Kinect Support Coming to Skyrim

Fully knowing that you can’t get enough of your favorite dragon shouts, we’re pleased to announce that Kinect for Xbox 360  support is coming to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Available for free as a title update slated for release this month, Skyrim Kinect for Xbox 360 Support will feature more than 200 Voice Commands… including the game’s dragon shouts.

In addition to Dragon Shouts, the Kinect for Xbox 360 integration offers voice commands throughout the game including Hotkey Equipping, Follower Commands, and all Menus (Items, Magic, Map, Barter, Container, Favorites, and Skills). With Voice Commands, quickly create and load saves during gameplay and access menus and inventories. Skyrim’s Kinect for Xbox 360 Support also adds new functionality including special map functions, additional hotkey options, and the ability to sort inventory items by name, weight, and value.

To get an early look at Kinect for Xbox 360  support, watch the video above featuring programmer Ricardo Gonzalez, who put together the preliminary concept for Kinect for Xbox 360 Support during the Skyrim Game Jam.

A full list of Voice Commands will be revealed in the coming weeks, and we’ve got more Skyrim news coming. Bethesda Game Studios has been hard at work on creating the first set of game add-ons that will be exclusive to the Xbox 360. This additional content will add new quests, locations, features, and much more to the world of Skyrim. Stay tuned for more details.

Reader Comments

    • The problem with this is the voice recognition and libraries are built into the kinect software owned by Microsoft. That is one of the reasons me3 used it on Xbox because the relative cost to implement was really low since they did not have to do major development on that side of the house.

    • If only it was that easy.
      The thing is, Kinect has built in voice recognition, while PCs do not. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when you tell kinect a command. PCs CAN do it, but as you probably know it requires special software.
      Beth would either have to build their own for the game, or license it from a third party.
      Windows 7 does have built in voice recognition however, so maybe Windows 7 users will get it someday.

  1. I guess this is the reason we haven’t had any news on any dlc. Great… This better not have been the “exciting” news we were promised a few weeks ago.

  2. I sure hope you mean these new add-ons are appearing on the xbox 360 exclusively for a month like was said last year, not exclusively for good.

  3. My Kinect now has a use in life, now instead of being a dusty tv ornament that is never used now i can shout FUS RO DAH! all day long!

    • we are trying but the hardware on PS3 is less powerful then Xbox so the only way to reduce lag on PS3 would be to reduce the graphics.

      -Todd Howard

          • I must say, even after Googling it, I don’t understand what you’re saying…

            Are you saying that Bethesda is working with Microsoft to extend features not supported by competing products?

            If so, I wouldn’t worry. Bethesda has a deal with Microsoft to release things first to the Xbox 360, then the other platforms. This is because Bethesda gains money by doing this, as Microsoft is paying. Maybe we’ll see some similar features for the PS3 and maybe even the PC in the future – who knows?

          • I’m saying that Beth is being ensnared by the Extend.

            Before long, it may be two months exclusivity. And then eventually they say “permanent exclusivity or we don’t let you publish on the ‘Box”.

            Corporate bullying like that is exactly what “Embrace Extend Exterminate” is.

      • mmmm… you have the same disease as me!
        mmm.. doom 4 uses kinect too, but the innovation is a change in the command, my code only recognises farts.

      • Not sure I see how that policy applies here. EEE requires that Microsoft be the one doing all 3, and in this case Bethesda is the one extending. Could be argued they’re also the ones embracing, but in any case, nobody is getting exterminated over it.

  4. “Bethesda Game Studios has been hard at work on creating the first set of game add-ons that will be…

    [[[[[[[[[[[[[exclusive to the Xbox 360]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    Can you please clarify if this is for the first month or for good. I dont fancy quests and ingame content being exclusive to one platform for good.

  5. Please bring Kinect features to PC. I have skyrim on PC, I’d love to use this on my PC version of Skyrim with my Kinect.

  6. I know,Just asking and wondering right now,will it take a while for us to get a DLC announcment?Expansion announcment? And was this the suprise and news you guys were talking about?

  7. This title update MUST be an optional download. The game has enough bugs as it is, and I don’t want to be forced to introduce more via a title update for a device I do not have and do not want. Thanks.

  8. @gstaff: Yeah, but the text above makes it sound like they will only be released on 360. You want to put a “will release first” in there.

    And like already mentioned. The voice command should find their way onto the PC – and not through community mods (like the one that is already available).
    Wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen though, since it is probably pretty easy to do with the Kinect API but not without any 3rd party application on the PC (which could cause licensing costs etc.)

      • but will this be implemented with PS Move??? also i would love to see some keyboard and mouse support for console, especially allowing the developer console on consoles.

      • exclusive all i here is you like microsoft more then your fans i thought you guys new better please stop all this exclusive bs it does not look good for you in the long run.
        treat everyone equally come on 🙁

      • As noted before, the first two add-on content drops for Skyrim will be releasing exclusively on Xbox 360 before it’s available anywhere else.

        • Which is good. Given Bethesda’s track record, that makes the XBOX sort of a Beta test. When a company is completely incapable of releasing games and DLC without bugs – as Bethesda is – giving it to the XBOX for a month means they can test it out and help others avoid the now-inevitable bugs that we all know will be present in the DLC. So yeah, thanks XBOX players, for testing the DLC for a month so us PC gamers – and the PS3 folks – can avoid many of the bugs you will experience. I’m not envious of you; I pity you.

        • This was a really terrible decision. Its been 6 months and the first dlc has not even released yet, does this mean us pc gamers will be waiting a year to get anything?

  9. Hi,dont have kinect.Will voice support be available with the packaged headset.It would be strange as almost everyone with Skyrim on 360 has headset,but not everyone would have kinnect.

  10. Is that the big expansions you were talking about

    “A full list of Voice Commands will be revealed in the coming weeks, and we’ve got more Skyrim news coming. Bethesda Game Studios has been hard at work on creating the first set of game add-ons that will be exclusive to the Xbox 360. This additional content will add new quests, locations, features, and much more to the world of Skyrim. Stay tuned for more details.”

    Or is it a mini DLC that we get in meanwhile we are waiting for the big expansion?

  11. Can we please get some real dlc content soon?

    I have done everything in the core game and WANT a new adventure.

    There is only so many times I can play fetch on a radiant quest.

    • Sounds like new quests are coming in an upcoming update. I’m curious to see if they add new quests into the existing world, or entirely new areas for questing.

  12. The Game is still Slowly being Patched and Quart way fixed, when can we expect the Actual DLC since i would suspect the GOTY will come in November if Bethesda takes so Slow on the Game.

  13. Wouldn’t Kinect support be some kind of motion? On the 360 why won’t voice commands work if you have the headset but no Kinect? On PS3 why no voice commands with a bluetooth headset? On PC why no voice commands with mic? Yelling at a game is really not my thing but I don’t get why voice commands = Kinect. In my mind (correct or not) Kinect = motion controls.

    • Don’t forget there is Kinect for windows now!

      Us PC people would like to play shout “FUS RO DAH!!” at our monitors and have our wives shout as us for waking up the baby! LOL

      Well I suppose us PC people have been spoilt with the HD Textures and Steam Workshops for all this time. 😉

      I don’t quite understand why this has to be a Kinect and not a microphone headset. Though it will be cool when motion control to weapons and spells comes out (just my little prediction there).

      Hey I was just thinking of getting a 3D Projector to go with my nVida 3D glasses……. with kinect control and no game pad…….. holy cow…. I am close to VR….. in TES!!!! Oh please let that come true! LOL…. wow you really are plugging into my inner geek here! ha!

    • The reason is that there is not software from Bethesda integrated in Skyrim that is able to understand and interpret words. The speech regonition is done by Kinect alone. Kinect then tells the game what to do. So if you you want to use this on PC, PS3 or Xbox without Kinect you would have to write a software that is able to understand this commands and interpret them.

    • The Kinect is the device which is actually recognising the voice commands. A simple microphone isn’t enough. Kinect takes the sound and deciphers it into English words that the game can then recognise.

      • Correct.

        Hate to answer this question again….

        Headset only collects sound. Some other things (program, or hardware) is required to convert the sound into English words.

        For other games like Binary Domain, it’s program.

        For Skyrim and Mass Effect3, it’s Kinect.

        Program requires money (either the Developer spends time to write it by themselves, or buy 3rd party program). But Kinect is free (I guess?) and ready for developer to use. And MS will maintain the conversion quality, by continuous system update.

        So, Kinect is certainly not the only way to do Voice Conrol, but it’s an convenient and cheap way (from developer’s perspective).

      • i am pretty sure that is only software, google’s voice recognition can also do that on any android.

      • For PC this could be solved. You just need a voice recognition software that will either integrate into the game or emulate kinect output.

  14. Is there a reason WHY you folks insist on releasing 360 exclusive content? It doesn’t really make the 360 owners any more grateful to you than they would be with a multi-platform release, and it DOES get the owners of other platforms upset with you.

    So, rather than make your whole fanbase happy with you, you seem to prefer to just make PART of it happy, and irritate the rest of it. It really seems counter-intuitive to me.

    I apologize if this sounds confrontational. I AM annoyed because I’m a PC gamer, but I also am honestly confused. I really don’t see the benefit to anyone in doing releases this way.

    • I think the way it works is that xbox paid them to get the content first, so its not that they insist on it it’s more of a business deal.

    • Madcat6204- Microsoft and Sony both pays companies to provide early or exclusive content. I guess the issue on the PC is there is no one company that could pay for that privilege. Perhaps Valve might pay to have content hit Steam first, but I don’t know how much value would be in that for Valve.

      While I am sure that isn’t the answer you are looking for, PC owners get console commands, the Creation Engine, MODS, and first dibs on all patches. It isn’t like PC owners are being deprived and treated poorly.

    • Well with 360 user’s should in some way get a little progress, since you as a pc gamer get to mess with mods and we dont. Cheer up, you get to do way more than 360 user’s.

    • This was a cool feature that no other system COULD support, because it uses the Kinect hardware to recognize the voice commands. If you’ve been following, the groundwork for it was already made by a lone employee during their “mod week”, so it’s not even like they had a team focusing on this, just to aggravate PC gamers.

      • there is software that can detect words such as google’s voice recognition, it does NOT require kinect.

        us PS3 users are always left in the dark, we get stuff later than PC and 360 and get no benefits at all.

  15. I made a comment on the 1.5 update blog, about giving us more perk points through dragon souls, but my comment is no where to be found anyways this is great guys please keep giving us great updates like these, i know not many people say it, but us fans really do appreciate the free content in these updates in a time when most companys are looking to squeeze the life out of gamers pockets.

  16. My PS3 game wont work with the new patch. Crashes every time my character enters any water. I’m hoping it get’s fixed sooner then later.

    • Go into the Game Data folder in the Playstation 3 main menu and delete both Game Data files. Once these redownload, the issue should be resolved.

  17. First i enjoy this game very much spent sofar 350 hours into it.

    It has been six months since rls and its great that ya add new features like killcam and this.
    But please can put in more work in bug fixing before addin this extra stuff. On your own forum there is x360-bug-report-topic-v3 that list is very long. Im not saying that everything must be fix but there is still alot of quests thats need to be fixed.

    I dont wanna play this game paranoid that i will endup having to replay 100 hour because of an quest that got broken from some thing i did earlyier in the game . Im 36 years old and free time to spend on this game aint that easy.
    Best regards from Sweden /Tomas

  18. GSTAFF, when is the Nirnroot glow stacking and the textures no longer loading correctly post 1.4 going to be addressed in a patch? 

    These have been reported many times in your own forums, but have been ignored. 

    Please fix the game before adding on more features.

    • Like other issues reported in the forums… we’ve relayed feedback to our development team.

      Any changes made will be included in release notes for future updates

      • “..and the ability to sort inventory items by name, weight, and value.”
        Will this be available for Xbox players without kinect too? I know mods for PC have done it.

      • It’s insulting to read about forthcoming DLC when the game itself is still so unfinished. How about fixing your last mess before selling us another one? The game’s been out 5 months and there’s still countless broken questlines, game-breaking bugs etc. It’s only the PC community that have anything approaching a finished product – because they fixed it themselves! Why Bethesda themselves can’t manage that is beyond me.

    • Sometimes Fixing even a small bug can create 100 more bugs big or small and finding a way around this can be a huge problem, They are probably just trying to find a way around breaking there game… p.s. that wasn’t meant to sound mean or trollish sorry.

  19. Huh.. so years of testing, development, features, and community input on multiple Elder Scrolls games. Skyrim mods, and enhancements done by kids in their basement, that make this game shine and give it huge amounts of polish. Followers won’t get out of my way, mechanics remain the same from Oblivion after years of input… And the first big official release/enhancement from Bethesda makes me scream at my TV and scare the cat. ……………..SERIOUSLY??????

  20. Its a sad day when PC users complain about not being first in line for content drops when they have full access to mods. As for the complaints about a “broken” experience on PS3 I really cant comment about that. I can say that the 360 has never had user information stolen en masse. I, for one, cannot wait until this new content goes live on the good ole Xbox because Ive got a character I’ve worked my butt off on without the use of console commands or using bugs to boost. I applaud Bethesda for all of their hard work on Skyrim and I look forward to any and all new, EXCLUSIVE, content releases on the 360.

  21. This is all well and good (as in, it actually makes good use of the Kinect), but how many hardcore gamers actually bought a Kinect? None of the exclusives released so far have been worthwhile (with the exception of the Gunstringer, maybe), and it’s an expensive bit of tech if all you’re going to use it for is “enhancing” primarily controller-based games like Skyrim, GRFS, Steel Batallion, etc. Please just get moving on those expansions, Bethesda :p

  22. So to establish clarity here. The additional quests, content, additions, including voice commands (whether they be for PC Kinect, Microphones, or however the PS3 will interact with system if possible) will be released to ALL PLATFORMS, but for now will only be exclusive to the 360 (as stated) for a month or so. Is this statement accurate?

  23. How come out of all the awesome things you could of done from the Game Jam, you had to chose kinect? You could of been taking this time to implement spears, horse combat, follower commands etc, etc. I wonder how much money microsoft paid for this. So instead lets appeal to a minority group of gamers.

    Seriously who is going to be yelling silly phrases at their screen when you can press a button that will do it in a shorter period of time or lets not forget the fact you shouldn’t even need a kinect to do this. Any headset should work. Ever heard of Frontline? The game has voice features and guess what, doesn’t need a kinect.

    It’s pretty obvious microsoft’s wallet played a part in this. You dropped the ball on this one.