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  1. Love how everyone’s complaining, like they weren’t told this would be happening MONTHS in advance.

    Whatever, one month to see whether or not it will be any good (which I’m sure it will be.) I am curious as to whether or not it will take place in Skyrim or a new land mass, or a different plane.

    • hahahahaha!!!!! I LOVE it!! Wait your month, enjoy your creation kit and little mods, WE get the DLC EARLY! We xbox players will have played it through several many times before you even get to see it on more than a Youtube vid, work THAT lump down your throat! XD

  2. Soooo… a name that we’ve known about already due to trademarking info released… and a poster of the Posterboy Dragonborn’s eyes photoshopped to be all glowey. What’s it actually about?

  3. Congratulations Bethesda on..THE UNVEILING..

    Powerful screenshot giving off a vibe of a experianced hardened Dragonborn about to confront a grand new main quest.

  4. All I can say is, Diablo 3 in 2 weeks. Skyrim is dead to me. I refuse to support a publisher willing to piss off a large chunk of its customer base in return for money.

  5. The only reason the 360 gets the DLC first is because they pay $10 a month for their services. If PS3 owners paid I’m sure sony would have had more incentive to grab all of those exclusive deals. It’s a fair trade-off in my opinion.

  6. I HATE consoles. Consoles are killing games and especially hardcore gaming. In result we’re getting SKYRIM instead of Morrowind level games.

  7. I’m not worried about it. The graphics looks like absolute shit on everything but the pc. a month of play before everyone else doesnt fix the fact their playing the ugly version.

  8. I honestly don’t understand why everyone’s throwing such a hissy fit over the whole wait a month, you’ve waited this long without hearing ANYTHING until now so why b****? Yes I play an Xbox, but you don’t see me complaining constantly how my POS computer can’t ever hope to play Skyrim, so I can’t do modding, etc, etc. So just calm down and think how long you’ve waited up til now

    Also, is “this summer” for Xbox players too? Or is there a confirmation on the date? Thx

  9. WOW!!! So many complaints about the staggered release dates!! Not to sound harsh, but to all the PC players, you guys have access to mods that no console does FOR FREE may i add!!

  10. Elder Scrolls is a PC genre. We know it, Bethesda knows it and since Microsoft owns both platforms why insist with trolling everyone like this? Doubt you’ll make more money with one month 360 exlusive.

    • Microsoft can’t make money off of PC games unless they run through the Games for Windows Live service.

  11. The way I see it, PC and PS3 players actually have the better end of the deal. Knowing Bethesda, this DLC will have loads of bugs on release, so even though Xbox players will be able to play the DLC a month before everyone else, they will also be the unofficial beta testers as they experience bug after bug throughout their playing time. By the time the 30 days pass and the DLC gets released for PC and PS3, most of the bugs will be ironed out and PC and PS3 players will get the polished version of the DLC.

  12. I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of HOW MUCH I DON’T GIVE A **** ABOUT XBOX360!

    Thanks again for screwing over your ever loyal PC fans.

  13. Would be cool a big update to solving more problems with gameplay and engine, the DLC looks “a nice poster” for now. Something for the mod community? there are a huge lack in quests.

    I hope for a new wave of fixes, the DLC have priority for the Xbox, i am pc user, so updates are more usefull. Later the DLC.

  14. For those of you getting pissy and saying you will be done with TES if it comes out for Xbox early… Well, I guess we know who the real fans are. I have plenty of friends who play both ps3 and pc and none of them are complaining, not to mention that a later release date for you guys will ensure the latest patch, so it won’t be as glitchy. If you would leave something like TES for something as trivial as a later release date, you were never really a fan to begin with. I personally have skyrim for both Xbox and pc, and although the graphics are better on pc, I prefer the experience of the Xbox. So go ahead, comment back and wrongly call me an Xbox fanboy for defending a company comprised of the most brilliant minds in the industry. All it’s gonna do is make you look like an ass.

  15. lol. but pc gamers dont worry, you have all of your unofficial fan boy modz you can live with for those extra 30 days. hell you have them right now. so stop whining. that’s one of the reasons xbox live has a price.

    • HAHA!!! YES!!! Precisely my point! You’ve had your fun, now stew in a MONTH of waiting, while we play the new DLC repeatedly! XD

  16. oh and let’s all cry that we are going to stop playing skyrim because of how long this dlc took to come out. think bethesda cares about you not playing anymore? no they dont, and to be honest i bet the dlc will be worth waiting for. so instead of rage quitting because of your lack of patience, keep in mind, the world is going to end this year.

    • Naw screw it, go ahead and rage quit, like you’re not going to come “baa”-ing like sheep when the DLC comes out. The SAME DLC that we xbox players will be playing several times in the MONTH you have to wait, rubbing it in your PC faces on Youtube! But hey…. you always have your 3rd party mods right?! BAHAHAHA!!!! XD

  17. Guys, how is not buying the DLC on PC/PS3 going to send them a message? All they see is “well, we sell less on those platforms anyway, so we should concentrate on the 360!”. The PC version of Skyrim is Steam’s fastest selling and most played game of all times – that’s the kind of message they need to hear. Bethesda will only listen to sales numbers.
    That’s why we need to buy DLC for PC/PS3.
    That’s how we vote with our wallet.

    If you have PC/PS3 friends who own Skyrim, buy them Dawnguard as a gift.

  18. I’m not going to read all the comments to see if someone already mentioned this, but I’m pretty sure when the plans for Skyrim DLC were announced this year, XBox only gets the DLC exclusively for a month anyway. I still haven’t finished Skyrim. I may never, even though I immensely enjoyed the game. An extra 30 day wait is nothing in Skyrim time.

  19. Knowing Bethesda they usually release buggy DLCs during initial launch. Let the 360 players beta test it for us PC/PS3 players.

  20. i don’t understand why everyone is complaining about the fact that there is no more info then this. id rather have this and a release date and that’s it i don’t want any more then that till it comes out. why would u want to see some of it this early ur just going to get too excited and when it actually comes out ur gonna get bored of it really fast. its like seeing ur presents on X-mas and them having a couple tares and u just looking at those tares to see whats inside just ruins the surprise. and for those who say they have w8ed for ever for DLC i don’t think u realize how big the actual game is. most games are tops 10 hrs long there is only 2 games i have gotten more then 10 hrs out of that are not TES games and they are dark souls and dead space 2 DS2 only cuz i loved it and beat it 6 times over. DS i played for 120 hrs, oblivion i have played a total of like 1.1k hrs and skyrim i have played for like 500 hrs. that is more then any game i know of, even if u don’t include there DLC. and for games that are 10 hrs long it takes like 2-4 months still for DLC to come out and some games don’t even come out with DLC(DS).

    regarding the exclusiveness, its a month and for those who are all like wtf this is so unfair. just think of it this way w/o the exclusiveness we would be getting it at the same time so for those who hate surprises its basically a huge spoiler a month earlier. and for those who hate spoilers just don’t look it up or watch vids of it. and if u do watch vids your problem. and if ur still pissed, odds are ur not even old enough to play the game.
    and if u are old enough u should already know… LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

    for PC players i don’t hear much complaining but from the people i do. if i had a sweet as computer id be happy. id just hook it up to my 40″ and sync my 360 controller have a number pad beside me for hotkeys and a mouse for menus cuz 360 it does not move as fast as i would like. but i don’t have a sweet computer nor can i afford one but for those who do u can MOD if i could do that id be happier then a pig in shit. u have DLC quality mods out there and u can even create ur own if i could do that i would make a paladin quest line that makes u get all ingredients(not just steel and leather stripes) to create a sick ass pally mace(what dawnbreaker should have been) that actually levels when u do(what every unique leveled item should have done).

    now yes there is some things that annoy me but DLC info is the last of them. 2 things i hate are that they said there would be no major or minor classes, well really there is and the fact i cant get perks back sucks. in my opinion the only way to eliminate major/minor classes is to get rid of the tree design and just make it so i can get something like master restoration without having to get the 4 b4 it. the second is that they take neat things away(oblivion vs skyrim) when it is a single player game. ex: oblivion had items enchanted with reflect spell/phy dmg now its gone. oblivion had normal moving speed with drawn bow now i gotta waste a perk to get that and it goes on.

    and there are simple things that annoy me but no one wants to hear all of that so all in all i love skyrim. and there are more good things then bad or not so good. and some things annoy me but long w8 for DLC/exclusiveness of it, are not one of them.

  21. I want this. But timed exclusives suck. A zillion people bought your game already – it sucks that you’re taking money from Microsoft for this.

    • Awww, does it suck? Does it suck as bad as xbox players not having access to creation kits and mods? GOOD!! Swallow that lump of unfair agony and CHOKE on it! XD

  22. Nerdgasm.

    It’s silly though, as all we have is the name of the DLC, as well as a Dovakhiin with glowy eyes…

  23. So I’m guessing we see this in july. I’m sure ps3 is getting it just maybe not for 6 months. But hey guys remember it used to be bethesda xbox/pc elclusive no playstation at all.

  24. While i can understand the frustration some PS3 & PC owners have over the XBOX-first release, I don’t think it’s that big a deal.

    Gaming companies have set up exclusive content with hardware makers for years now. And as it was said in a previous post, the money that Bethesda collects from these exclusive deals can be used to continue creating kick ass games.

    The 30 day waiting period is nothing for someone with a little patience. Hell, I’m working on my 6th play through, and I’ve still got tons of things I haven’t discovered yet!

    Aside from all of this, I’m really, really excited for some Skyrim DLC!

  25. Seriously guys there’s a lot of anger here for a game. It’s only on Xbox for a month, Bethesda said this a while ago, this is business, Microsoft paid for this timed exclusive, Sony could have done the same thing but they didn’t, so unfortunately you’ll have to deal with that, it’s 1 month it’s not like you’ll be waiting for years, and again it’s only 1 month until E3 so we should have some solid info pretty soon. Stop complaining its only a game.

  26. rotflbtc at xbox _360_ – hey there must be still some dreamcast and genesis owners out there – why not make exclusive deals for them as well 😀

  27. You know, Why is there an issue? It was said a long time ago that Skyrim’s DLC would be released for the 360 first. ‘Nuff Said.

    I own the 360 version of Skyrim. Is it the best version of Skyrim? Hell no. I’d take the flexibility of the PC version with the Creation Kit any day. That said when all the DLC is pumped out, Skyrim’s Creation Kit will keep fans busy and entertained. While anyone with a console has only the repetitive ‘Radiant’ quest system to keep them busy.

    Honestly, Skyrim and Oblivion are terrible ports for PS3. They were just not made for that console and it shows. People complain about issues all the time and while Bethesda tries hard to make these games workable, they will never be as good as the other platforms.

    All this mumbo-jumbo about PC/PS3 gamers uniting against Bethesda is a waste of time. PC gamers don’t care about the console wars. They don’t care about exclusive DLC rights. They care about the games. Besides, not all DLC comes out flawlessly at first. 360 is the test subject and PC/PS3 will most likely get a patched and fully working version of Dawnguard.

  28. Okay, I’m sorry but to all the “Loyal,” Bethesda Fans out there, get over it. Have you enjoyed playing this series for the past 20 years? If you have, then why would you let one month of not getting DLC stop you from enjoying the series? You really don’t seem all that loyal. Has any bitching PC player stopped to think, “Hey, we have a creation kit, why are we being such pansies about having to wait for a month?” Hell, I’m sure some clever little modder out there will find some way of taking the Xbox DLC, making it work for PC then share it. Think about that. Instead of complaining the whole month, try finding a mod or making a mod that is exactly the same, then if after 30 days you don’t succeed, buy the damn DLC. Problem solved. If your feelings are hurt that an American business took advantage of you and your new to this, I’m gonna give you a heads up, you might want to move to another country. God Bless the USA and our ability to do things the way we want to.

    • Please explain to me how you got comes out on everything else a month later out of “Coming this summer to Xbox 360. More details at E3.”

    • “Hell, I’m sure some clever little modder out there will find some way of taking the Xbox DLC, making it work for PC then share it”

      You don’t seem to know anything about modding.

      It’s simply idiotic to suggest that a bunch of amateur modders could deconstruct an Xbox360 DLC and rebuild it into a working PC DLC in a month of unpaid, part-time work, much less that they should just duplicate precisely official DLC from scratch in their spare time as if they’ve got access to all the resources and money of Bethesda and Bethesda’s law firm is on vacation.

      It doesn’t even make financial/business sense to make DLC for a multiplatform game exclusive, even if only temporarily. The only possible explanation is that Microsoft pays them heaps of cash for the exclusive DLC in the hopes that PS3 and PC players are so impatient that they’ll abandon those platforms and buy a 360 along with a second copy of Skyrim. That’s a a wildly unreasonable assumption to make, and it’s simply a reflection of Microsoft’s bad faith attempts to monopolize every industry they enter. And don’t bother arguing that point, because both American and European courts have found Microsoft to be a monopoly that uses underhanded and illegal tactics to shut down or prevent competition. The EU fined Microsoft $2 billion dollars for those activities not even a decade ago.

      If it’s Bethesda’s right to treat different customers with varying degrees of favor, why do the paying customers who are receiving unfavorable treatment not allowed to complain?

      Are you saying that only corporations have a First Amendment right to free speech? If you bothered to read the US Constitution you’d notice there’s no mention of corporations or capitalism anywhere in the document. In fact, the only mentions of economic policy are the sections which lay out the federal government’s power to regulate interstate commerce, international commerce and levy taxes.

      • You realise that when Quake 3 came out for Dreamcast it had Dreamcast exclusive maps and that they were extracted and converted for use on the PC version by fans and shared amongst PC players?

        There’s precedent. Just because you don’t understand how it works or how it could be done doesn’t mean it can’t be.

      • Bethesda announced in August that this was going to happen. See Here. It’s not like this is a surprise and if I remember they did the same thing with Fallout: NV.

      • Seriously?…Really? Lets see, make DLC for all ten people that still use PC’s to game and all 100 people who bought it for the (sadly, under used and under rated) PS3 and make a thousand dollars, or let Microsoft pay us millions of dollars to make XBOX 360 exclusive DLC and then collect our thousand dollars from the PC guys and PS3 market a month later. Sounds like a good financial/business decision to me.
        Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood American millionaire and capitalist pig.

        • Hahaha, it’s bitter comments like these that are making my day! Suck it up and play your crappy 3rd party mods while we Xbox players indulge in Heaven a MONTH before you!! Sucker!!!! XD

      • Actually it makes perfect sense to make Downloadable content for a multi platform game exclusive if you look at from the a business perspective.

        Microsoft pays out a lump sum of money to Bethesda to keep the content on a certain platform as a time exclusive and after that time period is up, the content is released and Bethesda still make their money from the content plus that extra lump sum from the deal.

        Microsoft announce these types of deals before the game is released, you see it’s a strategy that does not intend for “Skyrim” players to go out and buy an Xbox 360 and another game out of impatience, It is announced in hope that they could encourage gamers to buy the game for the 360 rather than the other platforms.

        It’s all about the money, this is how a business works. Bethesda have the right to agree to such a deal and if say Sony did not like it then they would either have to up the bid or put out, But they cannot complain or huff, else they might lose the DLC altogether and if people think Sony are not getting DLC for their console then they will leave for another platform.

      • Actually, it wouldn’t be so hard as you think. Though, it would take a fair amount of time. The modders would have to change the UI and keymapping a bit, as well as the file directories, and maybe some of the execution scripts. Other than that, Skyrim’s specific system runs mostly the same on both consoles. You can even use PC mods on the Xbox with a flash drive and some time. Still, I don’t think that anyone will bother. It would probably take more than 30 days to finish, which would make the whole effort pointless.

      • Considering the DLC would be created with Bethesda’s creation kit, it is feasible that the content can be translated, albeit not easily.

      • The only possible explanation is that Microsoft pays them heaps of cash for the exclusive DLC in the hopes that PS3 and PC players are so impatient that they’ll abandon those platforms and buy a 360 along with a second copy of Skyrim. That’s a a wildly unreasonable assumption to make, and it’s simply a reflection of Microsoft’s bad faith attempts to monopolize every industry they enter.

        Actually, you might just be surprised. It would only take about 1-2% of the existing market to decide 30 days is too long to wait. There are kids out there who are too damned impatient to just do something else for that time frame. Microsoft may be evil, they may be playing in an unfair game, but what they are NOT is stupid. Whittle away at PC gaming 1-2% at a time and eventually it dies the slow painful death Microsoft had planned all along.

        The sad part is, companies fall for this every single time at their own expense.

        The EU fined Microsoft $2 billion dollars for those activities not even a decade ago.

        And all that happened there was Microsoft basically asking if the EU takes checks. $2 billion to a company that size is pocket change.

      • Actually it’s pretty easy to extract all the files and they are the same on whatever platform they are on. The only difference is that the .dds textures are usually .ddx on Xbox, but I’m sure you could just rename them. You would most likely just need the latest update and drop the .esm and .bsa into your PC folder. Of course I don’t condone this in anyway or will even try it AT ALL. I only extracted one of the “older” game’s DLC and what I listed above it what I found. Think before you state facts you don’t 100% know are true.

      • lmao no xbox and ps3 file system is very close to pc a lot of it can be ported very easily with the help of the creation kit if anything it should be released on pc then xbox and last ps3

      • Actually it’s not so much of a marketing strategy. Because why should Microsoft force users to buy an Xbox, if the Windows 7 OS cost more then the xbox alone? Especially with the bad name it has created it’s self in the first few years of it’s release.

        But… believe it or not, a user in a modding community can do a lot more then create a simpleton mod. Just look at minecraft. It has plenty of amazing mods, and most of them were actually made by high-schoolers with some time. All it takes is a person with an idea, and a pre-existing kit to use with some well documented instructions. Those who dream can’t get anything done, those who do.. can. Those who can do, but have nothing to do with, are halted and forced to dream.

      • I think that the primary point here is that you only have to wait for 30 days for something. We console owners have NO creation kits. So, while you can go on creating lots of cool stuff… we have to wait until the DLC comes out to try something new. If we get it for a measly 30 days longer… then boo…hoo.

    • When i read these comments i slowly lose hope for humanity and realise why the world is so injust, people are so self centered it’s unreal, Bethesda is a company in a capitalist world they run on money, just like every other company and if they make a deal with Microsoft then I’m sure it’s part of their finacial plan.I thank you Bethesda for this great game and i look forward to some more hours in skyrim.
      Please add spears and again dragonsouls= perk points please.

    • I’ve read latest few mails and couldn’t see people complaining about the supposed 1 month of delay for PC version. You don’t need to be a genious to understand the feeling of gamers, supporting Beth or not: less bugs, less bugs, less bugs. You know, no matter how far you go with realism and graphic, as soon a player gets a huge wall missing texture or a dead body coming from the sky it is almost like a treath to the marvelous game you expected. Indeed I still play and enjoy the game, but I understand anyone complaining with Skyrim issues. Cheers!

    • Oh… yeah… because I’m sure Bethesda would just LOVE people porting their DLC… they same way they loved people using textures from morrowind in the ‘Morrowblivion’ mod.

      Any modder who tried that would be doing it down the barrel of a lawsuit.

      It’s a month. What’s a month? Moreover, 360 players probably deserve something extra for the lack of mods and long loading times.

      However, the dude who replied first is an idiot. Don’t ever underestimate the TES modding community… they’re capable of amazing things. People are willing to go to great lengths for the things they enjoy.

      • You sir, are an intelligent and amicable sort, I commend you, and hold you in high regard! Well spoken, and brass balls!

  29. Once again, the PC community is overlooked as usual. I mean come on, the PC community is what built this franchise to its glory in the first place. We are also the most devoted followers of the Elder Scrolls too. By the time it actually is released on PC, the incredible hype would have died down by a pretty large extent, so if it’s money they’re looking for, it’s not really helping them at all. Seriously, the same amount of people would buy it on Xbox if it were released on PC and PS3, what real difference would it make in the big scheme of things?

    • @Chris

      While our first game add-ons are coming exclusively to Xbox first, PC players are very important to us. The Creation Kit, Skyrim Workshop, Steam betas, and other updates have been geared towards PC players that have been with us over the years.

  30. I dont think its a month-after problem, the problem its the consolle —-> pc conversion (usually done with the foot, full of bug and created for consolle not for pc) for me is no big problem i am waiting a DVD version, i am not going to spend money for nothing, i pay then i want a DVD-support, and at least i have other games to play, and for the previous comment (before that) i am not going to buy a 360 the most useless consolle around :)just for the sake of a dlc LOL

  31. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bethesda added in the fine print of the creation kit that all mods are property of Bethesda, then sell the mods they like as 360-exclusive DLC and tell the modders who created the content that their unpaid labor is appreciated and if they be good little boys and don’t complain to the big bad better business bureau they can see Azura’s boobies someday.

  32. Those eyes definately mean that something changes to our player like a new power or shout. Dawnguard sounds a bit like a title. So i’m assuming its like Shivering isles where you become the ruler of that land, so here we become…a Dawnguard… of a very important place or object. Just a theory… Whatever it is, its BIG.

  33. i am kind of dissapointed that the first dlc is only on the xbox 360. it seems we people who buy the ps3 versions of skyrim and oblivion games get screwed over with dlc releases,since the ps3 version of oblivion didn’t get any dlc and now it looks like the ps3 version of skyrim’s going to be the same way. that really sucks because skyrim is one of my favorite games and i only have a ps3.

  34. Yada Yada Yada… as much as I love Skyrim, being a PS3 user I can’t properly enjoy it. So just give me some new Fallout news, lol.

  35. Everyone needs to calm down about the whole xbox exclusive thing. Thirty days of xbox players getting to play content first isn’t a big deal ad they will have to deal with all the buggy stuffs. The money made by xbox sales of the dlc and the money from Microsoft to have it first will allow for more expanses to be used to fix those bugs so it runs smoother for anybody . It seems xbox players pay first to be a dlc tester for free for bethesda. Honestly, I have played xbox, ps3 and computer versions. Xbox gets bugs too, maybe not as bad but pc isn’t that buggy either, plus you het mods easier for pc. As for ps3: yeah my girlfriend was having issues with freezing in fire and water and lagging in certain areas, but we deleted all The skyrim game utility data and updates, not the save file, and updated it again and it has worked perfectly from keep in mind that a month isn’t the end of the world. And hey ps3 remember oblivion? You had to wait a year but you got , if I am correct, knights of the nine and maybe horse armor for free? Quite bitching, if you can’t handle a month wait as xbox players get the first taste of bugs, then maybe you shouldn’t play skyrim. Finally , the whole about time thing, the game has been only seven months , and there’s around three hundred hours of gameplay and two hundred and forty four quests. Max level is eighty one and a half, if done right, and so with that amount of content , I doubt ninety percent of you players haven’t even completed everything in the game. The game is still pretty new, so quite bugging about new content and enjoy the game for what it is Untill the release of the dlc. Either then all that I for one am extremely excited for this dlc. Even of I have to wait a bit.