Skyrim Roundup

In addition to our 1.5 update on Steam, here’s some notable Skyrim news from around the web.

The Christian Science Monitor recently visited Bethesda Game Studios to learn more about why people play videogames. The feature is worth a read for any gamer, and perfect to share with that family member that doesn’t understand your favorite past time. Here’s a quick excerpt:

“I was a latchkey kid,” remembers production director Ashley Cheng, 38. “When my grandmother came home, she’d feel the TV. If it was warm, that meant I was playing games – instead of practicing piano.”

In addition to Ashley, the article includes insights from Todd Howard, Matt Carafano, and Bruce Nesmith. Read the entire eight page feature here.

More stories from around the web…

Finally, in the player above, watch wrenthereaper’s Skyrim-inspired short (no pun intended) on IGN’s YouTube channel.

Reader Comments

  1. Hey Bethesda i have a good idea!
    Why you not hide randomly a Epic Umbra Sword in one of the 5000000 chests that the game have.
    It could be in the first chest or the last container you find! The ones who found this Sword will be called heros in the youtube xD
    The players will go Berserker to find the epic umbra!
    Simple and nice idea, please do that in the next DLC or patch xD
    The umbra must be good looking and epic 😀

    • I think in the lore Umbra is gone. Maybe put Goldbrand/Eltonbrand back in and hide it on the body of a unique blue Daedra that was done in by a massive hawk of some sort?

      • Umbra is gone? 🙁 hmm… maybe duskfang? Its a interesting weapon. I only want a mega challenge: search every chest/container/dead body to find a epic sword and in every new character the sword will be in a different chest. xD

  2. Fast travel is causing respawn of necromancers, wolves, bandits! someone more have this? I’m not using mods.
    In Witerun, the woman who sells vegetable, who has a daughter, the dialog of both are normal, but mother and daughter get stuck night and day at the same point, behind the store.

  3. I play video games cuz 10 years ago under moon and star, you jerks made me feel uberleet to the point of no return.

    I dig the media crossing with the Monitor and all, but it boils down to your product being simply ace. No studying needed. 🙂

    Consoles are super lurchhy, but we all sit and wait anyways lol but please don’t push that envelope any further.