Kinect Support Coming to Skyrim

Fully knowing that you can’t get enough of your favorite dragon shouts, we’re pleased to announce that Kinect for Xbox 360  support is coming to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Available for free as a title update slated for release this month, Skyrim Kinect for Xbox 360 Support will feature more than 200 Voice Commands… including the game’s dragon shouts.

In addition to Dragon Shouts, the Kinect for Xbox 360 integration offers voice commands throughout the game including Hotkey Equipping, Follower Commands, and all Menus (Items, Magic, Map, Barter, Container, Favorites, and Skills). With Voice Commands, quickly create and load saves during gameplay and access menus and inventories. Skyrim’s Kinect for Xbox 360 Support also adds new functionality including special map functions, additional hotkey options, and the ability to sort inventory items by name, weight, and value.

To get an early look at Kinect for Xbox 360  support, watch the video above featuring programmer Ricardo Gonzalez, who put together the preliminary concept for Kinect for Xbox 360 Support during the Skyrim Game Jam.

A full list of Voice Commands will be revealed in the coming weeks, and we’ve got more Skyrim news coming. Bethesda Game Studios has been hard at work on creating the first set of game add-ons that will be exclusive to the Xbox 360. This additional content will add new quests, locations, features, and much more to the world of Skyrim. Stay tuned for more details.

Reader Comments

  1. I have just one question…why won’t y’all just tell us is Morrowind going to be on the dlc?
    Please tell me now I for one cannot wait any longer I love Morrowind and I really need to know this!

    • They couldn’t do a Morrowind DLC for obvious reasons. If you talk to any Dark Elf in Skyrim they tell you that Red Mountain has erupted leaving the land desolate and hospitable. You couldn’t go back there unless Bethesda did some kind of air treatment quest or something. Second, Morrowind is too big of a structured piece of land to put into a simple DLC. It would require just making a whole new game as an add-on. Meaning another disc that you’d have to install like with Shivering Isles, only bigger. It would be more a waste of a DLC and repetitive since we’re already been to Morrowind, why go back? Bethesda has already hinted at possibly an island DLC like Shivering Isles, but no it won’t be Sheogorath’s realm. We’ve already done that as well, so why go back? If anything a DLC for what happens after Alduin would make more sense. Or possibly a DLC for what happened to the Dwemers. Something that has yet to be explained in detail or explored.

  2. Can someone kindly answer this for me, why on earth can Kinect sense a voice function when a normal headset cant? It can on other games like End war… because I thought a voice command would go to the game and read it and give a response, not an additional hardware piece…

    • Microphone/headset only collects sound. Some other things (program or hardware) is required to convert the sound into meaningful English words.

      For other games like Binary Domain, it’s in-game program.

      For Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, it’s Kinect.

      In-game program means developer need to spend more money. They either spend time to write it by themselves, or buy 3rd-party program.

      But Kinect is free (or very cheap?) and ready for developer to use.

      And MS will maintain/improve the conversion quality, by xbox system update. That makes one less thing for developer to worry.

      So, Kinect is of course not the only way to do Voice Control, but it’s an convenient and cheap way (from developer’s perspective).

    • Because a mic records soundwaves to be transmitted to other xbox live players, a kinect records and recognizes commands and make X thing happen in game.

  3. Now if voice commands would be available from the headset as well that would be something. I don’t feel like dropping another £130 for a kinect…

  4. Yo dawg, I herd you like dragon shouts. So Bethesda put Kinect support in your Skyrim so you can dragon shout, while you dragon shout!

  5. Thanks for being like Activision and selling out Bethesda, you guys have lost my respect. There is no point in timed dlc other than to p*** people off and start console/pc wars.

  6. You know, I see this entry, marking the second feature of that video to be implemented, and then I think that the seasonal foliage feature should be next, since it wasn’t with this update, oh well, mods have had voice activated shouts on skyrim pc for months.

  7. I like the whole kinect commands, but it’s just not what was needed to state as of the first real news of the dlc maybe it should had been more like locations.

    Morrowind plz reply Beth I still have a lot of respect for y’all!

    • This isn’t dlc its gonna come in a patch and if read the last paragraph it will answer your question mostly, as for Morrowind we have to wait and see.

  8. Wow, great additions. The only thing I am really hoping for is that the enhanced inventory sorting is made available for everyone, even if just using a controller.

  9. Whats the release date for this and creation kit? That would be helpful. And if this is as good as it sounds, they are going to make a huge hit, sinking “battleships” of other games …for sure

  10. Dear Bethesda,

    Will you kindly answer my one question reguarding this post about Skyrim Kinect Support?

    1. What is the date that this Kinect Support is coming out? OR what is the closest guess to when this Kinect Support will come out for this game?

    I know in this article you said this month, BUT WHEN I ASK??

  11. Will future DLC include new options for The Bonds of Matrimony Side Quest? Perhaps Jarl Elisif the Fair or Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, depending which side you joined in the Civil War Quests.

    Another idea for DLC is a quest where a new High King or High Queen is chosen. Maybe with the Dovakin being able to throw their “helmet” into the ring. Just a thought.

  12. Kinect Support?

    And Fast ride or sprint cause CRASH TO DESKTOP.
    I WANT A PATCH LIKE the one!
    It was the best optimization… do you know that?
    I hate you for these patches! = bad = bad too = works fine = bad (every minute the game crashes)
    At next Presentation on GDC/GC or E3 etc.
    I will laughing loud about you and your great games.

  13. I am a huge fan of TES games. this new patch looks fantastic, but sadly, I will not be able to enjoy it because i play skyrim on my pc. my computer, like most computers, is equipped with a microphone. this patch would revolutionise my skyrim experience, because it would enable me to do things (eg follower commands) that simply take too much time otherwise. i am begging you bethesda, please release this patch on pc and ps3 at a later date, because I am sure it would make all my fellow pc gamers happy, and it would make the xbox players a little less smug.
    until the new generation of consoles come out, i have no intention of buying an xbox or other microsoft gaming system, and i am sure most other gamers are the same. they are not going to make money by releasing patches and dlcs solely on xbox, so please make everyone happy, and let me use this patch too. thank you

    • You don’t depend on Bethesda for this kind of thing. There are other great guys who have already developed similiar mods for the PC version.

  14. It’s funny because you can create same kind of voice control to PC if they wanted to.
    But as we know microsoft loves to throw out money to get stuff all to themselves.

  15. Any info on dragon mounts? Lots of people want to know about them, but I havn`t found any credible confirmation yet. So I`ll ask here; will there be dragon mounts in this upcoming DLC release?

  16. I have both Kinect and Skyrim, however I’m in Sweden and so far none of the games that is supposedly able to support voice commands work.
    The Xbox settings tells me voice commands are not available in my region.
    Will this work?

    • This is a great question. GStaff, any input to share?

      If voice commands in Swedish for followers, inventory organization, and map utilization don’t work, hopefully the dragon shouts will will still be activated through Kinect voice command. After all, it’s in a language that doesn’t really exist. If they can’t add in voice commands in Swedish, hopefully they will be able to account for regional accents when calling out dragon shouts.

  17. Nothing for PS3 players!? Come on guys, can we at least have the sort function added to PS3 as some sort of button? The ability to lock an item in your inventory would be great too. I know I’ve accidentally sold an item I shouldn’t have.

    Also, I don’t really know all the technical aspects of how these things work but shouldn’t doing the same thing with a normal mic also work? It could even be a striped down version of the Kinect voice commands. You can just have the game recognize numbers for hotkey commands. I could say “1” or “2” and have my selected weapon or spell swap out, no need for fancy custom voice recognition. The game would just need to know that I’m saying a number.

    And as long as I’m here, why can’t we make mods for consoles. I don’t have a thousand dollars to make a gaming PC. It might take a while to work out a system but I know you’d make your console bound fans happy.

    • I just saw that there is an “Older Comments” link … 😛 (my first time here lol)

      I read all the previous comments … I see Bethesda loves to troll with their comments.

      It is also stated that “Kinect voice recognition” is required even for simple tasks like sorting. This feature could easily be a button. Why go out of your way to only implement the function as a voice command and not a simple button?

      And, there is no built-in voice recognition in Skyrim? With the talented developers that make the game I’m surprised that not one of your guys can make a striped down voice recognition program.

      Please don’t read these comments as negative criticism. My comments may sound like they’re simply me yelling out of anger, but I really love the game and enjoy every second I play. I’m happy with the game as it is, minus the outrageous amount of missing textures, invisible walls, lag, and general bugs.

  18. Thank you for the answer McCabe! I didn’t mean to get on anyone’s nerves about asking if Morrowind, but your right that does make sense why go back. I hope that they at least remake it for the xbox 360 sometime in the future. 

  19. The people who have complained about there no being dlc for 360/ps3 are all right. Did you really think that this kinect option would of made up for that? Nothing you guys do at Bethesdea will make up for the creation mod you developers put in for the pc version. The kinect idea was a very complete waste of time. And you really have lost over a good portion of 44 to 50% of your fans and with the games that were taken back, over 4000 might i add.

    You guys at Bethesdea are clearly draging your feet on Skyrim. Where it hurt you the most was the creation mod. Giving the pc the options to add what they so desire into the system and not giving the platform consoles anything except bug and patch updates. Ive read every blog on this page and most of it is that you are not allowing the console gamers who make up a great portion of your fanbase are not getting their moneys worth.

    The easiest answer to the problems are clearly this: Add what you wanted to in the begining and keep to that. The dark dungons, the flying vampire lord, vampire minons, let the player build their own house, more forging options that actully make sence. Even so to forge arrows. A survival tree skill, let the player feel like all the hunting deer, bears,wolves, giants,mammoths, and the cooking options are all actully worth something in the long run. Poison potion gernades, Spear weapons, the throwing knives, The giant mudcrab. Lycanthtop skill tree, detailed unarmmed combat, color editing the equipment, ect.

    The more you put in the game to let the player define its character / the character they picture they want to play as, the more they will want to buy your games and keep playing them. Wasnt that the whole goal for Skyrim? Be any kind of character and go do what you want? Rage and Hunted were not your best run and the more you neglect the other consoles from the fullness of your product ( ps3/360) the more fans and customers your company will lose.

    • Xudus,

      The Kinect support is just one of things we’re working on. We’ll have more details on future title updates and new content soon. In regards to the Creation Kit, we’ve always made a point to offer modding tools to our PC community. We hope that one day we’re able to offer similar support on consoles, but there’s still some barriers that prevent us from doing that.

      Stay tuned for more updates on what we’re working on. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Hey, they do the best they can with the time and equipment they have. The fact that they’re adding kinect support shows that they’re trying to give the most from the consoles. It’s a lot more than many other companies are doing.

        • Yeah, but why does it seem that PS3 users always get done over, i have an xbox and kinect also but ill be dammned if i have to go shell out another 50 euro to get the features that should be applied to all consoles epecially DLC. Its not right that Microsoft can buy these rights and its even worse that the publishers are sell outs.

    • I’m surprised this comment was dignified by the staff. User created content has always been a staple of gaming on a PC. If it’s something that appeals to you then get a gaming PC, because the likelihood of it showing up on consoles on a scale as great as the Elder Scrolls or Valve’s games is pretty slim for some pretty obvious reasons.

    • Stop blaming the Devs for the lack of mods on consoles. It is the console makers who keep mods from consoles. Microsoft and Sony want complete control of their platforms. They will not allow mods. And their dated, decrepit (read: terrible) hardware could never handle mods. Consoles do not have the memory or processing power for modded Skyrim. Sorry, its not elitism, its a fact of the extremely old hardware you use on a console.

    • I thought RAGE was crap,but i dont know why!Can anyone tell me why i think its crap please?Im thinking its because its all wandering around towns,just to go into a kind of on-rails shooty bit,with the oh so boring bosses.Cant we now do away with bosses?

  20. Sounds cool that X-Box gets Kinect support. How about for Ps3 users, we get some Playstation-Move support, that would be pretty cool.

  21. I gotta say, are you people crazy?! Bethesda made one of the best games IMO ever, they are obviously working on dlc because gstaff keeps saying stay tuned for updates on dlc theyre working on, though there’s A heck of a lot of bugs they are supporting all platforms 1.5 patches thus far one with new features?!

    People who keep saying the ck to be on consoles?! Are you nuts? You really think consoles have enough power to support that like a PC can? Really? Keep dreaming..

    Kinect is the most advanced motion voice accessory available. The reason they don’t do mic voice controll is simple, when your in a party with other people talking and playing skyrim do you expect a mic to pic up voice commands? Mass effect uses commands but the kinect hears it. Not the mic.. So you can talk and command at the same time.

    I personally read through this blog for updates on patches to fix my particular problems, I make it known what issues I’m having so gstaff can pass the word along like low res textures, but I don’t feel unsupported by Bethesda. I realize this is their job day in and day out, we don’t do what gstaff does on a daily basis and read through pages of trash trying to make sense of real issues and people complaining, so I say whatever they are and have been working on is welcome!

  22. On Ps3 it would be nice if my shouts actually worked in combat when I wanted them to. Thank you for at least making patches that do something positive every odd number of times.

    I know Microsoft has you by the eggs, but if you can do anything for me; don’t let EA into your souls.

  23. I don’t have a Kinect, probably won’t have one. But good lord people. Why bash on them so much? DLC if its worth buying is gonna take some time, They are all working hard. Cut them some slack and wait for the DLC the wait will be worth it. Bethsoft RARELY dissapoints with TES Dlc. So stop running them down its rude, these are people trying to make YOU happy. Thanks Bethesda staff for all your hard work. I’m very excited to see what you guys have in the future


  25. Ps3 bugs still not fixed and the game lags, drops in frame rate and crashes.

    What does Bethesda do? Exclusive DLC for Xbox and the PC can get on fine with mods, thanks for nothing Bethesda.

    • The consoles are getting old. Games coming out now push them to their limits, because the players keep demanding better graphics, more physics and more choices. As well as bigger, more detailed worlds. If you don’t want lag and terrible frame rates stop playing games on hardware that was old before it was even released. PC has moved on several generations beyond consoles at this point. And the next gen consoles as rumored are using hardware that is considered dated by PC standards now, and they are years from release. Think about it.

  26. Wow, people complainin bout mods beein pc only and 360 1 month exclusive dlc.. Bethesda, you created yet another great game, and there are many people out there, includin me, havin a blast playin your games! Thank you, n keep it goin!

  27. @Robert
    Don`t feel bad, I shout at my games to. Just don`t throw the controller, you`ll regret it pretty quick.

  28. This is all fine and well but what the console player want to see is dlc not kinect. There is nothing more cool than voice commands but until VR I could care less about it the controller works fine I just want to play some awesome dlc.

  29. In the new download content, why can’t we be able to buy extra perk points, say like 25 or 30 thousand gold apiece to be able to buff up our player.

    • I agree but dragon souls would make more sense since they are power like when you use them to unlock shouts they could do the same for perks and it would take a while to amass enough dragon souls for all the perks so it would give you something to strive for after you hit level 81

  30. It would be better if you shouted the shout and the power happened. Instead of shouting it and having your character shout it. Seems a little bit pointless and quicker to click the shout.

  31. Instead of using kinect only for Voice commands, why not add in the features of fighting with weapons or spells, running or riding a horse… Also considering skyrim is built around many different in-game jobs like hunting, fishing, smithing, and other things.

    Why not make it so you can go fishing higher grade fish with a fishing rod. Add sharks and lots of other types of water life and land life, but instead of having three wolves specifically spawn in one area until killed. Make it do that the animals spawn back every 30 seconds so that you can make a career out of it (plus make more animals across the land) also change the way you can sell things to merchants to where they can’t run out of money at all so you can actually make a living selling animal skins or fish or other things.

    (add in more creatures, like Lynx’s, Cougars, hyena’s, Minataurs, Goblins, more packs of different wolves, Snakes (small or big),Huge bats, Owls, badgers, Eagles, Frogs, toads, Herron, sparrow, mink, More Bird types, Seals (hoarkers are more like walrrus) zebra, hippos, Bulls, Monkeys, gorrilas,Pinguins ( around the college of winter hold on the ice), Giant squid, octopus, Dragonfish, eel (different breeds), Latern fish, angler fish, hammerhead shark, tiger shark, Great White shark. Could even make it so that most of these sea creatures won’t attack you unless you get really close or attack them. The only thing to attack you on site would be Great white shark, octopus, or some other fish (for this though, you would need to allow people to fight in the water like in oblivion, but with a dagger or short sword, or certain magic/ dragon shouts.

    Also make it so that while using kinect or controller you build armor or weapons more INTERACTIVELY… Meaning with kinect you must spend atleast 1-2 minutes forgoing the steel (or whatever ingot you have) into a long base blade or plate for armor… Then another 1-2 minutes to forge it into the final weapon, while you add te handle to the blade, or hammer the armor to finalize the base plate strap the leather and leather strips to finish the armor.

    What is the official forums? Can you leave a link if this is not it.

  32. A couple dozen people have asked, none have been answered. Given Bethesda’s track record on the meaning of silence it doesn’t bode well.

    Definitive answer please. Are there any plans to make the new UI functions, inventory sorted and the like, available on the PS3 or is this entire patch 360 exclusive?

  33. Can everyone not just accept this? If you have a different console that is not Bethesdas fault. I must personally say i love Skyrim and the first time i saw the trailor for the kinect voice commands i was really excited. So if you have a problem with this because of your console, it is not bethesdas fault YOU bought the console that does not have something similar that you would be able to do this. Just acceept their choices or try to find a better game. (Pretty hard to do if you ask me.)

    Sometimes… is not fair.

  34. Sounds sweet how it is optional … man some kids on here are getting their panties in a twist … kids … if you dont lie this idea, then dont use kinect support on skyrim, its as simple as that. We dont want to hear your complaining ! but kinect support for skyrim ?!! sounds like fun ! Cant wait ! Creative thinkng beth !

  35. Will any of these new features be added to the PS3 version of Skyrim?, like the new ways to sort through the inventory? 🙂