!

  5. Me and a huge group of people all over the world are thinking the skyrim shoud be co-op online at least four players co-op multiplayer