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  1. Great podcast as usual! 🙂

    And I agree with you (And we have seen it as well), that the Steam Workshop is bringing more people to the Nexus. 😉

    As for the Creation Kit fixes and features… I can’t wait to see them!

  2. Here’s a crazy idea.

    Hire the guy that made the Unofficial PC Skyrim Patch, implement his changes into the actual game and bring some joy to console gamers. Being mod-less is one thing, but it’d be nice to have a game that worked properly at least.

    • You console gamers are so annoying.Everywhere I go I see:”Oh I want mods for my 360 and PS3″*sob sob”Well guess what my friend YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANY!!!Shut the ‘ell up and take what you’ve been given.CK is for PC and PC ONLY!!!It’s bad enough we PC gamers have to eat your crummy leftovers,now you want that what gives us a little edge over you and your masters(M$).You get exclusives all the time for your XBOX360(Gears of War series)or PS3(Uncharted series).You think I don’t want to play as a Nathan Drake?I want but it’s PS3 exclusive…I don’t cry and whine because of that,I shut up and I read books or watch cartoons.

  3. Focus on fixing lods , navmesh bugs and all other bugs that prevent the CK to work properly for serious mods , so far you can basically only add some items and some retextures … and some creative scripting …

    But honestly there shoudl be support with proper import export tools , proper tools for working the modding othewise it will only stay a side zone for hardocre modders and not everyone , Skyrim is difficoult to mod unless you spend an incredible amount of time , not learning the CK , but learning how to hack the game to be able to implement new stuff …

  4. And to think all i want for Easters is to fix this one thing that many ppl don’t even care to notice :c Dead Khajiit has to be dead not partially alive swinging tail back and forth :/ Beth plsss i want kitty’s tail to be dead along with the owner :>
    PS. great podcast!

  5. Thank you for touching on my question about the havok behavioral animation tool, and I agree it is 3rd party software, but there still must be some way to allow users to create custom *new* behavioral animation graphs without having to overwrite animation file names?