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  1. i absolutely LOVE all the people crying about how its going to xbox FIRST. thats right kids, first but then it will release on every platform. so yes it will be on ps3, and yes it will be available for pc.
    how is this new to anyone? bethesda has done xbox exclusive for the first 30days on almost every dlc they have done. how do some people find this surprising, or somehow think it will be xbox only? theyve never done that.
    and if im laughing at how childish and ignorant you are, you can bet bethesda is aswell ๐Ÿ˜‰ your unnecessary tears feed them.

    • Oh im not crying you sound like those twelve year old trolls on youtube “your tears feed me” thats just creepy and btw after all the s**t ps3 has had to go through surely they should have a prize at the end of the tunnel not a load of tar to slow them to the prize whilst xbox scramble there first pc and ps3 unite we must difeat these stupid foes and reclame what is rightfly owers!

    • I would also like to add that those in the Playstation community has their one “exclusives” mainly in the fighting game territory, so STFU, you crybabies.

    • I 100% agree with you. What he says is true… quit whining.

      Its not like PS3 hasn’t received early releases and DLC content before xbox has either… One of the most recent I recall is Battlefield 3. PS3 Got early release on Beta and upcoming DLC.

      PC stuff…why bother complaining we all know PC trumps Console any day anyways… so what if its a week later. You can mod the shit out of Skyrim…we cant.

    • It’s just really upsetting for PC/PS3 gamers because they hear and see all the details behind the DLC a month before it’s release, so once they’ve become accustomed to the content and it’s release those day-1 purchasers PC/PS3 customers tend to be a little discouraged, and tend to be less likely to bite immediately. It probably hurts potential sales when the hype dies down. If it was impossible to spoil the details of the DLC of the most hyped and entertaining video game of 2011, then we wouldn’t have this problem.

      Surprised it isn’t PC/360 exclusive, Microsoft owns both platforms (technically) and it’s not like PC gaming is going to take a chunk out of potential 360 sales.

      And if you are a PS3 gamer and don’t own a 360 for third party games on single discs, get with the program. Microsoft is a huge dickwad only because you don’t own a 360. If you owned a 360 you’d get that experience and the PS3’s great library of exclusive content.

      • I don’t think PC gamers are all that upset, given the massive amounts of mods they have. Which are basically free, platform-exclusive DLC.

      • While Microsoft technically owns the OS for the majority of PCs, it’s that Microsoft get’s money for every game, dlc, etc. sold for Xbox, but not for PC.

      • “Microsoft owns both platforms (technically)”

        That is not what technically means. But I agree with the rest of your comment

      • It doesn’t matter if Microsoft owns the PC market. Microsoft wouldn’t pay for exclusives to because they wouldn’t make any money. Also the way everyone would get there DLC is through Steam, it’d practically be a gift from Microsoft to Valve.

    • I assume you have an xbox due to how snobby you sound. How would you like it if you had to wait a month for the DLC after the PC got it? It’s not fair, even if they did it before.

    • You would need to have about 50 Skyrim DLCs exclusives on Xbox for PC players to care. We get Mods, Better graphics, everything.. You get a month early to test our DLC and fix the issues, so thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bethesda probably isn’t laughing at PC/PS3 gamers’ “tears”, their concern is making money not promoting the XBox 360.

    • To me, its not so much the fact that its exlusive on the xbox, is that its exlusive at all. When you think about it, theres no point to it.

      • Well, Microsoft obviously thinks there is a point..If it wasn’t such a big deal (exclusive for 30 days..), then why do soooo many complain??

    • We’re not saying it’s xbox only. We’re saying that the “secret romance” between Bethesda and Microsoft is a disrespect to old fans. And yesterday, they did nothing to celebrate the Morrowind 10th anniversary, just put some picture and offered to buy Morrowind on Steam. Thanks, I’ve already done it 10 years ago.
      All this means they don’t care about old fans, and they care only about the money.

  2. For the people who are now over the hype and are calling Bethesda on the bugs… gave them “Studio of the Year” and “Game of the Year”.

    • Dude, the players don’t decide who gets game of the year or studio of the year. It’s the review and gaming websites who decide. (IGN, Gamespot, G4TV, Kotaku, GameFront etc.)

      • I don’t know why pc players are so torn up they’ve had the benefit of modding to their hearts content. I’ll admit that I play on Xbox and that pc does have a better platform to play on PS3 is just late to the game on bethesda xbox has been on since morrowind when the elder scrolls became really popular it’s just bad luck sorry bro.

    • Really? You mean the very same people who left comments on this and other forums complaining about bugs all went off and voted for Bethesda to become Studio of the Year etc?

      You do realise that there are a *lot* of people out there, some of whom complained about bugs and (this is the interesting part) others who *didn’t*?

  3. So many misinformed trolls here. Am I the only one who knew about the timed exclusives? I mean Bethesda said this before skyrim was released. It’s a TIMED exclusive.

      • Oh i payed atention its just nobody really cared about it until ps3 got all that lag crap now we care!

        • I don’t see how that makes any sense. There were bugs with the game, it’s at a totally different scope than most games created this console cycle. Microsoft always gets the exclusives, that’s why people get their console. If you buy a console and don’t know what you’re getting I’d hate to see you purchase something substantial or get a credit card or loan. At the same time, when PS3 players get the game it’s probably going to look a tad better than on the XBox. Right?

          • I think what he means is that the PS3 version had so many bugs the game was nearly unplayable. And I don’t think that people that get mad at the exclusivity are unhappy because they didn’t know about it. They are unhappy because they didn’t know about it and the idea is a really weird way to treat your customers. I understand that Microsoft probably pays some exclusivity fee, but thirty days is a long time to be listening to other people talking about something that is unavailable to you.

          • Er, no! It won’t. It will just be a buggier, laggier port of the 360 version, and the Ps3 owners will be able to commence whining yet again…

            Seems to me, the logical thing to do is buy a 360…

          • Er, no! It won’t. It will just be a buggier, laggier port of the 360 version, and the Ps3 owners will be able to commence whining yet again…

            Seems to me, the logical thing to do is buy a 360…

    • Seriously, this was announced months ago, the first two major Expansions for Skyrim are exclusive to the 360 for 30 days, everything after that is fair game…

  4. lol@ everyone complaining about the lack of real news.

    Y’all just got trolled by Bethesda. They already made it quite clear there wasn’t going to be much news.

  5. Im going to tell you right now Bethesda, if you do timed exclusivity with the 360 version again like you did for Fallout 3 I will NOT be buying this DLC just like I did not buy the Fallout DLC.

      • Lol no, my motto is dont support things you dont support… Instead of saying you dont support something, then turning around and giving them your life savings because they tell you to.

        Im a “Vote with your wallet” kind of person, and Im letting Bethesda know about it.

        • if you were really voting with your dollars, you wouldn’t have bought this game in the first place. Also, if your life savings is $10, then you should probably consider what you are doing with your life.

        • your loss. we’ll all be having an awesome time, just like when we were playing fallout and you weren’t.

          • Yeah, sadly the whole ‘vote with your wallet’ thing, while a good idea in principle, fails miserably due to the sheer number idiots willing to be parted with their money, which just leaves you having less fun than the idiots do. Case in point, look at the live-action Transformers movies–even *Bay himself* thinks they were crap, yet because of the sheer number of people paying to see it, they’re considered a success.

        • I definitely respect that. Though in all honesty, it’ll probably take at least 30 days to get it patched up to working order anyway.

          • DLC generally isn’t patched, that’s the problem.

            So the PS3 and PC versions will have the same bugs the 360 version does.

            360 users, unfortunately, aren’t beta testers, as much as we’d like them to be.

  6. Not surprised, Bethesda are the biggest XBox fanboys there is, exclusive timed content is a low blow to PS3/PC customers

    You can forget about me buying any more of your games, you’ve joined the blacklist along with EA,

    Start treating all platforms equally.

    • Not sure why this is a problem. It always used to be considered quite normal to wait between releases between platforms, even in the 8-bit era!

      It took over a year before Uridium made it from the Commodore 64 to the Spectrum…

    • Are you serious? ps3 has alot of exclusive’s way more than xbox has + ps3 gets contetns from games like Mortal kombat that the xbox never gets, ps3 alot of them, pc also do, Pc gets all the fixes fastest and Betas faster thany anyothet gaming thing. so don’t complain on xbox fanboys, please.

    • Except that some platforms generate greater sales for Bethesda (and are far easier to develop for) than others.

      PS3 loses on both of those counts, as far as the studio is concerned (note for the record: I own a PS3). If you’re a major studio, you go where the money is. Simple as that.

      • Note for the above post:

        I was replying to Adam’s comment, not dogsolitude_uk’s. Forgot there’s no “edit” function on here.

    • If Bethesda where “Xbox fanboys” why would they waste there time making modding resources for PC?

      It’s business, MS gives Bethesda money to get an exclusive deal to keep their Xbox customers loyal. That’s kinda important when they pay for online play, while PC nor PS3 do. It sucks but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  7. I guess I was foolish to expect actual details or actual information on the DLC. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE MACHINE!

    • I’m glad there is one comment that isn’t complaining about the fact that it is going to be released on the Xbox 360 first.

    • CHOO CHOO!

      Seriously, this sucks. So we have to wait a month for actual information. Then probably a month (or more) until its release date. And then a month after that for PC and PS3 players.

      So assuming it’s two months from e3 to release for Xbox, and 3 for everyone else, that’s 10 months, as in, nearly a year, since Skyrim was released.

      This had better be worth it.

  8. I dont understand why everyone is complaining.
    1. The reason that it is coming out first on xbox is because microsoft has had a deal with them since Fallout 3. PC gamers shouldn’t be complaint because it’s not like you guys have a lack of content, there are a ton of awesome, cannon-friendly mods AND you have the creation kit. and as for PS3 people I can’t imagine why you would buy any game for that console besides exclusives. And anyone who tries to complain that they hate xbox because you have to pay for online is a cheap idiot. I mean really, its $50 for a lot more than you would get on PS3 and better servers.
    2. The reason for the lack of actual info can be accredited to the marketing team, NOT bethesda as a whole. They make the decisions about when info is announced. Its just like how it was bethesda’s legal department that sued Mojang.

    So please everyone, stop complaining. Bethesda works really hard and makes awesome content, if you want to yell at someone, yell at the marketing team at Bethesda, not the people that work hard to bring us awesome stuff.

    • XBL is an awful excuse for a paid service. It uses almost exclusively peer to peer networking, which has nothing to do with servers and costs MS peanuts to run. Just your connection and the other people’s connections (with a noticeable advantage for the host). The dashboard is also slathered in ads. Anyone who pays for ad-slathered peer-to-peer multiplayer is being ripped off.

      And yes, people should be complaining. Exclusivity deals are anti-competitive and unethical. These kinds of deals are anathema in the traditional software industry, where companies have been fined millions of dollars for very similar tactics. I will be writing a letter to the FTC about these practices next week. I have had it with immature gamers blindly accepting whatever poor business practices console makers and publishers force down their throats because they don’t know any better.


      • I’m just saying, not to get a big thing started here, but XBL is not a P2P service. All online multiplayer games servers are controlled majorly by the company that released the game. It would be impossible to run something like XBL based on a P2P client. XBL>>>>>>>>(much much much)>>>>>>>>>FrostWire(P2P Client) I’m just stating a fact, not trying to argue.

        I don’t see how everybody is worried about who gets what first. I’m in the category of, Majorly disappointed that all we, (we meaning the Skyrim community as a whole), got was a picture of a Stoned Dovakhin with some arrows, and “Dawnguard.” I hope that at some point maybe before E3 they can give us just a little more information than what we’ve already been given. I’m not complaining, just hoping. I keep putting in Skyrim hoping that I’ll find something new to do but… nothing. Plus since I play on Xbox, the mods are kind of limited, very hard to find, and not really that entertaining.

    • I agreed with your post until you said “PS3 people I canโ€™t imagine why you would buy any game for that console besides exclusives”…

      What? Maybe this was true like 5-6 years ago, but since then every Rockstar game and Ubisoft game for example runs better and smoother on the PS3, and that’s a fact. I’m not bashing the 360, it’s a great machine but the PS3 is no slouch. It may be harder to develop for but that hasn’t stopped other devs from making great games for it. It’s just Bethesda that has this problem…

      Anyways I’m not complaining about the timed exclusivity. I could care less really, its just a month later.

  9. Microsoft and Bethesda made an agreement that Xbox would get the first dlc’s a month early,It’s not like it’s not happened before

  10. OK so what im getting form all this is the DLC is done and ready but there holding it for e3 and it will be released after Microsoft press conference. All this to make some buzz for people how have never picked up a Bethesda game. While Fans of Bethesda continue to get a sour taste in their mouths after 7 months of being manipulated……
    Bethesda I have one Question…. Was this the plan all along?

    • Is Microsoft even going to attend E3, or was it just future CES appearances Microsoft withdrew from? Would Skyrim DLC be an announcement from Bethesda/Zenimax instead? I think that’s more likely unless Microsoft has a special gaming console announcement to make.

    • How do you get that it’s done? there is absolutely no reason to think that, sure they added some of the files to work with the expansion in a recent update, but that is simply future proofing…

  11. Meh, I’m okay with a timed exclusive. I can wait and see if it’s worth my money, and they’ll get a chance to sort the bugs out.

    I still don’t think it’s a good move on Bethesda’s part. The PC community is not going to be happy about being kicked again.

    • Well the fact that people found parts of it in updates….
      Snow price, crossbows.
      So Yeah I bet its done and there already working on the next one.

        • why would they put working parts on an update?
          Herp a Derp dezz nuts.
          Oh and why wouldn’t they wait for E3, Its only smart business. Microsoft and bethesda will get extra press for a product when it airs on spike tv or G4tv. Bethesday is still selling a product, what makes more hype, putting it out now or waiting till e3.

          I bet they new e3 was the release window for months.
          so hector why don’t you stay in school take a class in marketing or economics n phuc a duck

  12. Wait 30 days for XBox users to get on the ball and buy Skyrim? You’ve lost a PC user’s sale for this and remaining DLC. Was it worth it?

    • Yes, Because the kickbacks they got from Microsoft covers you. Not that I mind, I’ll be buying no matter what time it comes out.

      • And this is why ‘voting with your wallet’ fails as a method of trying to teach a company their error. Because some other…person *will* buy it where you didn’t. :-/

  13. Timed DLC for the 360 is going to bite you in the ass, Bethesda. Hope Microsoft paid you a pretty penny for all the fans you just pissed off.

    • I still fail to see how this is a surprise. Todd said going forward they will have timed releases. AND every DLC in Fallout 3 was like this.

    • That’s what they said about the BF3 content releasing on PS3 first, but it didn’t hurt a thing, lol. It’s not going to cause that big of a deal because after that month everyone will still buy it. Whether you admit it on the internet or not, they will.

  14. Will the trailer for this game include remixed songs by Dragonette? I am only in this for the Dragonette…

  15. It doesn’t really bother me that its taking a long time for the dlc to come out.. quality games take time to polish.. take all the time you need bethesda mind you the longer you make me wait the more I expect it to blow my mind. I could do without the hints about info being released only to be disappointed. You know everyone is waiting for skyrim dlc and nobody really cares what its called.. don’t announce dlc info unless its something worth reading about.

  16. I will not be buying this regardless of what it contains unless I do so as part of a GOTY pack or on deep discount. The deal you signed with Microsoft is anti-competitive and incredibly unethical. I refuse to support it and you should feel ashamed of yourselves.

    • Oh my God…cry them a river, build a bridge, etc. etc.

      30 whole days without new content, in a game lasting literally hundreds of hours.

      Also, “anti-competitive”? It’s called “business.” Where were all the uproaring protests when Rocksteady released exclusive
      Arkham Asylum DLC for the PS3?

      Did you boycott Sony then? I would certainly hope so.

      • Lmfao. You clearly have no idea at all what you are talking about. Explain to me how MS (and Sony, who are just as bad) buying off developers and publishers to delay or cancel content for competitors is healthy competition.

        I’ll give you a spoiler: you can’t. How does paying off publishers for exclusives make a platform better? It doesn’t. It makes the competition worse in an underhanded and artificial way. Exclusivity deals = large companies using their deep pockets to artificially worsen their competition’s product instead of improve or re-market its own product. It’s basically a perfect example of anti-competitive practice. It’s not “business,” it’s “bad business.” And it needs to end.

    • Agreed, the more money Bethesda has, the more time they can spend developing a game before they have to sell it. Sure it’ll make some people mad, but those who don’t buy the DLC are covered by Microsoft’s money. In the end this means that a great game studio has more money for their projects just because they release some content late for some people.

    • I would have. It’s unethical as proven in traditional software. MS tried to pay developers to cancel or delay software for Mac OS and Linux — they were fined millions of dollars in multiple first world countries. Suddenly this disgusting and anti-competitive practice is kosher in gaming? How about no.

      • Am i seriously reading this? the manner in which a game based around running around in a pretend world and swinging pretend swords to kill pretend foes is released can hardly qualify as “disgusting”. Releasing their DLC earlier on xbox is simply a generic business deal, and if you were to boycott every company that tried to secure exclusive business you wouldn’t be able to buy anything, it’s one of the most basic principles of business, think of every time you hear the word “exclusively” in an ad. If you want the DLC, buy it when you can, otherwise don’t throw a fit. If this bothers you this much then next time you buy a console perhaps you should consider going with a company that will spend money to get their customers exclusive offers.

  17. What the hell is wrong with everyone? Console favoritism has existed since the beginning of video games. Money/customers talk and BS walks. 360 is King, before that was the PS2, before that PS1, and before that was was SNES. Everyone crying and wining must have owned a Dreamcast. Praise Akatosh!

    • No in actual fact more ps3 have been sold than xboxs and pc more than ps3 cos everyone owns pc so in actaul fact ps3 king of consol gaming yet another win for playstation! And i got his info from pcgamer biatch!

      • your comment fails, sure ps3 is betther and has sold more than xbox that cause xbox is older and more outdated by 1,5 year, but PC games both sell more and get pirated more than console games ever sell. and btw sony is almost bankrupt so yea mabye no ps4.

  18. Well I already knew you were gonna sell out and do timed exclusive DLC, but I’ll tell you now I didn’t buy it when you did it before and I’m not buying the DLC for Skyrim either.

  19. You guys are focusing on all of the wrong stuff. How many people do you think pay attention to blogs, and copyright records, Etc. Bethesda is doing the same thing Wizards Of The Coast does when they announce a new Magic set. For six months you see nothing but a name, thankfully the wait time for Dawnguard is only a month. It’s to build hype, to get the people who don’t read the blogs or follow religiously to get in the know. It’s just good business and marketing. And you can say “no its not, I’m not buying that stupid game if they’re gonna be like this!”. But you are, whether you’ll admit it or not you’ll still spend however much you need to just to play more of the game. So stop complaining, enjoy the deep breath before the plunge, revel in the anticipation. So when the time comes, it makes it worth the wait.

  20. As a 360 gamer, I feel bad that all the PS3 and PC users have to wait, By the time they get, All the hype will be taken out of the DLC and the fun will be spoiled for them, That’s just not fair for them.

      • I feel old now. I remember the days when a game or content for it coming out on more than one platform was a *surprise*, and not often heard of…

  21. I don’t normally let things like this get to me, but, timed exclusive is a big kick in the nuts for PS3 players! I have put 150 hours into Skyrim and loved it, but bethesda can’t take a run and jump on timed exclusive DLC. Stick it where the sun don’t shine, hope the money is worth it!

  22. Wow, look at all the bitchy people. That is exactly why I avoid Bethesda’s forums like the plague. As for me, I can’t wait for the next DLC. If you won’t buy it, then good for you, no one really cares.

    • If you avoid the forums, then why are you here then? other than give pointless remarks, its called expressing an opinion, not being bitchy, we have a right to complain about the exclusivity of the DLC.

      Get a clue

  23. Xbox360 = 7 year old hardware.

    There is nothing wrong with waiting for the PC version I guess. Hope graphics look better too ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Man you guys are hyping this dlc almost like your releasing a whole new game, bringing it to e3 and everything. But all I have to say about it is it better blow shivering isles out of the water.

  25. stop slatting Bethesda!
    I mean they made the game for goodness sake!
    It’s like complaining to your brain surgeon that they are working to slow,

  26. Seriously, what the *hell* is all the fuss about?

    The DLC is coming out on Xbox, and then a month later on PC and PS3. Quite frankly I don’t give a damn if I have to wait 6 months for it on PC, no skin off my nose. I’ll just buy it when it comes out. The fact that some people I don’t know have had the opportunity to buy it first isn’t putting me off, for some peculiar reason.

    I’ve been playing computer games of various descriptions now for 30 years. I’ve had a Spectrum 48k, Spectrum 128k, Commodore 64, BBC Micro, Atari ST, Amiga and (naturally) a PC.

    This staggered release thing is such a common thing for publishers to do. Amiga gamers often had to wait for ST ports, and vice versa, often for months at a time back in the day.

    Hell, film and TV studios usually make us in Europe wait *ages* before releasing their stuff over here. It’s why The [email protected] [email protected] is so popular [joke].

    The PC and Xbox do share a common codebase, it’s possible that this may be a marketing agreement between Bethesda/Zenimax and Microsoft. So what?


    Jeez, what do you think is going to happen? Do you think that somehow Xboxes are suddenly going to start taking over the gaming scene? Are you deeply worried that PC and PS3 games are going to start disappearing off the shelves of retail stores (OK, already happening in the case of PC I guess)?

    Are you worried that, as a PC or PS3 user that whenever you go out in public Xbox users are going to point and hoot at you?

    I mean, come on guys. This whole ‘I h8 u bethesda, nevar buyin ur gamez again’ stuff is utterly childish and smacks of a lack of any kind of perspective. Zenimax and Bethesda aren’t your parents. They are companies who enter into deals with other companies. That’s business. There are far far worse things that can be done to extort money out of gamers (look at some of the stunts EA and Ubisoft have pulled before now), releasing a DLC pack on one platform a month before the others is not one of them.

    I very much doubt that this will lead to a huge upsurge in sales of the Xbox, and it’s not going to kill the PS3 or PC. Shoddy ports, crap games and DRM will do that, and those phenomena aren’t platform-specific.

    If you’re still having problems with the situation, look at it this way: the Xbox user base represents thousands of unpaid QA testers. Hopefully by the time it comes out on PC/PS3 any quest glitches will be ironed out…

    • You’re really forgiving the blatant bribery by MS so easily? It’s an abhorrent business tactic that does nothing to further gaming or improve their own platform. Only take away from others.

      There is less than no chance I will be buying any of the staggered release DLC for Skyrim just on principle. Should Beth release DLC that has a common launch date I will consider those on their own merits. The behavior of MS and Sony is unacceptable and should be punished by not buying content their bribery buggers on other platforms unless the developer publicly apologizes and does things right like Remedy did with Alan Wake(for things to not give money for, see Battlefield 3 expansions for Sony, Skyrim expansions for MS).

      • I wouldn’t say it was abhorrent, just mildly irritating. Certainly not bad enough to warrant the kind of nerdrage seen here.

        I don’t really see how letting the Xbox have the release a month early does anything either than nark people off (rightly or wrongly). It’s not going to increase Xbox360 sales (I’m not buying one, would rather wait for a month and get it on the PC).

        OK, so Beth get more money, and their business is more profitable. Microsoft have marginally less money. Xbox users get a potentially buggy DLC a month before everyone else. So what?

        The PC and PS3 platforms will prevail through this trying period, I’m sure. An Xbox *only* release would be worth raising hell about, and that was the situation (initially anyway) with Alan Wake. And limited installations and/or always-on DRM a la Ubisoft would also result in a no-sale from mme, and an email to Beth to explain why I didn’t buy it (so they can’t blame my one lost sale on ‘piracy’).

        If you want to avoid the DLC, then you are at liberty to do so, just as I’m at liberty to buy it. The free market rules and all that, I just think that the wailing and gnashing of teeth is just pointless.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that MS or Bethesda are paragons of virtue. Skyrim was what we term a ‘shitty port’ on the PC with an *utterly* unsuitable UI, inability to sort save games by character and more bugs that a whore’s pants. And don’t get me started on Microsoft with their IE browsers, Windows 8 and restrictive licensing practices either.

        However, I really don’t think giving the Xboxers a month’s head start is much to worry about in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a p1ssy little marketing exercise that benefits nobody in the long run.

      • Haha, Kyle!!! More! Give me more bitterness!! I’m FEEDING on your jealousy! As I lie back… taking part in the official content a whole MONTH before you get to even install it… I’ll think to myself: “Kyle is sitting there raging with envy right now, ahhh, what a beautiful DLC… this is so FUN!!” But hey, at least you have giant mudcrabs and such right?! XDXDXD Have fun stewing in your unrighteous anger!!

  27. Why aren’t there any positive comments on this? You guys are on the Bethesda Blog, why are you here if you’re just gonna complain about the flaws of the game?

  28. Typical of Microsoft to buy out timed-exclusivity. Me thinks they should focus on stopping RROD’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Now that I have gotten past the whole wait a month stuff and the people complaining about PC and PS3 release. I have analyzed the Name and the image.

    CLEARLY the avatar state has been instated.
    But on a more serious note.
    So what has dawn in its name in the TES franchise… Dawn era, Mythic Dawn, Dawn Zombie, Tower of Dawn (ghostgate), rising at dawn (mission involving vampires in Skyrim), Elda Early-Dawn (owner of candlehearth hall), suns dawn (a book that may have some info,_Sun%27s_Dawn), Dawnbreaker and its quest the break of Dawn.
    Now what has the name guard in it? Beyond the plethora of guards in the game… the book the rear guard (, Guardian stones, wrathguard from morrowind, boneguard belt from morrowind etc. Guards and guardians and spells and items are easy to comeby.
    I suggest looking into the words themselves. Dawn… the sun, the light, the new beginning… less metaphorical would be the East where the dawn breaks. Guard… this could suggest that you are protecting the dawn (whatever that suggests) or perhaps the guard signifies a title of a follower (akavirii dragonguard for example) and they are there to protect you (the dawn, the hope for the future).
    Most likely, the title represents a location or a group as many of the titular expansions do. NotN you became a Night of the Nine… SI you went to the Shivering Isles… Bloodmoon, there was a bloodmoon which had been heavily written upon prior… Mornhold, you went to mornhold. Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind were significant (to say the least) locations respective to each game.

  30. It’s already been stated that xbot’s will have the exclusive release for 1 month. Why do you all NOT read, but then scream obscenities directed towards Bethesda as loud as your keyboards will allow you?

    • Yep, it definitely shows how they appreciate their fans using the X360, by giving them content before the other platforms…

    • Heh, the creation kit and early patches isn’t enough?! TOO BAD!!!! XD Can’t wait to play it a whole month before you kats! Maybe I’ll post a Youtube video of absolute unfair Heaven for you! lolol, suckers!!!!

  31. Only for Xbox360 or eventually for all platforms? i dont mind waiting up to 1-3 months, any longer than that will surely make start raging at Bethesda.

  32. For a second there I thought I’d gone the way if a blind moth priest and was ‘starting to see things’.

    I then saw that there was no details and could imagine everyone at Bethesda with troll faces (the meme not the monster)

  33. I prefer PS3 to Xbox, and had I the funds to upgrade my computer enough to play the game; I certainly would have bought it on that platform, instead.
    However, there are two things that are really getting my goat about this whole situation;
    1: While Bethesda has certainly put some work into fixing the list of issues with the PS3 version of the game, it would be nice if they at least fixed the bugs enough to be equal with the other platforms…
    2: I’m all about DLC, but as a console player, I’m greatly disappointed that Bethesda has not done more to make user made content available to consoles.
    It certainly would make waiting for DLC much more enjoyable, and a lot easier.

  34. PS3 got hacked so of course they know all the people STILL playing on an unsafe network are retarded and will stick through a month without it. Sure you complain like bitches here but when it comes out you will open your wallets and splurge your money right into their pockets.

    PC gamers…well you’re too dumb to buy a console so its your fault anyhow.

    What a bunch of crying babies.

    p.s hcum oot egar tnod ?uoy did llort eht yojne

    • adsehteb, YOU ROCK!!! You’re like my new best buddy on the Beth forums! Rot in your jealousy PC players, and seethe with anger as we Xbox owners revel in DLC glory a MONTH in advance!!! XD