Reader Comments

  1. Game looks cool. But just wondering,Hoped that since this is the last day of april i hoped that you guys would release a skyrim DLC trailer or screenshot. 🙁 But i guess i was wrong,also since pete said this week we will get DLC info…
    Dishonored sure looks cool but i was hoping for skyrim.Since most of your fans love TES that would make us happy

  2. Another Dishonored day by Bethesda who is Dishonoring their Fans with No Patches and DLC to Honor their Fans, Goodnight while i walk away in Dishonored Shame.

  3. The Unreal 3 engine is starting to show its age. The textures are looking a bit too plastic and clean. Skyrim looks quite a bit better right now.

  4. Really cool concept for a game.

    I have to be honest I am not amazingly hyped for this game because of the view. I am not into the first person view and didn’t use it when I played through Skyrim at all.

    Please make sure you can choose a different view as it’s a bit of a deal breaker for me otherwise.

    I love the concept though it’s very much a mix of Deux Ex, Mirrors Edge, and Hitman.

    I hope this game performs well on the PS3 also.