Weekend update: Skyrim Workshop Collections and more

As the weekend winds down, here’s some Skyrim goodness from around the web.

Valve recent added a new feature, Collections, to the Skyrim Workshop. To learn more, read the Steam Workshop blog and give last week’s Bethesda Podcast a listen. Here’s a snippet from the former describing the new feature:

“Help expose the talent and craftsmanship found across the Steam Workshop by creating collections of mods or items that you feel work well together or to highlight content you think other people should pay attention to. Numerous artists and fans have already created quite a few collections of the incredible items submitted to the Workshop for Team Fortress 2. And PC Gamer was eager to jump in and put together a couple collections for Skyrim, highlighting their favorite Improvements and New Content.”
In other news, Gamespot continues their weekly feature highlighting Skyrim mods hosted on the Nexus and Workshop. In their 3/24 update (watch the video above), they highlight the following mods:
Finally, level designer Joel Burgess has posted his GDC 2012 talk on his personal blog. Titled Pursuing Elegance – Simplicity, Complexity, and Finding your Creative Process, the lengthy transcript is a great read for modders and prospective gamer designers. Here’s a quick sample…
“Layout is one of those things that universally is the purview of the level designer, anywhere you may go.  While the specifics of the job will vary greatly based on the studio and project, pacing and the sequence are always the concern of a level designer.  When we first approached Skyrim, we knew that there was one big layout problem we hoped to fix.”
That’s all for now. Have a great week.

Reader Comments

  1. If only I could avoid Nexus altogether. They run a tight ship, a bit too tight for me. I’m glad steam set up their own mod space.

  2. I’ll never support you silly corporations attempt to take over the modding scene. Right now there’s 3 games in development that will only support modding through steam, effectively killing off whatever mod community fans had built up on a 3rd party website, and on top of that, forcing users to install and use the biggest bloatware drm known to man – A.k.a. Steam.

    No. No. no. No.

    • The game already required Steam, regardless of whether or not you want to mod.

      Also, there are no restrictions on modding the game manually, regardless of the mod’s source. I don’t see how you could rationally consider that to be “killing” off the modding community, when all it’s doing is providing MORE framework for the community to develop.

      >silly corporations attempt to take over the modding scene

      “Take over” is now analogous for “support”?

  3. Yes please. We need the notes for the 17MB patch released on Steam on Monday. Just in case you guys at Bethesda don’t know, you can post the patch notes for each patch you release right on Steam itself. It’s very easy to do. Give it a look! Thanks!

  4. Whoa whoa whoa… Is this “collections” thing just a collection of links to mods that work well together, or all DL’d together?

    If the latter, that is a very bad idea. That’s become a major point of contention with FilePlanet, because they have absolutely no regard to permissions, credits, or version upkeep when they make “compilation” mods.

  5. If you read the permissions for the Workshop, ANYTHING you upload is their property and they can do anything they want with it. Why many are only using Nexus.

  6. @BDK

    BGS for one hasn’t disabled putting your mods in a 3rd party source. And I forget about Daggerfall but I know ever BGS games since Morrowind has had a dev kit available in full form so on that front BGS has always delivered. Four games counting, and I know Arena and Daggerfall have modding communities but if they also released tools for them.

    That means BGS has laid out support for editing and adding to six, yes 6 whole games since 1994 and even further back if previous titles also had mod support.

    If you have a beef with Steam blame Valve.

    Although I’m inclined to agree that I dislike both Valve and Steam and think their parasites. Give it a couple of years and people will wise up.

  7. i wonder if there will ever be an official magic focused DLC o.O.

    im on the console and magic just feels sucky…..

  8. Regarding the comment about layout…. to be honest I don’t think the layout of Skyrim levels is particularly good. Graphically impressive to be certain, but clearly not designed with combat strategy in mind. So many battles are too easy because map design and enemy placement is haphazard. The kind of satisfying difficulty that comes from smart and challenging design can’t be achieved with a difficulty slider.

  9. paranoid people about mods and steam. the game need more fixes than mods, a lot of mods are just more bugs.
    is amazing.. show rage to my friends with visual issues (nvidia and ps3 unstable textures and bizarre ragdolls stuck in the stairs and doors) and now Skyrim, with some animals flying, visual problems in the poligons… Bethesda put her name in serious troubles, a lot of prizes ok, but the evidence for the consumer now is about the Zenimax, she have the big houses, but with big bugs. i think a lot of users just lost the taste for id and bethesda.