Prey 2 Update

Development of Prey 2 has not been cancelled but the game will not be released in 2012 as planned. The delay is due to the fact that game development has not progressed satisfactorily this past year, and the game does not currently meet our quality standards. Prey 2 has shown great promise and we regret disappointing our fans. We have made a substantial investment in game development to deliver the experience fans want. We are determined only to release the AAA game that fans rightfully expect, and are unwilling to compromise our quality standards to meet a release schedule.

Reader Comments

  1. Take your time, make the best game you can. It’s not a disappointment I am happy to wait for a great game. Love the work you guys are doing! Thank-you for the brilliant games. Can’t wait for Prey 2! 😀

  2. whatever you do, please do not cancel the game.

    prey is one of my favorite shooters of all time and a sequel even if it only has the slightest connections to the first game would be something great.

    make it come out in ten years if you have to, just don’t cancel it.

  3. I would much rather see this than the publishers forcing devs to release on a rigid schedule and end with a poor game. Thanks Bethesda!

  4. It is good to hear that the game is not cancelled. I cannot wait for it to come out, but if it is delayed in order to be a better game, then by all means: do it.

  5. So…I assume they were about to cancel it and void contract with Human Head, but then the news leaked, Bethesda saw the reaction of public (DO NOT F***ING CANCEL IT!) and thus decided to not cancel it, but postpone it. And I would not be surprised if Bethesda took it away from Human Head and gave it to some other studio, perhaps more capable to deliver milestones.

    Still, good news, the concept and trailers are just fantastic. Hopefully it still ends up being great.

  6. It is a dower that we not getting the game this year. But thank you for letting use fans know. Please DO NOT CANCEL this game, myself for one am happy to wait for a nice AAA game a bit long that not have the game at all. Or worse still it have big problems with like Mass Effect 3. I love Prey and the Prey 2 sound like it will be a blockbuster.

  7. Ouch! I bet “the game does not currently meet our quality standards” and “game development has not progressed satisfactorily” really boosts the developers morals!

  8. I will bet anything that the MAss Effect 3 fiasco saved Prey 2

    Now that the monopoly for space RPG/Shooters has been overthrown, there is a serious market for fans who want to play a game a a multi-species environment like this

  9. Yeah i smell BS. With Dishonored having such a positive fan reaction and Skyrim DLC in the works, Prey2 probably just got pushed to the back burner.

  10. I’m glad to hear that it isn’t cancelled! I guess it’s hard to live up to all the devoted fans expectations so I’m glad you realized that you guys needed some more time and took it!
    Can’t wait for the finished result! :3 Keep up the good work guys!

  11. Good news! I prefer Prey 2 than Doom 4.
    I have the first game, I liked the use of the portals, the character has personality and history. I always imagined, during the combat between dimensions, pass a portal and see Gordon Freeman, a brief encounter during the dimensional transport X)

  12. “We are determined only to release the AAA game that fans rightfully expect, and are unwilling to compromise our quality standards to meet a release schedule.”
    Hmmm… so what happened to Skyrim, then?

    • They released it. And I for one am extremely grateful I didn’t have to wait another year for it.

      Over 100 hours in, not a single glitch by the way (PC).

    • Skyrim certain met my standard along with the standard of 9 million other gamers. Skyrim has sold 12 million, but I exclude the ps3 sales

    • It starts as AAA. Then a wave of commercial begins, awesome trailers (real footage of the game), famous people (cinema, tv, youtube) promote the product. Events may occur without meaning, with the chance of signed copies for the fanboys in some weird party, with famous people (cinema, television) walking in the mess, robots, looking the consumer with a look of “sick nerds”.
      Then got to the point where the public was already drugged with an overdose of information, was emotionally involved.
      Release! the holy grail!
      In the first week another wave of praise, innovation and excitement, the first bugs appear, but all very recent.
      Thousands of sales! awards! vlogs with some weird guy about her “life” inside the game. Youtubers using bad words to promote the amazing ways to play.
      More sales!
      Near the end of the first month, the headache worsened for some users (bugs). Forums, blogs started to receive constant complaints, people lost game data, texture problems, framerate drop, instabilities, increasing the public anger, because with the massive use, the problems increase in geographical scale. Some programmers say “you need update your graphics card driver” they thinking the modern user is a retarded. a lot of explanations about the consoles, choose the best for this or that.. who cares! we cannot open a console to update the hardware.
      The user gets lost, reading a lot of technical shit everywhere. At this point, people buy a BBB or CCC.
      People with 100 hours inside PC without bugs? liar!
      1000 hours here, because the main quest broken 2 times, no mods!

      • Both with and without mods, on PC: 142 hours in Skyrim. Zero. Bugs. Zero. Broken. Quests. Zero glitches, hiccups or crashes. Both with, and without, mods.

        • Bugs are not my problem with Skyrim. My problem with Skyrim was this: it was advertised as an RPG. I bought it to buy an RPG. What I got, was a soulless action game with a million equally soulless fetch quests. What Bethesda got, was one less customer.

          • Works better as first person shooter (offline MMO). Dude, bugs are the worst problem now, there a lots of people stuck, they can´t play in some cases. You have luck!
            I agree with you about the RPG factor, a game where you choose warrior, but you use everything, there are no real feeling about improve, no numbers? a simple MMO have a better interface to change more things about the char.
            Put a little health/magic/stamina and perk here, there.. now my soldier have more powerfull granades, ak47 and open a new armor! Why not see your conditions, resistence, where you learn that skill? Show the itens using the entire screen is usefull? Huge space lost for a good interface!
            Why i need be everything? this no make sense.. imagine join an partie, where everybody are basicly the same thing now (warrior,thief,mage) and each one with full perks! but each one chose a stone in the begin… a “XP boost” for accelerate level, is a character class?
            So next time explain “do not improve all perks, for a better sense of class”.
            And the game is linear.. oh gosh.. extremely easy, the big enemy are bugs and that pile of crap with collision, trying killing you all the time inside houses, caves, ruins.
            i am frustrated…

      • The RPG element was heavily modified for better understanding of the user. The player today, not all, but a big part, are not interested in tables, numbers and so on.. if i agree 100% with this, no, but works ok to attract the generation born during the rise of the shooters, youngs who just enjoy less talk and more action.
        The main point now are the updates, so that everyone can play without problems, but updates are a second game, big development cicles.
        Believe me, I’ve finished off the game with 1000 hours (exploration, climb, fight, quests) with few problems, yes i hate the invisible polygons too… and some times, a npc that did not work properly, but no total loss (PC).
        Related to level up, the process is manual/automatic, points are gained by using the different skills available until you get the master, there are a mouse/joystick influence on this i think, because for console users, click to improve or drag things are not functional. The numbers are present, but the team opted for something more fluid, simple.
        I think the DLC should bring many improvements regarding the quests, levels, etc. More updates are coming to fix the problems.

        • When I speak of a lack of RPG elements in the game, I do not mean tables, charts and spreadsheets. Far as I am concerned, numbers, levels and skill points are throwbacks we no longer need. This isn’t table top; I control my character.

          What I mean when I say role play, are choices, dialogue options and branching quest and story lines.

          Kingdoms of Amalur is a far better role playing game than Skyrim. Skrim looks pretty – and that’s all it has. And even then its behind every RPG out there except Amalur, even in terms of appearance. And that failing, crippled leg is the only Bethesda had to stand on, to boot.

    • Skyrim certainly dosen’t meet AAA standard, but AAAAA standard.
      Only thing need to improve is the dull physical system.

  13. I’m really glad to hear that, I want you to know that this is one of my most anticipated shooters since about Bioshock.

    I would, however, like you as the publisher company and Zenimax as the owners of the company to have a bit more communication with us about things like this, if I remember correctly the story about this being canceled popped on the internet what? like a month ago?

    I don’t think that amount of wait is justifiable for a simple “we haven’t canceled Prey 2” message.

    Anyways, good to hear this regardless!

  14. Please oh please cancel this game! It has clearly ruined what legacy Prey 1 built up. Another ‘American marine type first person shooter’ yeah we need more of them! Come on Bethesda, you’re awesome and this would just be a stain on YOUR legacy!

    • Rage has problems with texture. fall from the elevator. get stuck in the sewer. weird ragdoll. the car disappear. Now put this problems in looping for a short game, little updates, no chance for better light or textures (idtech5 nonsense) and 20GB for 8 hours! no level editor in the end.
      Very well finished!
      Skyrim is a masterpiece, if compared with Rage.

      • Didnt say anythign about skyrim.

        I was reffering to the distaster rage was on pc and how humanhead always used id’ tech. I show similar texture loading in E3 demos in prey 2.

        In any case, rage does not even have lighting, of any kinda. Just HDR to simulate lighting, its crazy i know. Also took 20 hours to do everything.

        • human head is using idtech 4, rage used idtech 5. idtech 4 has been around for a LONG time and is very stable engine-wise its powered about every id and Bethesda backed game that has hit this gen. (excluding rage and skyrim/oblivion) It’s powered games suck as quake wars, quake 4, doom 3, wolfenstein, prey, brink, etc. there is NO question in it’s abilities.

          • Doom 3, Quake 4 and Wolf 2 = ugly normal maps, too dark and a forced level of specular effect in the surfaces. Prey is a dark game, ok, but I really liked the story. I remember an interview talking about the production, in the old days of 3d Realms. After the shutdown, silence, and then returned through the Human Head, creators of the game Rune, one of my favorites.
            I do not know why they speak so well of the id Tech 3 and 4 at the end… very limited in space, lighting and multiplayer.
            I really enjoy the unreal engine, from the first Unreal, always more open scenes and less dark.

          • I am just saying that i show similar streaming, perhaps they decided to adopt the idea. TO be honest IDtech 5 is a joke. Its like going backwards.

            I just hope that engine wont turn like rage due to the streaming i saw in E3.

          • I found it ridiculous when id spoke about the possibility of doom 4, use more than one bluray. This volume is not signal of amazing game, but that massive texture… i wonder about mod for this tech “you need 2 terabyte only for unified texture, uncompressed. this is the minimun for home user size”.
            This remember the old times with 2,4,6 discs for cinematic, audio and game… a waste, now with cloud tecnology for store, the user need wait someting 2 or 4 times the size of a operation system, and in the end, is just a damn game… worse if is boring.

  15. Good stuff. I haven’t pre-ordered anything in a while, like years, but this along with Dishonored is definitely worth it.

    I am hoping for a Brink 2. So you know… whenever you guys have time… no need for a Doom 4 and Quake 5 right now.

  16. I don’t care when it comes out as long as it actually comes out. Please dont cancel it, it has great potential and prey was the first video game i got for xbox. spring release of 2013 would be nice

  17. Thats a shame, I was looking forward to the StarWars style Bounty Hunter gameplay… Hopefully this doesn’t drop off the boards like command and conquer Tiberium…( first person shooter) continue trying to improve it any way possible, hell borrow some ideas from movies or tv shows if needed.

    • OMG

      Bethesda is publishing the games not making them.

      Prey= human head
      rogue warrior= zombie studios with a finishing from rebellion.

  18. There have been some nasty rumours floating around about the dealings between Zenimax and Human Head. Please, please don’t descend into the pit that Activision and EA inhabit as publishers! I’m not jumping to conclusions about how Zenimax views developers and IP here, just conveying my fears about what Zenimax could become.

    Remember what Todd Howard said about the benefits of letting developers exercise their creative talents with relative freedom (Skyrim Game Jam)? I think that’s a fantastic idea to follow within reasonable bounds.

  19. I trust Bethesda, to NOT act like EA. By delaying this game only thing I can give is respect to your company, goals, and vision.


  20. How inconvenient for the Prey 2 Devs. Bethesda finally stumbles onto their hitherto missing Quality Standards. Unfortunate timing.


  22. Prey 1 was a terrible, terrible game. One of the worst FPS games I’ve ever played. I have no idea why Bethesda ever thought a sequel was going to be any better. Glad they stopped wasting their resources on it.

  23. i am hugely relieved that this game is not being cancelled. but i think that in consolation for making us wait longer, you guys should release more gameplay footage! 😀

  24. This is a relief, considering what happened with Bethsoft’s short-lived Star Trek license. Definitely do not cancel it.