Incremental PC Update Live on Steam

The most recent beta update, 1.5.26, is now live for all users on Steam. The update adds upon the fixes introduced in 1.5.


  • Fixed issue with frequency of first person kill cameras
  • Underwater effects now display properly
  • Fixed crash when loading certain plugins (PC Only)
  • Fixed issue where sun would not appear properly after fast travel

As an update for folks playing on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the 1.5 update you’ll receive has been submitted to the console manufacturers. Once we know the live dates for PSN and Xbox LIVE, we’ll share more information.

Reader Comments

  1. Hmm why is my framerate extemely low since 1.5? i used to have arround 55fps everywhere as max and arround 43 as my lowest, now i am hitting 16 as my lowest and 31 as my higest fps, havent done a thing different of drivers and stuff.

  2. Agree with Dingus, one of the most annoying things since day 1 of release, i been asking kindly to Beth to fix that issue each time a new Patch is posted in the blog.

  3. Yes, please make the dialog picker see the first mouse click. I always have to click twice. Very annoying, but I got used to it…

  4. Congratulations and thanks Bethesda on another glorious patch release exploding in cascading colors of pulsing lights and nonstop emotion electrifying immersion making our minds scream WE ARE IN SKYRIM!!! AGGHHH! THE SKEEVERS ARE RABID!

  5. What exactly do you mean by some plugins? Does this fix issues with mods like Detailed Cities? Also, do underwater effects work with Pure Waters now? And finally, any fixes for navmesh and large static bugs in esps?

  6. There was some, unusual shadow glitch introduced with 1.5.

    It seems to pop up after extended play, or after alt-tabbing (PC version).

    The glitch is shadows will stop displaying on world items properly. While the player is out in the open, the world will have no shadows. However, if the player walks into a shadowed area, the entire screen will darken. If they walk under a tree, the tree’s shadow will appear over the entire screen.

    Exiting the game and restarting fixes the glitch.

    • Not for me. The shadows for me are always glitched, restarting doesn’t fix, nor reinstalling. It also has these weird criss-crossed lines that appear in the center of the screen when the shadows flicker.

      Any help on the horizon?

  7. Apparently there are also two more new bugs worth mentioning. While using a battle axe, my character frequently acts as if it is going into a kill scene animation, only to freeze up immobile while the intended victim gets to swing for around 5 seconds. Also, one out of every ten (average) human and elf opponents my character kills gets back up, goes into a combat stance and walks in place, dead, while their corpses are being looted.

  8. “The update adds upon the fixes introduced in 1.5.”

    Nicely spun… And well done, BTW. Issues seem to have disappeared.

    Now, repeat after me… Beta’s are for testing and gathering information. And, listening. Most important, the listening bit.

  9. Nothing terrible here, just some bizarre things.
    – fast travel, cause the appearance of bandits and monsters. is quite fun, but the npcs in the stables are totaly open to die.
    – some npcs in the market of witerun, appear stuck close to their shops. the option to buy stuff, ok.
    – the giants have some problems after the dead, you see some vertices of the model, in the hands, not linked to the bones i think, causing a poligonal elevation close to the fingers. is just ugly, not a “bug”.

    note: underwater is amazing, please dont clean too much to cause a pool effect.

    • well, with a saved game (as opposed to new game) and ati hd 6970 windows 7 driver 12.2 it is still just just thick green soup, so it it is rather a jelly pool atm 😉

      • The water use in the scenario is more for decorations, some fish for food (food in skyrim is a life/stamina really unfinished). We do not have something like exploring a wide area submerged. The bad before the update, underwater is lifeless, so i liked the update in this area. But I agree that the field of view becomes somewhat green. Anyway, underwater do not offer to much to do, i think have a ship in the ocean floor, but nothing special inside. Considering the ocean close to the College of Winterhold, there is a good space for adventures to put in there, underwater.

        • 2 thief’s guild quests and some misc quests involve underwater areas, also there isome underwater loot stashed in various dungeons / outdoors areas – all useless atm unless i use the tcl console command 🙁

          • I know, but the point with a lot of water (the eye) without causing spoilers… is not an entire underwater area. But I agree that a less dense fog in the effect of the new water would help. if i´m right with the type of effect.

  10. Gstaff –
    Will the 1.5 patch for consoles contain the fixes in the 1.5.26 update, or will we get the 1.5.26 following the 1.5?
    the reason I am asking, is because I have been giving some thought as to the possibility of 1.5 being delayed so that the fixes can be merged into 1.5 for consoles.

    Any truth to that, or are we just still waiting for the bare 1.5?

  11. The new update has caused problems in the main quest.
    (Alduin’s Wall) the first problem. All dialog text too
    fast with the old man, and he do not open the door.
    Happens with 1.5.26

  12. Please put the game back how it was before 1.5. Shadows have gone, replaced by crazy random patches of light and dark that flicker on and off in a really annoying manner. I can’t play it like this.

  13. GSTAFF, when is the Nirnroot glow stacking and the textures no longer loading correctly post 1.4 going to be addressed in a patch?

    These have been reported many times in your own forums, but have been ignored.

  14. i really with tht the update would come out soon i have been waiting since it was posted up for the xbox 360 come on what are you waiting for christmas lol jk

  15. The CK is broken in many things but one thing is preventing me to upload my mod on steam and I dunno why , it keeps telling unable to write to cloud no matter what , plus the CK creates a not working BSA file that causes item parts to disappear , my mod is like 200 mb of custom made textures and models , but seems only some of them do appear while others not …

  16. damn were coming up on the 3rd week now since its been submitted to sony and microsoft. why do they have to take so friggin long?

  17. What i want to know is, why doesent Bethesda take Fan Patches and join them with an Official Patch, instead of making a Patch that is the same as the Fan Patch, just take the Fan Patch and give it to the PS3/XBOX guys and keep Patching the Game, even the Unofficial Skyrim Patch has More Fixes then Bethesda could ever fix and bring, the more Fans Fix, the more Bethesda Breaks.

    • Perhaps legal reasons? Or just good old-fashioned stupidity. The fan patch literally fixes every bug I’ve found in my 120hr playthrough. They should get to work letting console owners benefit from this instead of shoe-horning pointless new features in.

    • Please, please stop blaming Bethesda for this.
      Repeat after me: The. Console. Makers. Do. Not. Allow. Fan. Made. Content.
      Good, now say it again.
      Every day I see people asking Why does Beth not give consoles mods? Why not Fan Patches? Why does PC get so much more?
      It isn’t Bethesda. Console makers simply do not allow fan made content. And whether you like it or not, your console does not have the power to run the tool set, nor many of the mods we use it to create.

  18. Hey Gstaff?

    There’s any chance that the development guys could fix the reanimate archetype effect?

    It’s broken:

    Sure it creates a zombie out of a corpse, but makes impossible for you to activate dialogues (even by forcing dialogue and trying to remove activation block) or work with quests, aliases and many other standard-issue CK things!

    There’s any chance that the developers could go back on that hardcoded stuff and have it work in a way coherent with all the things which make up the CK (quests, aliases, dialogues, etc…)??

  19. Would be possible, in the gameplay options menu, control the respawn time of dungeons (castles, caves, abandoned houses, towers)?
    There are mods for this, but I had problems with respawn within cities, and items appearing inside other items.
    Maybe something native from the tech team.

  20. Skyrim is so great, but so devoid of social and economic life. I hoped the attitude during the game, for example, killed the leader of the bandits on the road between Whiterun and Riften, now you see different people visiting both cities, and a variety of change in the amount of cash and products available in the market in each city, until the bandits return to attack the roads again. Enemies are essential for a good fight and level, but always the same murderers or thieves… little been done to the size of the territory. Would be great to see the city having connection via currency, products and rescue missions.

  21. 1.526, and I still have pea soup for underwater. Prior to that, I could actually see underwater. Now I have to find underwater stairs totally blind. 😛

    Shadows are also fubar. Riding through the wilderness is giving me odd polygons on a consistent basis, whereas before it was once in a blue moon.


  22. Hey I’ve been encountering this bug where when ever i walk under a piece of scenery, like a tree or a canopy, the lighting gets messed up and the whole world goes dark, then when i walkout, it’s bright as hell and there are no shadows. This only started happening when i installed 1.5, and it’s making the game unplayable. Any word on a fix/patch? I’m running the game on a mid-low end PC and I set the graphics to almost bare minimum to remove lag. Help? Anyone?