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  1. Eventually, Bethesda wont be able to make a profit from this anymore. Because everyone will already own Oblivion and Fallout 3.

    • Clearly you didn’t notice that these are the vanilla versions of the game. Just wait for the Game of the Year version of the same bundle this time next year =P

  2. I hope this is not the “big announcement” they were teasing on twitter.

    How about finally throwing some skyrim dlc out there?

    I am running out of things to do in skyrim.

  3. We are still waiting for Patches and the DLC on Skyrim, yet they still go on about 7 Year Old Games that isent even fixed witch you need to go get hundreds of Mods just to make the Games enjoyable.

    Could you guys please stop poking us with a stick with Dollar Signs in your Eyes and Fix Skyrim, thank you.

  4. This is the sad reality .. Fallout3 and Oblivion = BUG games. Bethesda needs money, the company focus is not quality, is quantity.. like always build huge worlds with short quests, is always quantity. But anyways, i have all this crap on Steam.

    • Surely you jest. Bethesda is not starving for cash by any stretch. Not after the insane sales they had for Skyrim.

      I think this bundle is cool, though I think it would have been far better if they had been GOTY editions instead, with ALL of the DLCs included in each.

    • They said in the earlier announcement post that Sony is not allowing them to release the pack for PS3. They said they’d like to though, and will if Sony changes it’s mind. I’d like to know myself if they’ve made any progress convincing Sony, because I’d love to get it!

    • I think Sony is finally tired of putting up with Bethesda and their broken games. Not to mention the refunds they had to hand out due to the broken DLC for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

      I also believe that Sony is getting tired of game producers releasing broken games, refusing to fix them, yet still happily taking money for the (broken) DLC. Good on Sony for taking this stand for its customers.

      Shame on Bethesda for the way they have treated PS3 users.

  5. Users complain too much. I played Oblivion and Fallout 3 as hell! there are some problems, yes, but nothing to cause a impossible to play situation!
    The same argument about impossible to play occur in Skyrim, is a lot of exageration! my gameplay from november (backup, no mods) works very good after so much time and updates. Some problems, yes, but nothing to cause the armageddon. This multiplataform life is a hell for developers.

    • “nothing to cause a impossible to play situation”

      So a game completely freezing after 30 seconds is still playable? Not in my book.

      Sorry, in re-reading your post I saw some clues that you don’t play on a PS3 system. Xbox and PC players are fine with Bethesda. It’s the PS3 users that get hosed.

  6. The reason why they are not releasing the pack for PS3 is because they didn’t por Oblivion to PS3. Obsidian did, so they have the rights for PS3 copy.

    • Obsidian didn’t port oblivion to PS3, 2k games did. Obsidian didn’t have anything to do with oblivion at all. Furthermore, they aren’t at publisher, but at game developer.

  7. IF they make a version of Fallout 3 GOTY Edition that works on Windows 7, I will buy it. Until then I have to figure out how to run Vista on a separate hard drive for Fallout 3.

  8. Todd Howard WHY?? do you remember “Daggerfall” when the big city’s had more than 20 citizens? do you remember “Morrowind” when TES have more GAME than COSMETICS? WHY TODD HOWARD?
    Turn a good action-rpg in a damn shooter! TES now is Call of Warrior, Call of Wizard, The Arma of Scrolls… poor story, poor animations, poor npcs, poor dungeons… WHY??? WHY!!!

  9. What’s the point of rereleasing VANILLA versions of games that belong to franchises that have newer installments? Can somebody explain? Anybody?