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  1. the problem with hoarding for me is that, especially now with skyrim, its hard to go through everything in the menu when you want to find something. was easier with oblivion.

    another issue is that there isnt more space to display things, like all my dibella statues. things dont always stay where i put them.

    • in case you have the pc version, please use the dragon souls -> perks mod – dragon ingrediant alchemy and more weapon mods / integration into official dlc would be nice though 😉

  2. I know that totally escapes the blog. but congratulations to Mr. John Carmack! reinforcing their ignorance, in criticizing the time of the planet! another ignorant millionaire contributing to corrupt positive attitudes, that not going to cost anything.

    @ID_AA_Carmack: I’m going to turn on every damn light in protest of Earth Hour. Lighting the darkness is fundamental to humanity’s climb.

    I hate the presence of those guys with Bethesda, they are extremely bad culture!

    • Actually, lighting the darkness interferes with the work of astronomical science, and so conflicts with humanity’s literal vertical rise.

    • They actually do something. Bethesda just forgot to make the effects visible in any way. The potion permanently gives you a perk that reduces the melee damage you receive from dragons by 25%.

      • I was under the impression they’d simply not linked the perk to the potion, ergo no effect – the wiki seems to agree. Can anyone shed some light on this? The construction kit isn’t being very co-operative for me.

        • Ah there we go, finally got it working. The perk isn’t linked, so the potion literally does nothing – as well as the quest getting stuck in the quest log.

          Not cool for my PS3 character, who already drank it. Guess he won’t get the perk even if they do fix it.