QUAKE LIVE Premium Pack 12

We’re pleased to announce a content update for Pro and Premium subscribers to QUAKE LIVE, id Software’s browser-based free-to-play first person shooter, with the addition of the Premium Pak 12. With this update, Pro Start-a-Match players get five new game modes, a new Start-a-Match interface that offers in-depth match customization options, more than 200 customization settings, and four new premium arenas. The Premium Pak 12 update is available at quakelive.com.

In addition, all QUAKE LIVE premium content will be free beginning today through Sunday, May 6th. During this Free Premium Week, new Premium and Pro subscribers will receive one or two free two-week Pro Subscription Tokens which can be redeemed to extend their subscription or gifted to a friend.

The Free Premium Week content includes:

  • Over 50 Premium Arenas
  • 6 Premium Game Modes
  • All Premium in-game Features
  • No payment or credit card required

New Game Modes

  • Attack & Defend: Teams alternate between offensive and defensive roles, taking turns at infiltrating the enemy base to steal their flag or eliminate the enemy team while trying.
  • Domination: Two teams must fight to capture and hold a series of command points to score points.
  • Harvester: Team game where members of each team collect skulls of fallen opponents and take them to the enemy base for points before getting fragged by the enemy team.
  • One Flag: A neutral flag spawns in the middle of the arena, and two teams fight for its possession so that they may run it into the enemy base for capturing.
  • Red Rover: A mix between Clan Arena and Free For All, when you frag a player on the opposing team, they switch to your team and help you hunt down the remaining enemies. The round ends when all players are on the same team. The player with the highest score at the end of 10 rounds of play is the winner!

New Premium Arenas

  • Camper Crossings: Inspired by perennial favorite Campgrounds, the middle ground of Camper features the iconic jump pad taking you from bottom to top in an instant. Once you move into the bases things start to look a little less familiar, with three hallways to bring you into the flag room. Attackers will find themselves either dropping down or jumping up to reach the flag, with a hallway behind the stand that can be taken advantage of by both teams. An acceleration pad in the base allows attackers to fly across the flag room, or to be used as clay pigeons and be railed out of the air.
  • Cliffside: First seen in Quake Arena Arcade, Cliffside takes place on a mountaintop above the clouds. Combining Gothic themes with the open areas seen in maps like Longest Yard, Cliffside is definitely one of the most gorgeous maps in QUAKE LIVE to date. A castle featuring a smattering of rooms faces an island that holds the Railgun. Keep an eye out when indoors for the Quad Damage; you’ll need to do a slight rocket jump to reach it. The island also features an Invulnerability sphere, which can be deployed most humorously while midair in a jumpad, to send people, including yourself, falling to their death.
  • Jumpwerkz: Also debuting in QUAKE LIVE from Quake Arena Arcade, Jumpwerkz is a fast CTF arena with an open flag room. The highlight of the arena is the two tunnels in the middle, built into a large concrete structure. These acceleration pads provide a super-fast path to propel players onto the top decks of the bases, while a slower, more manual route is available by dropping down and taking the low route. Jumpwerkz is a pretty simple design, leaving a lot of room to maneuver around the space.
  • Space Camp: Included as a bonus, is the April Fool’s 2011 arena, Space Camp. This is a version of the popular Campgrounds arena mirrored, and set in space, with a new weapon layout.
The Premium Subscription, which can be purchased for $1.99 per month, billed annually, includes:
  • Access to over 50 QUAKE LIVE Premium only maps.  Premium maps are a combination of brand new maps and frequently requested community favorites from previous QUAKE games such as Aerowalk, Overkill, Japanese Castles, and Spider Crossings
  • Exclusive premium level awards
  • Create your own clan and join up to five separate clans
  • Access to Premium Scoreboards and Statistics in-game
  • Match statistics stored for six months
  • Premium Pak 12 updated content

The Pro Subscription, which can be purchased for $3.99 per month, billed annually, includes all of the premium subscription features as well as:

  • The ability to start your own game server, specify a server location, determine the game mode and invite who you want to join you
  • With the Pro Subscription, you can invite five friends with Standard level memberships to play with you in any Premium level map
  • Exclusive pro awards
  • Create your own clan and join up to ten separate clans
  • Match statistics stored for 12 months
  • Premium Pak 12 updated content

The QUAKE LIVE ‘Standard’ version is still free to play and includes friend lists, access to one clan, matchmaking, and stats tracking delivered through a web browser with more than 40 arenas and five game modes.

To create a QUAKE LIVE account and for more information please visit: http://www.quakelive.com.

Reader Comments

  1. Why is it so hard to give people who supported the quake series for years what we have wanted since the beginning….give us QW DM 6 (dark zone) and qw dm3 — I mean seriously…to think these are not in yet and were two of the most popular maps for duels and teamplay is just simply bad decisions. Really tired of people placed in content power who know nothing.

  2. Yeah I’ve bought this game too many times to pay a monthly subscription. (which I already had a year of in Quakelive, and it was not worth it *at all*. With subscriptions they segment an already limited and dwindling playerbase, it’s just not worth it.)

    I think iD Software has forgotten their way, the company is looking more like a sham every time I see a new announcement/release.

  3. You can talk as you like mmm.. here at id Software is like in the Titanic! even at the bottom, all dead, we are king of world.. i think.

    mmmm rockets..

    Quakecon 2012 offer now private toilets to play Rage Racing, Doom 4 alpha and Quake 3 Assrena 2012.