‘The Art of Videogames’ Exhibit Opens in DC

Yesterday the highly-anticipated exhibit, The Art of Videogames, opened at The Smithsonian’s American Art Museum. The exhibit features games like the original Fallout, Fallout 3, and id Software’s DOOM II on display — all voted in by members of the community.

If you’re planning on visiting Washington, DC between now and September 30th, you should definitely check out the exhibit. With the Cherry Blossoms near full bloom, I’ll soon be heading down to the National Mall to check it out and take some pics.

Reader Comments

  1. Talking about the history of videogames, how crazy is it that Wasteland 2 is happening a quarter of a century later?
    I hope you guys didn’t have a fallout over this with InXile. >:D

  2. I hope Bethesda, ZeniMax not invent problems for Wasteland! I think the old Wasteland developers involved with the campaign, will bring back the REAL RPG!
    you and id software are absurd! bug! use too much power with advertising to buy the public blinded by “violence and short stories”.
    Thumbs up Brian Fargo!! your legacy lives!!

    • Lets hope its a whole lotta lotta Adam Adamowicz!

      Congratulations Bethesda and to all involved for being once more a very important part of this planet’s history.

  3. Rare seeds have a short time, but always result in the best plantations. The Adamowicz´s work is amazing. From Fallout 3 to Skyrim, the team opened a new level in graphical quality and immersion. Skyrim is a touristic fantasy world for warriors and scholars of Tamriel 🙂

  4. I’m so glad I live in VA just outside DC. I’ve gotta get into town to see this exhibit. And the Cherry Blossoms of course. 🙂