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    • Is the kinect update available in the uk?
      I have skyrim , I have xbox live and I have a kinect! Yet I don’t have kinect support, cant find a download and am not being prompted to accept an update???

      Any clues

  1. This looks pretty awesome, but, as much of a BIG Elder Scrolls fan as I am, Im not that keen on the kinect. So, I’ll likely pass. The game is amazing enough without it 😀 What Im most excited about is this DLC announcement!

    • Blame yourself for such an uninformed comment. The hardware is already near maxed running Skyrim. The reason Kinect does it so well is a because it processes speech recognition on it’s own CPU. Running voice commands on a headset would force Bethesda to either write their own VR software or employ another company (i.e. Dragon, TalkToMe) to do it for them and have it run along side Skyrim, which isn’t happening. That’s why Kinect is a separate unit. VR can process without interrupting the 360’s normal system tasks. Plus with four mics and groundbreaking human targeting tech integration, it had to happen the way it did. My grandmother taught me something very valuable you should try to remember: think before you speak.

      • Gah… Some people take their isht way too seriously! Ease up on the guy! Gah!! Maybe we’ve got more to do with our lives than research the computing capabilities of the Xbox 360!

        FYI I was wondering the same thing, and I would have said thanks for the info, now it makes sense! But now I’d like to say, there really is no reason to be such a cocky ass when someone makes a comment!

        My grandmother taught me something important too, respect!!!

        • …I didn’t get disrespect out of that, and honestly, I knew that info and haven’t done one shred of research on the Kinect.

          I simply thought it was common sense that Bethesda would have had to do their own programming or hired a company to do the programming for built in voice commands… After all, last time I checked, the Kinect is a separate unit.

          Meh, guess I was wrong.

      • Far as I know, kinect does not have its own cpu and uses the 360’s resources for its purposes. You’re point about still stands though.

    • Sadly, the voice recognition is not quite so powerful under Windows… You may test it with many programs, including the online one from Google translate, with poor results.
      It would be quite difficult to implement a feature that would require to shout a command for five times and no response taken… Especially when we talk about commercial video games.

  2. 200 voice commands!
    I wanted to see the face of some families, trying to understand why the hell her sons, friends, are screaming strange words X)

  3. So this is one of the Xbox exclusive DLC, right?

    Because obviously something like this wouldn’t matter to us PC and PS3 players, so if we can just jump in with the story DLC without having to wait a month or however long Microsoft wants us to wait, well, that would just be super.

    • No this isnt one of the xbox exclusive dlcs, what they were refering to was the dlc after the kinect integration, the two upcoming dlc packs, which WILL come out of our pockects as cash, will be the “Xbox timed-exclusives.” As for the kinect, it is exclusive in its own way as the ps3 players and pc players wont be seeing this without some kind of modding.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you, the quest is way too buggy. I had to do some research to avoid having problems

  4. I know this is kind of off topic but, does anyone know what Bethesda means by exclusive DLC for the 360? I know that it’s coming out on it first but is it eventually going to be on the PS3? (I’m not talking about voice support)

  5. Hoping Microsoft puts this up at their typical update time… which is 3 AM PST… Would be pretty awesome if it were earlier! My luck though, they’d wait until a minute after I leave for work in the afternoon. Hahaha

  6. As the question was so deftly ducked in the last blog, perhaps here GStaff would like to confirm or deny if the UI improvements, the real talking point of this “patch” will be made available on the other platforms?

    I can’t think of any good reason why people on PS3 shouldn’t also be able to sort and browse their containers and followers by category, or utilise any of the other non-voice activated UI improvements offered in this update, so is it going happen?

  7. Excellent idea! It’s an impressive list of commands, practically you may play the game only giving orders, so it should be very addictive.

  8. yeah, i’m definitely more interested in the real DLC and not that kinect nonsense. granted, i love to hang around all day and yell at my television, but i can do that already, without having to spend 150 on a kinect sensor. i just want something else to do. i’m on my 4th playthrough, and i’m kind of bored.

  9. Bethesda,

    Thank You for the Kinect support! Will we get the DLC’s for Skyrim soon? Maybe in a day or two? Please Reply! thanks 🙂

  10. I dont see any reason to release new content while the main game is still broken for a lot of people even after 6 months.

    Performance patch please!
    Bug fixes please!
    balance fix please!

  11. Great. So when can we expect the next patch? Or are you going to try and sell us DLC before fixing the numerous issues reported on your own support forums?

    • Can you ensure us that this “title update” will in fact be an updat that will truly address numerous past issues, or is it only an update that will just make way for the DLC itself? Big difference between the two.

  12. So, when will we get the DLC info? No Kinect, so I’m really looking forward to at least some info concerning DLC.

  13. Dear Bethesda

    I do not own the money for a Kinect so I want to represent the people that do not own one and do not have the cash for one. Please think about making an update so people with mics only can buy a DLC to allow us to us the Kinect features without the Kinect. I would pay $5-$10 for such a privilege. So please look deep in your hearts and be generous for the poor populous.

    Sincerly, Hunter, the guy for the poor.

  14. In case you don’t know, go into settings for control and enable kinect (had to figure that out by myself).

    The assign command does not work at all. Every other command for menus and maps works flawlessly. Even the equip commands register but I am unable to assign anything from the menu. Weapons or magic, the game simply does not respond. 1 out of every 5 times it will say try again but otherwise no response. I have tried every pitch, annunciation and speed that’s reasonable but no dice. Disappointed so far.

  15. People having trouble:
    All you have to do is go into Settings, then Game play, and scroll down to the bottom and there’s a check box for Kinect there.

    It works pretty well for me. I don’t like that the game kind of stops (freezes) when switching hotkey weapons, but it’s still faster than using the menu.
    The spell switching is very fast though I like that.
    And the map functions are very convenient.

    The thing I would really like to see is the ability to have a voice command for Night Eye on the Kajiit. If there is I just haven’t figured it out yet.

  16. So I like the kinect support but how do I use greater powers with in enabled, like my Beast Form for example, RB is now used to “listen” for dragon shouts. and there is no voice commands for any “powers”.

  17. Sooo… am I the only one to figure out so far that with voice commands, racial powers are pretty much useless? As soon as you hit the shout/power button the system just sits there waiting for a dragon shout. Why? Which extremely intelligent Bethesda programmer overlooked that one?

  18. I must be the only one that can not download the dlc, it doesnt aappera on my xbox screen any were, how do I get it Im running out of patience

  19. I can’t get kinect update.

    I bought xbox360 in japan, and bought skyrim asian region.
    set system locale and lang to English ,playing game in english.
    also setup kinect ID, kinect work fine except with skyrim.

    any requirement for accepting kinect update?
    I have to get us region xbox360 or us region skyrim disc ?

      • the same to HK version??? coz im using jap console and in HK server. i’ve checked many forums to finally know the reason why i didnt get the updated…thanks a lot

      • thx for reply.

        But it’s not about skyrim Japanese version update.
        I want to get English kinect update for skyrim Asia region.

        my Asia version skyrim got English 1.5 patch already.
        But I can’t get kinect update.
        Is there any problem?

        There is no Japanese kinect update, right?
        You mean skyrim Japanese region can get English kinect update?

        • I’ve had exactly the same problem! same set up and a separate HK account for DLC! the patch works fine but no Kinect update! pretty frustrating considering we own a English language copy!tried contacting them by twitter but no reply! hope its not region=blocked idiocy!

      • I really need help.
        I’m in Singapore but I can’t get the update for kinect. There is no dialogue that pops up, and I’m connected to Live when I start the game.
        Our first language in Singapore is English. I know Singapore English is not supported so I’ve set up my Kinect to work on US English.
        The kinect works on other locales if games are played offline.
        Mass Effect 3 works fine with the kinect for me.
        I don’t understand why we haven’t got the update yet.

        Need some clarification if the Singapore xboxlive server has the updates yet. Thanks a lot!

  20. I am really enjoying the Kinect support, it makes the game so much easier to get around in!

    By the way, you should really have a dialogue box or some such pop up explaining the Kinect support, it took me going on the internet and searching to figure out that I had to turn it on in options.

  21. This is ridiculous. I’m in Japan and despite having my Xbox set to English I can’t get the update.
    It makes NO sense. Why should I be penalized for living in a non-English speaking country?

    I’ve tried changing settings, deleting updates and unplugging and re-configuring my Kinect.

    Thank you Bethesda

  22. My comment which wasn’t at all profane has been deleted.
    I voiced my dissatisfaction at the lack of a kinect update for Skyrim despite having an Xbox running the game in English. I live in Japan.

    What do you say Bethesda?

    • We’re still approving comments.

      Update will be coming to Japan and Europe. As soon as there’s more information to share, we’ll let you know.

    • Im glad that they replied to you at least! Its not that we mind the wait but some kind of info would have really helped a lot! English speakers in Japan ( and I’m sure other asian countries too) have a hard enough time what with geo-locking from other ‘ahem’ game companies and little to no access to dlc! We just appreciate being kept in the loop. After an extensive search online and even looking at your forums this was the only commentary made about Asian release etc and its how many days after the English language release. Not a rant just a heads up that you have a loyal fan base out here who go to extra lengths to support your great games. Please don’t forget we’re here!

  23. So we’ll be getting mounted combat in an update! But STILL no news on the English language in Asia on the 360. Not in any of the myriad of other languages in Asia mind that would rightfully require such a long time Ti translate, but the one already out and being enjoyed by other paying customers. But you know! Yeah! Horses!

  24. Its becoming harder to play Skyrim because of the way Bethesda is treating English speakers in Asia.
    No explanation WHY.

    “Might” be. A few more weeks?.

    I’m seriously considering avoiding your games and telling people to steer clear in the future.