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  1. I love Skyrim, but I’m tired of always killing the same monsters. I wish there were more customization too, if I spell damage, basically have to play with Destruction. Since the game has a wide choice of armor, it would be nice to be able paint with different colors. Please Bethesda, more customization: D

  2. Bethesda said to try to figure out the direction of the DLC based on the name & promo picture, when it was announced, implying that there were clues in the name. If you read the book “The Great War” in Skyrim, it talks about the Thalmor using “Dawn” magics, and how they currently occupy part of Hammerfell, aka the home of the Redguard. Hence, Dawnguard. I’m betting it has something to do with pushing the Thalmor out.

    Further evidence: It borders Skyrim & has a strong history of dragon presence, there is also the city in Hammerfell named “Dragonstar”, which was ruled jointly by Skyrim and Hammerfell once upon a time. There is also presence of the Alik’r in Skyrim (hunting a Thalmor collaborator) already. Lastly, don’t forget Tribunal/Bloodmoon & Shivering Isles and the precedent those set for ES expansions.

  3. Well I just want it to be a little more complex. Like the Hardcore mode you did for NV. Armour and weapons degrading and stuff would be awesome. I mean don’t get me wrong I love Skyrim I just wished that A: Guards where more useful. B Enchanting tables didn’t exist, it used to be so awesome finding magical items and C: A stronger Dark Brotherhood presence.

    • The degrading armor weapons and armor would be so awsome,you would repair them with ingots that were used to create them.Also hunger and thirst would be amazing,at that point food would be useful.

  4. Everybody stop your god damned complaining or else Todd Howard will FUS RO DAH your front door in and kick your teeth in…… for the record I own Skyrim for the pc and am not exactly HAPPY about this but your opinions truly and sadly dont matter, Bethesda has had a contract with Microsoft since the game was announced.

  5. I completely agree with adding an OPTIONAL hardcore mode like the one in New Vegas, except more realistic, like not being able to live off of one bottle of water for a week. It’d add more importance to hunting, as well as making you sleep instead of waiting whenever you want it be morning. Overall, it’d make the game more immersive.

  6. Since I am a friend with several people who who work for game developers, I understand the purpose for an early release on 360. Money. It costs money to develope and publish a game. Many companies encourage pre-orders, for instance. This gives the company more money for development which will hopefully result in a better game. Same thing here. This is a good sign that the expansion will be quality. I for one look forward to it.

  7. For all you ps3 and PC gamers quit getting but hurt that Xbox is getting it first if your so damn pissed then switch platforms. Obviously Microsoft gave them a better deal so maybe you should complain to Sony or whereever. But this looks sick and I’m stoked for it to come on Xbox first!!