Weekend update

Gamespot continues their search for the best Skyrim mods (video above) featuring the following great mods:

Another video worth catching is G4’s sketch showing how Skyrim has taken over all facets of their office life. Watch it below.

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Reader Comments

  1. Fallout 4 won’t happen untill and (IF) they make Fallout MMO. Its the contract Bethesda signed with the previous company when they sold the Fallout Franchise, (Like 4 games had been made before Beth took over)

  2. Dear Bethesda
    We console players are dying over here, iv literally done the main quest, 4 times! at least throw us one of those huge castles that we can buy 😀

  3. Waking Nightmare is still glitched after 1.5 on 360! Erandur is still in the next room past the entrance, and I am 233 hours in so there be no restarts or reloads for me. This is my last artifact for the oblivion walker ach..can’ t we just clip through the wall or something?? C’mon!!

  4. Notice how most mods are overhauls. Because: 1. Your game sucks without them. Again. No choices; no consequences; no multi-path quests. Combat with weapons that have no physics. Spells with no impact or effect beyond a light show. 2. We can’t make anything else. Your Creation Kit – or rather, ours, because it isn’t the one you used, not entirely – will neither allow us to modify interior cells, nor create new ones. Your navmesh bug – the what’s been around since Fallout 3 – is still present and still killing mods. I don’t know what sort of agreement you signed to keep real mods off the PC, but its the reason the next game will not sell nearly so well as this disaster of a console action game did.

    • You need blacksmithing to make armor and weapons, all indestructible itens.. wtf? you choose warrior, but is not necessary perk, level, to use scrolls, lockpicking.. is like Modern Warfare, get points to liberate a new weapon. What in the world made someone to say “forget the numbers” inside a rpg? the most present and enjoyable detail about the level of experience. Lucky my young brother enjoy burn, cut and shoot arrows, after my money spend. Because is all about Bethesda RPG today.

  5. Notice how none of the top mods are quest mods. Because we cannot make them.

    Bethesda first has to fix the navmesh bug. This bug has been around since Fallout 3 (new engine? nice try) and its ruined modding ever since. It is the one reason why there are so few quest mods in Fallout. Its also why there are so few in Skyrim.

    Bethesda, fix your game. Killing me here.

    Ahh well, off to play Witcher 2. Its a far better game – and RPG – than Skyrim anyway. It actually lets you make decisions.