March Mayhem Round 1

Round 1 voting for The Escapist’s March Mayhem Developers Showdown is underway. You can support your favorite developers — including Bethesda Game Studios and id Software — and also have a chance to win an Origin PC or other great prizes.

Current pairings pit id Software vs. Sony Online Entertainment, while Bethesda Game Studios goes up against Level-5 Inc. As much as we’d love to see John Carmack and Todd Howard playing hoops, the winner will be determined by your votes.

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Reader Comments

  1. Sounds like the people know how to speak! I dont mean dragon language… Wait…. Or do i?…. Anyway… My only fav game company is going down the path of legends, and ill be supporting them threw it all. Anytime they need a vote in something ill be there to tally it in there book of badassness!!!!!! Bethesda deserves all these awards that they earned, and many moreto come. Im hoping there next planned project is fallout 4. Ill support any game thar bethesda creates anyway, so bring it on!!!! Been with them since arena…. Still a huge fan now!! Congradulations bethesda game studios! Kudos!!!!!