QUAKE 4 returns to Xbox 360

If you didn’t pick up an Xbox 360 at launch, it’s possible you might have missed out on one of the system’s best launch titles, QUAKE 4. With it becoming harder and harder to find a new copy of the game, we’re happy to announce we’re re-releasing to retail at a low price of $19.99.

360 players can unleash their inner Strogg on Tuesday, June 19th in North America. In Europe, the game will be arriving in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Benelux territories.

Playing on Steam? Quake 4 is already available here.

Reader Comments

  1. Ahhh, this game was lots of fun when it first came out. I got the achievement for breaking top 10 on the leaderboards. Good times.

  2. I have the old version, but (no duh) it is extremely outdated now. Will the re-release inlude an updated game engine? Also, will someone playing the id Software/Raven version of the game be able to play with someone on the Bethesda version?

    • Matter of opinion, I thought Quake 4 was the only interesting one… however, it should be an updated (graphics?) copy for sale.

  3. $20? You can find this on PawnStop’s shelves for $4.99.

    Should take a fine comb to the Xbox Q4 code, and give it a little facelift & non-stuttering framerate.
    Oh, and while you’re at it Bethesda/Id, how about fixing & patching Quake Arena Arcade too? You kinda left that one to rot from issues…not a good way to treat your franchises.

  4. I picked this game up at launch and while not a bad game, it had some awful framerate issues. It got to the point where during the last few levels it got worse and worse, and at the final bossfight the game slowed down so far (1 to 3 fps) it began to crash. I had to fight the game to finally let it finish. And I beat this well after (over a year) launch. Considering you are relaunching this, I really hope you guys address some of the issues here with this game, cause I know I’m not the only one who has had problems.

  5. Why would you re-release a game and NOT release it on the PS3. I’m a huge fan of Quake and to see this come out (again) for the 360 and not once on the PS3 is entirely disappointing. >:/

  6. Would it possible to reset the leaderboards with this release. Currently it takes 1.3 million + points to top the leaderboard for the number one achievement. I will admit to being an achievement hunter and I want to 1k Quake 4; I just don’t want to mindlessly boost this game to do so. Please reset the leaderboards; it would be of great help not only to me but quite a few of my friends.

    GT KillerBEA107

  7. If you guys addressed the horrid framerate, I would re-buy this in an instant. Without at the very least making it playable, what is the real reason to re-release it? There are far superior FPS out there, so please Bethesda, fix at least the framerate.

  8. How about just resetting the stinkin multiplayer ranks every once in a while so that it is humanly possible to finish the game without resorting to running a three/four xbox scam to game the system?

  9. Still want to get this game on PC, it’s old and all, but just haven’t played it and want to… On Steam it is also 20 Euro, and I’m so not paying that much for such an old game, no offense, Bethesda. :/

  10. “One of the system’s best launch titles.” Really? Quake 4 for the Xbox 360 was not a very well made port of the PC version. The game has a tendency to slow down during combat, especially when playing on a widescreen display. And the game itself, while pretty enjoyable, is fairly forgettable as well.

    Like MrShultz said, if you’re going to re-release this game you should first crack open the code and fix the frame rate issues.

  11. Loved QUAKE 4 for the pc which had plenty of the horrifying techno nightmare ambience of QUAKE 2. The ending was also really satisfying with plenty of hints to a sequal.

      • Quake 4 is not a good game indeed. BUT! i think Hell speak about the BLOOD factor, not about the best game ever made. There a massive carnage between marines and stroggs, way beyond quake 2.

        • Yea there is no best game ever made just better. The Elderscrolls and Fallout 3 come mighty close though and for ME they are perfect.

          Quake 4 has alot of things i liked besides the mass military carnage on both sides which added to the ambience and immersion factor. The puzzles were great and at times had me stomped like a forehead to the desk. The bosses had just the right amount of brutal toughness to get me to acttack full throttle in terror of being killed. The lighting was comfortable allowing me to enjoy the futuristic nightmare mood with all its hardcore graphics. Gee am starting to get in the mood to play again 😀

          • I still prefer the concept of parallel dimension found in Quake. When they made ​​the thing as Starship Troopers (Quake 2 and 4) it was interesting, but lost that parallel universe. I like the nightmare visuals, the demonic shock visual (Claustrobopholis level for exemple, my favorite)searching for a slipgate to get out this Lovecraft´s world.
            This necessity to put history in every single step inside a shooter.. what hell this world became.

  12. Can’t wait! Missed out on this the first time it was released.
    I prefer to buy games new, so it was never an option to pick up a used copy that by now is about 4-5 years old.