Skyrim 1.5 Available on Steam (Updated)

Update 3/26: Today we’ve released a new Skyrim beta update, version 1.5.26, that introduces the following fixes:


  • Fixed issue with frequency of first person kill cameras
  • Underwater effects now display properly
  • Fixed crash when loading certain plugins
  • Fixed issue where sun would not appear properly after fast travel

Original Post: Released last week as a Beta, Skyrim’s 1.5 update is now available to all users on Steam. Those playing on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 can expect the update soon, as we’re submitting the update to console manufacturers this week.

UPDATE 1.5 (all platforms unless noted)


  • New cinematic kill cameras for projectile weapons and spells
  • New kill moves and animations for melee weapons
  • Shadows on grass available (PC)
  • Smithing skill increases now factor in the created item’s value
  • Improved visual transition when going underwater
  • Improved distance LOD transition for snowy landscapes


  • General crash fixes and memory optimizations
  • Fixed issue with Deflect Arrows perk not calculating properly
  • In “A Cornered Rat,” the death of certain NPCs no longer blocks progression
  • Fixed issue where Farkas would not give Companion’s quests properly
  • Fixed crash when loading saves that rely on data that is no longer being loaded
  • Followers sneak properly when player is sneaking
  • Fixed issue with weapon racks not working properly in Proudspire Manor
  • Arrows and other projectiles that were stuck in objects in the world now clean up properly
  • Fixed issue where “Rescue Mission” was preventing “Taking Care of Business” from starting properly
  • Fixed issue where certain NPCs would fail to become Thieves Guild fences
  • Fixed issue in “Diplomatic Immunity” where killing all the guards in the Thalmor Embassy before starting the quest would break progress
  • In “Hard Answers,” picking up the dwarven museum key after completing the quest, no longer restarts the quest
  • Killing Viola before or after “Blood on the Ice” no longer blocks progression
  • Fixed issue where Calixto would fail to die properly in “Blood on the Ice”
  • In “Waking Nightmare” fixed occasional issue where Erandur would stop pathing properly
  • Fixed issue where letters and notes with random encounters would appear blank
  • Fixed rare issue where dialogue and shouts would improperly play
  • Lydia will now offer marriage option after player purchases Breezehome in Whiterun
  • Fixed issue where if player manually mined ore in Cidhna Mine, jail time would not be served
  • Fixed rare issue with skills not increasing properly
  • Fixed issue where the Headsman’s Axe did not gain proper buff from Barbarian perk
  • In “A Night to Remember” it is no longer possible to kill Ysolda, Ennis or Senna before starting the quest
  • Fixed issue with the ebony dagger having a weapon speed that was too slow
  • Fixed issue with “The Wolf Queen Awakened” where backing out of a conversation with Styrr too soon would block progress
  • The third level of the Limbsplitter perk now properly improves all battle axes
  • Fixed a rare issue where Sanguine Rose would not work properly
  • In “Tending the Flames” King Olaf’s Verse will no longer disappear from explosions


Reader Comments

  1. Will we ever get widescreen support? I’m really bummed right now since the 1.5 patch broke my game. I play eyefinity and of course have to run 3rd party patches for “proper” support. I had my steam set not to auto-update Skyrim. So instead of updating, steam decided to delete my .exe file for Skyrim. Now I am unable to play because I can no longer read the menu’s. (they zoom WAY and cut off the top/bottom at 5040×1050) Would be nice to see a good native interface too, like SkyUI. And a decent favorites menu. Am I the only one who is seriously missing the classic spell bar with hot keys. Changing weapons and spells is so bloody awkward and frustrating. Amazing game, horrible PC interface.

  2. So will the bug preventing me and a large number of xbox 360 users from completing the game be fixed soon? You know … the one where the puzzle door in the tomb on the dragon island cannot be open (Diamond claw puzzle), even if the combination is correct? (It also crashes the console if you cast a fireball at it whilst the diamond claw is being used)?

  3. I’m having some weird stuff going on with the quest log and dialog. I started a new game on my laptop with 1.5, and the log sometimes has a lag of about 25-30 seconds before a quest is added/updated. I am also getting points in dialog where I have to tab out to continue (dialog gets stuck).

    I do have about 20 mods installed as well.

  4. i like the new patch i’ve got some problems with shadows indeed.
    I’ll explain its like i have something on my back really , like there is a giant behind me end the shadow rotate following my camera.(I play the gambe in 3° person).
    any suggestion on how to fix it?
    i’m not a pro in managing my pc so please be patient.

  5. Man, this patch is very welcome, and shows continued dedication to this newish game. I appreciate this, despite the lack of input on the Forums. What about shield charge perk (said very sheepishly…)?

  6. After some research i found out not only do you not support 1080p on ps3 and xbox but the 1080i cant even be used because the system upscales it to the best resolution and since theres no 1080p it can use the 1080i so it was a complete waste of your tim to format it for 1080i since it cant be used and also theres only 540p being displayed at one time( 1080i shows the positive pixels first then the negative pixels called interlacing, 720p is in fact a better resolution and a better look. What im getting at is reformat for 1080p if possible as dlc or an update then release the hd texture pack as dlc or in an update

  7. Love the kill cams & generally patch seems good. Haven’t tried how the smithing skill change pans out but welcome it. After all how good a smith can you really become making iron daggers & bracers?

    Would like to see some of the persistent bugs attended to as priorities, eg. Trinity Restored: K wandering off on you & blocking progression of the game (had to look on wiki how to use the console to skip forward – dissapointing).

    Most importantly since the patch I can’t see anything underater whatsoever. Some advice would be good if settings need changed or something.

  8. Playing in 3D on a PC (win7 x64 nvidia GTX560M) all shadows are rendered as floating off the ground and superimposed on their casting object, weapons etc. It makes the game unplayable in 3D. 1.4 patch worked fine. Is there any fix for this or a way to back grade to 1.4?

  9. I am unsure if anyone else has been having this with the thieves guild mission “speaking with silence” for some reason, the head of the thieves guild that follows you for the duration of the mission in some cases will sometimes refuse to open 2 doors. I don’t know if there is a fix in the works for this, but we could sure use one as once this guy starts following you, and doesnt stop, and he can wreak major havoc on the rest of the quests and missions in the rest of the game.

  10. When charging two of the same destruction spells at the same time and the kill camera activates, if you only release one spell to finish your opponent, it still shoots both of them. I haven’t tested if the second shot reduces your magicka or if it’s free.

    I need to be more informed about the patch details before they come out. The new kill cam for magic spells freaked me out the first time.

    Great patch otherwise! Thanks!

  11. Bethesda, please will the Ilia (at Darklight Tower) dismissing bug to be fixed soon? I’ve noticed too that clothes/armor given to followers ( or spouse followers) are reverted to default clothes/armor after their dismissing and a certain game reload. It is possible to make followers, especially the spouse, to keep equipped the last given clothes/armor (and sucessfully equiped) to them? I’m just sure that this already happens with given weapons

  12. Well patch features seems cool but… not for me. Patch totally ruined my game, I’m a STEAM user so i downloaded game make clean installation without any mods etc. First launch on 1.5 and “start new game” everything was loading ok i was going to town on cart make char and when they cut head off that stormcloak there should be “next prisoner nord in the rags” but… nothing happens! all NPC just stand and do nothing, no text no errors just nothing, all i could do was look around. I uninsulated game from Steam, delete all files from PC and download Skyrim again, installed and now when i press “start game” here what it comes:

    [WETriggerScript ]WARNING:
    OnInit() myHoldLocation property
    has not been set, this will resoult in errors

    [WETriggerScript ]WARNING:
    OnInit() myHoldLocation property
    has not been set, this will resoult in errors

    [WETriggerScript ]WARNING:
    OnInit() myHoldLocation property
    has not been set, this will resoult in errors

    only thing i ca do is click OK 3 times and then those errors disappear and only loading screen is visible, game stops.
    I didn’t had it on older versions of Skyrim. So far I’m waiting for solution or fix.

  13. Hey Gstaff,Anyway to turn shadow grass off? for the first time ever in a patch i am experiencing really bad fps drops, went from an average of 56fps in exteriors to 22fps, i think its related to shadow grass, everything was great untill i updated to 1.5, as soon as i run it bam! bad performane, also experiencing heavy lag for no apparent reason, using HD5770 1Gb, PhenomIIx4 810 OC to 3.1 Ghz and 6GB DDR3, so if there is a way to turn that grass shadows please let us know, besides i cant see them any way… its like there is no shadows on grass but i still get bad performance.

    new Kill camera is great, but i rather go back to 1.4 if there is no way to turn shadow on grass off.

  14. @ Jeff: Im not trying to be insulting, im trying to give Bethesda advise to be with the Community More instead of the Fans Bashing them to wait 3 Weeks for a New Patch and discover something is still broken.

    Pretty soon we will hear about a DLC, but Still Quest Logs are broken.

    Many People have finished or cant even finish the Game so they just leave.

    Skyrim is an Incredible Game, but the Bethesda Community needs to be More Active with the Fans and you dont need the Entire Company to focus on the Fans, just 4 People will do.

    • No problem man. But yr still assuming that the company will invest a certain amount of people to continued support of this game. We have no idea of what they are doing and who is investing time into it. The assumption that you understand what their process is or how to go about it is over-reaching. I do agree with you whole-heartedly they need to ask us, the gamers, more intensively what the problems are, as they probably could have fixed all of them (or at least addressed them) with 2 patches, instead of more than 5.

      I am very frustrated with you, especially regarding bugs the 1.5 doesn’t address at all, of which I have many. The Shield Charge perk, various quests that wont arrow up or update, etc.

      I’ve started over enough times to not want to play anymore, and in the ES series, I have invested over 3000 hours into the three most recent games, let alone Fallout, etc. I do concur they have not spent enough time asking about various bugs and the fixes for it, nor have they asked enough people for copies of their saves.

  15. ok, 3 thigns ive found wrogn with atch. One if u are using any ssao or enb enhancement files/mods then when u go underwater it is straight green, its got doemthign to do with it being incompatible with the d3d9.dll file, by removing that u will be able to go underwater again and also will fix the issue where it looks like ur graphics card is crapping out on ya. Also smithing/alch/enchant will be insanely faster if u have any mods that let u craft vanilla armor or let u enhance the armor that Beth didnt let us like iron and etc, ur smithign will explod thru the roof on how fats it will go. Also AO is gone….its looks good but with AO gone its almost bland =[

  16. First- thanks for making such an AWESOME game! I greatly appreciate the time and effort all of you have so obviously put into this! And if you would be so kind as to let the writers/programmers know that I am actually reading EVERY book and note I come across in the game, and keeping them. (My Honeyside looks more like a library than a house!) I really enjoy all of the inside jokes, puns and referances I find.

    I only have a couple of questions, mainly out of curiosity and not to complain. Is there a side quest for the Thieves’ Guild member Rune? After the dialog, and then finding the note I figured there must be but it hasn’t triggered. Perhaps I just missed it? And is there a reason that none of the Thieves’ Guild members are available for marriage? This is the first time I’m playing a Sneaky Sticky Fingers, and it just makes more sense to me to pair her up with someone in the same- shall we say “occupation”? (Girls swoon for Rune!!!) I know there are mods for this on PC, but we PS3 players have thus far been out of luck in this instance. Is that being addressed in future updates/expansions?

    Again, thank you so much for such a beautiful game- it has become my favorite “Get through the crappy work day” reward! After an hour running around in Skyrim I could care less that my co-workers are breaking their computers faster than I can fix them!!!

  17. Ashpiles should have been actually fixed with this one, 1.4 states it gets rid of them but it didn’t. Not that they’d mention it and admit to being liars. Still not buying it until the undeserved GOTY arrives, and after I check to see if this final version works like it should.

  18. WHEEEeeeee… the new NVidia 296.10 drivers did the trick for my GFX shadow flickering problem.
    Seems Bethesda is really coding against bleeding-edge testing hardware.. my drivers were not even two weeks old and had the most awful bugs.

  19. Bethesda, could you please make the Shadow on Grass as an option to turn on and off? i am receiving extreme lag and fps loss.

  20. so when can we expect it for the xbox? because iam making a archer just for the new kill cam 😀 ow and maybe an idea duno but when i kill a drago mid air it doen’t drop down frome the sky maybe an i dea to make an anamtion for that?

  21. Will you guys please fix the no stone unturned bug where if you collect all of the stones before you speak with Vex that it all locks up. Please just have it notice I have all 24 Stones and give me the crown fetch quest. Spending time on adding shadows on grass in my opinion is not as important as fixing glitches that stop game play…

  22. Ok so I have two issues with this patch. First one is that the grass moves with me, it is like transparent… Second one is that it is impossible to see anything underwater now, it is so green I can’t see anything. Plus I see some minor lagging outside which I didn’t experienced before.

  23. Will it be possible to download the ps3 skyrim patches onto ones’s computer, and then the update the game via usb? Sony made provision for this with their system updates…can bethesda do likewise?

  24. Does anyone know if the ‘glitch’ where if your memory file exceeds 5mb, the load/save times are increased significantly, was corrected? I play on the Xbox, this issue is not for PS3 only, which I heard they fixed.

  25. Thank you for fixing the nightmare quest glitch try to fus ro dah him to the door didn’t work was going to complain but I can see you,ve fixed it thank you

  26. Haven’t yet tried it but I’ve already turned in the Left Eye of the Falmer before finding out about the Litany of Larceny side mission and now I’m concerned I won’t be able to turn in all items. On the PS3 by the way.

  27. Did something bad happen to the Ambient Occlusion since patch 1.5?
    Its definitely gone on exteriors and seems to be missing on some interiors as well.

  28. one thing i would love to see is mabye the best community mods for pc come out on xbox and ps3 as dlc? I don’t have a good enough computer to run skyrim so i lose out on lots of things that people make. just an idea.

  29. Ps3 version 1.4 version when i go to learn a shout at Hrotgart Dragon words at the floor inside and outside the temple get stuck and cant learn them blocking all main quest and reaching top of the mountain. Was hoping this 1.5 would fix it

  30. Can I roll it back and set it were it won’t re-load? Both my puters have developed issues and would like to try it both ways.

  31. When will you fix the can’t drop/sell certain quest items even after the quest has been completed on Xbox360? For example the Bards College, Blood on the Ice, the Unusual Gems and one particular dagger that you get? I’d at least like to be able to drop them in a chest in one of the homes you can buy or have them listed in a separate menu from miscellaneous/weapons/apparel like quest items. They just clutter up the inventory and detract from the game to me. Especially after I’ve looted a dungeon and go to sell off the spoils. The gems don’t always group together and I’ve had like a dozen separate unusual gems cluttering up miscellaneous inventory.

    Thank you.

  32. Sorry, not sure if this worked or not because it is still awaiting moderation. But uh, are you guys working on a divorce option, because i like lydia but already married ysolda.

  33. well Bethesda it is great to hear that the update for skyrim on the Xbox 360 is comming soon i have been waiting for it ever since you posted it up and i read it and i am glad to hear that you can now marry lidya i may have miss spelled her name but i am still happy i have been trying everything to get my game to let me but keep up the great work

  34. Hey Gstaff or bethesda….

    when will we be recieving any dlc for skyrim, its been roughly 4-5 months since skyrims release and not a single dlc pack or announcement. All jokes aside, will we get any horse armour in the future as a patch? i thought it was nice to have a horse armoured for battle and woulld be cool to see customized imperial horses/storm cloaks. also i was hopeing to see a possible return of the shivering isles except bigger!

    and PLEASE answer this question as well, i know pc users will troll me for asking but will Console user ever get to see a Creation kit sold seperatly even if it cost about 20-30 dollars… alot of people will buy it for sure. as for the way to update it, have a weekly or bi-weekly update where pc mods are added to the server abit at a time while we just get a basic creation kit the way it was made from the release. Is it possible that may happen for us console users?

    thanks for the taking the time to read this and hopefully respond.

  35. Hey, I’m here to ask something…well what I’m actually going to ask is: Could it be possible that(I’m sorry if I’m asking to much)you could also install the creation kit on the consoles so console players could enjoy it as much as the pc players? But if it is not possible to adapt the system to the consoles, could it just be possible that the console players can download mods? I was thinking about installing a creation kit option in the main menu of skyrim. Thanks for reading this! ( p.s there is a bug that causes your followers not to level up properly, is there a way to fix this problem? Please let me know!) 🙂

  36. First of all: BIG THX to Beth for the grat Support for Skyrim!

    But what has happened to Ambient Occlusion with Skyrim 1.5?
    It seems to be gone in Dungeons and that is very sad.

  37. this patch kill my skyrim it won’t work with any amount of mods (it worked with 3)and my save games aren’t working from before the patch, this seriously needs sorted or skyrim will go down the toilet because none of the mods work after the patch, ty ya fools.

  38. That HD DLC Patch messed up a few things in the Game like Purple Objects and Very Bright Firewood, when will this get Fixed please.

  39. Please in the next update fix Revealing the Unseen. I went into the ruins and the guy leaning on the wall just sais generic phrases instead of dying and dropping a key.

  40. hey people of skyrim in a quest i accidentaly kill lod so now i cant get the daedric artifact……….AND¡ i sell the elder scroll so now i cant get the oghama infinitum please help me!!

  41. Getting a new bug since the patch. I’m playing on pc. I set hotkeys for my favorite weapons with the 1-9 keys. However, they only seeem to work a couple of times before the the hotkey is removed from the item. Seems to happen quicker if I have more than one of the item in my inventory.