Dishonored: Screenshots, Concept Art, and New Features

Following last week’s Dishonored coverage, we’ve added new screenshots and concept art to the game’s official Facebook page and Flickr collection.

For more on the game, tune into X-Play tonight at 6:30 ET. During the show, you’ll be able to catch in-game footage from the game, as Morgan Webb interviews the game’s creative directors, Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio.

Elsewhere, Gamespot has a new Dishonored video featuring visual design direction Viktor Antonov, art director Sebastien Mitton, and lead level designer Christophe Carrier. Watch it below.

That’s everything for now. As new details on Dishonored surface, we’ll keep you updated.

Reader Comments

  1. With that many experienced talents on board “Dishonored” practically can only turn out to be awesome 😀

    A plead to Bethesda as its publisher though: Please don’t make this game Steamworks-exclusive. I’m all for people having the choice to add this game to Steam and to enjoy the benefits that doing so has. However, I (as well as quite a number of other people, I’d reckon) on the other hand would like to have the choice to play it without having to download Steam and tie it to some account there. Won’t you please give people like me the option not having to do so? “The Witcher 2” offered that possibility and when looking at its sales that decision does not seem to have caused any detriments, now does it :> ?

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