Plant a Tree

Who knew Nick Breckon’s initials also stood for Nature Boy? His recent (and totally awesome) Skyrim mod, Plant Trees, lets you purchase and plant seeds throughout the world. Watch the video above to see how trees grow over time.

If that’s not cool enough, his v0.5 update adds a new item, the Staff of Efflorescence, that allows you to fire off some pretty potent flower power. Watch the video below to see it’s impressive effects.

Download Plant Trees on the Skyrim Workshop

Reader Comments

  1. This makes me think that it would be pretty awesome to have a very heavily wooded area in Skyrim, with almost a canopy.Some place could even be so dark you need magelight. Like, imagine the dark forest in Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings. I don’t think many games have deep heavy woods in an open world, normally you have to walk through a door frame. It could even have it’s own animals, flora, fauna.

  2. Wow, planting and growing trees in real-time. Just like Molyneux promised all those years ago for the original fable. Wait… “all those years ago?” Man, now I feel depressed. 🙂

  3. I have a great time with this mod. I don’t overdo it so it doesn’t look crazy but I started out just planting a tree here and there and painting some flower among various rocks or near streams. The first tree, planted next to Breezehome, has already dropped seeds and I’ve harvested those. I have to get back to Whiterun to see how the pine tree is doing. Having the Horticulturist’s merchant stall right outside the city is also an after-hours bonus. His name, coincidentally, is Nick in my Skyrim. Thanks, Nick, lots of fun!

    • No. Microsoft and Sony do not allow user made content on console. And the consoles lack the processing power to make or run mods. Sorry.

  4. Notice how none of the top mods are quest mods. Thousands of mods for Skyrim and less than 25 are quests.

    Because Bethesda cannot be bothered to fix the navmesh bug. They claim to give us the same toolset they use – but its not true. The toolset they use can create interior world cells and have a working navmesh.

    Ours cannot. So how about you fix this bug, Bethesda. Because as of now, I don’t have the product I bought. Its something else entirely, and I am certain consumer protection agencies would love to know about this trend of selling one thing and replacing it with another….

    • Most mods involving scenarios and NPCs are slowly being abandoned. If you use lots of mods, do not try this with intend to play skyrim to finish the original stuff. The most safe to are: spells, tits, asses, followers with new hair and simple tweaks, scripts and more scripts. i got amazing amounts of bugs using new towns, castles, quests…

      • The bugs are Bethesda’s, if you mean Navmesh and things not rendering or showing in game.

        Otherwise, do not use multiple mods which change the same things. That goes on players. Not modders, and certainly not Bethesda. Its up to the player to know their load order, what each mod does and how to avoid conflicts. Never let software tell you your mods conflict, you should already know that.