Dishonored Podcast #1: One Kicked Bottle


The team at Arkane joins us to explain the unpredictable magic of Dishonored’s dark sandbox playground. Listen as the developers describe the deep systems that lead to Dishonored’s crazy moments, and learn how a single bottle can stand between you and destruction.

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Reader Comments

  1. Seriously…. enough with the miscellaneous posts, WHEN’S OUR SKYRIM DLC COMING?!?!?! ffs, slow as molasses nowdays…

    • Erm Beth has posted their pod cast…. on their blog…. which is not a 100% Skyrim blog…. I think you get the picture lol.

  2. Fair enough… after that whole backwards-dragon calamity.. Still, I want to try the kinect support.. looks cool, but I just really need some new content, maybe spells/combo-spells to make magic worth using. Ragh, thanks Beth, you kats are awesome!