Skyrim Roundup: Mods, Kinect impressions, and more arrows to the knee

Here’s a look at some of the best Skyrim news on the web from the last week.
Watch Gamespot’s weekly look at Skyrim mods as they highlight Dragon Bone weapons, Katamari-esque madness, and more. Featured mods include:
More mods and news after the break…

Time’s Techland shares their favorite mods of April. Mods include:

As previously announced, Kinect support is coming soon to Xbox 360. In advance of its release, we let gaming press check it out. Find their impressions at these sites:

Wrapping things up, check out these links:

  • At the 2012 Game Marketing Awards, Bethesda came away as big winners — being named Marketing Team of the Year and receiving awards for Skyrim and RAGE.
  • From meme to mainstream, Kotaku covers how taking an arrow to the knee infiltrated NCIS and Game of Thrones. Watch the NCIS clip from YouTube below…

Reader Comments

  1. Actor Magnet is hilarious!
    I hope the creator of the mod imagine a way for the weapons and other stuff. Then just run around the world and get weapons and potions for a year! X)

  2. Bethesda,

    Sooo are we going to have to wait for the Kinect support AND DLC’s for Skyrim at the end of May? What happened to April? How much longer?

  3. Oh no… it’s always awkward when high profile TV/film tries to break into video game culture but that was just embarrassing. They were about 3 months too late as well.

  4. Bethesda, i have a problem were the epic dragon fight music doesn’t come on when i fight dragons, is there a way to fix this or do i have to wait for a patch i’m on xbox btw.