Dishonored preview blowout

In the past few weeks, members of Arkane have traveled to New York, LA, and across Europe to show off new areas in Dishonored. The above image comes from their stop in London, where (from left) Viktor Antonov, Sebastien Mitton, Harvey Smith, Raphael Colantonio, and Dinga Bakaba) enjoyed relaxing in a room you might recognize from the 2011 Best Picture Winner, The King’s Speech.

While the Arkane crew works away in Lyon, France and Austin, TX, coverage from their tour has started appearing today.

We start at Kotaku, where where Stephen Totilo reveals 18 Things About Dishonored That You Should Know. Here’s one to get you started:

#7 In this game, there are lots of ways to do the same thing. Take the Bathhouse building I saw during the demo. It’s where the action was going to be. And while we could possess a fish to go inside, there were supposedly seven other ways to get in there, too.

On Machinima, watch a 7-minute interview with the game’s co-creative directors, Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith. That and more after the break.

Get more of Harvey and Raf in an interview at Destructoid. Read their preview here.

For more on Dishonored, check out these links…

Polygon – “That is to say, Dishonored looks to be a smart, careful, quiet game – until you have the urge to make it a summer blockbuster. At our demo, the same bath house stage was shown twice. First, as a stealth mission. Then, a Rambo mission. Both were equally appetizing. You imagine the two will blend together in the majority of play throughs.”

OXM – “But no matter how you play it, Dishonored’s strange world and open-endedness offer up an adventure that’s as deadly as you want it to be.”

G4TV – “The studio clarified that the game is not based in London nor is it a London from a different time or reality. This city of Dunwall is both familiar yet exotic. There’s so much groundedness and believability yet there’s also a strong supernatural element beyond Corvo’s powers, namely the involvement of The Outsider.”

IGN – “The stealth system seems particularly well-developed. A short-range teleport called blink lets you hop between areas of shadow, as well as climb to high places like ceiling beams to cross open, populated spaces undetected.”

Digital Spy – “From what we’ve seen, everything is culminating into a very slick and polished title, and there is nothing quite like it out now at present.”

Shacknews – “The two very different playthroughs of this level did an effective job of demonstrating Dishonored’s potential. There is a lot of creativity on display, and the reinterpreted steampunk setting only adds to its charm.”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun – “And yes, you can possess a Tallboy. It’s not shown, but to prevent a terrible overpowered imbalance in Corvo’s assassinability, he won’t be able to control them for long.”

Strategy Informer – “The demo did a good job in outlining the different ways the game can be played but Smith and Colantonio were keen to emphasis even further the variety of options available to the player. They mentioned examples of emergent gameplay being discovered play testers that they hadn’t accounted for, describing an elaborate case when a player attached an explosive mine to a rat, possessed the rat and took it into a room of enemies before detonating the mine.”

NVision – “While Dishonored is still in a relatively early stage of development — the game currently has a loose 2012 release date for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 — it’s shaping up to be one of the most exciting new franchises this year.”

PlayStation Blog – Read their preview and watch out for their Official PlayStation Blogcast

PC Gamer – “Building a city – even a fantastic one like Dishonored’s Dunwall – is an opportunity to invest every building, vehicle and citizen with detail. At first sight, it’s easy to see small parts of other games in Dishonored’s look: Bioshock’s brass fittings and imperial decor, or the juxtaposition of rusting industry, crumbling stonework and gunmetal fascism that defined Antonov’s work on Half-Life 2.

VentureBeat – “Dishonored might remind you of some video games of the past, but when it comes down to it, you probably haven’t seen anything exactly like it. That’s the refreshing thing about the first-person action game where you play a supernatural assassin in a Victorian steampunk metropolis known as Dunwall.”

CVG – “The trailer – despite showing zero actual gameplay – is pretty decent taste of what Dishonored is all about. A world divided by class, the upper echelons employ military force to keep disease-spreading riff-raff out of their neighbourhoods. As a mood setter, it’s a great trailer.”

GameSpy – “It all still sounds incredibly ambitious, but if Smith and Colantoino can truly accomplish all they’re setting out to do, then we should be in for one hell of a treat later this year.”

Games.On.Net – “But it’s not the only way you can do it, and therein lies the real beauty of Dishonored. While stealth or savagery are both viable approaches to just about anything, the ultimate disposal of whatever unsavoury character you’ve been entrusted to dispatch is open to much suggestion.”

VG247 – Watch a new interview with members of the team.

GotGame – Certainly Dishonored is unlike anything we’ve seen from Bethesda before and it’s mysterious story with fantastic art is something that needs to be seen.  Combat style and moral decisions will shape the experience and if what we saw from the hour-long demo is any indication, Dishonored will be a can’t-miss title when it hits stores sometime in 2012.

Game Revolution – “If the screenshots don’t already speak to its intriguingly unusual art style, Dishonored has a deliberately bleak but intense aesthetic—a severe elegance—tailored uniforms, smoothly cut masonry, geometric landscaping.”

Gamespot – Watch their video answering your burning questions below

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