Reader Comments

  1. So what happens if Valve loses? Do they remove Skyrim from the Steam database (or whatever) out of spite so no-one can play the game?

    It might be safer to just let Valve win. It’s like when you’re getting mugged, don’t argue with the guy with the gun! :O

  2. So long as you stated that any future free update would happen regardless of winning the Developer Showdown, its not technically against the rules to announce what you are working for on 1.6 then casually tell people to vote for you. XD

  3. Ooooh that’s going to hurt. As much as I love skyrim and have very littel feelings about Portal 2 (that’s what’s this is really about) I don’t think you can clinch this. The support for Valve and Portal is absolutely massive.
    I hope you do win, but it would come as a nice surprise.

  4. Of that bunch? All of them are commercially known and bolstered names off legacies.

    The only continual one that still has potential and makes semi-great products, whether their truly RPGs or not, is BGS.

    So I voted I’d probably pick Bethesda.

    But if they has truly good/ex studios I’d throw in Looking Glass, perhaps Rational, or definitely the defunct Black Isle.

  5. I think Bioware would normally be my pick, but with all this ME3 business, and starting up a subscription MMO… gotta go with the Beth-dog.

  6. Will clearing skyrims game data then redownloading the update fix the water freezing problem for ps3 or, will I need to keep it clear until you release another update to fix the problem and if this is the case, what is the eta of the fix?