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    • True that, it is sad to see Bethesda giving content to the Xbox first even though people playing on the PCs are mostly the people who have played all of the elder scrolls games and are loyal followers. It seems as though Bethesda is selling out like many gaming studios now days.

    • I’m an owner of Skyrim for PC and I don’t care that the DLC isn’t coming out for PC until later. I’ve got 450+ hours into Skyrim thanks to all the fantastic user made content. I’ve probably got about 5 DLC’s worth of stuff to keep me entertained. No PC owner should be caring about the XBOX first plans for the DLC. The only people who have any grounds to complain about it are PS3 owners. They have been shafted to no end with poor optimization and game wrecking bugs, but instead of being rewarded for their patience and loyalty they too must wait on the DLC. Sorry PS3 users, but your best bet is to buy the PC version and then dig into the countless mods out there, you’ll get your money’s worth I promise.

  1. I really wish Bethesda would fix creation kit, and in-game bugs, before making new things. Not that I don’t want new things- I’m just sick of my npc’s not being able to move in any mod at all, and of running into simple mistakes that really spoil the immersion and gameplay. Not a big moan- but they said they’d fix the navmesh bug and it’s been months!

  2. Any chance of more fixes before more problems Bethesda? Please, the next update is not the DLC, is it? I dont give a shit for voice command, 3d glasses or exclusivity… i just need finish this damn 59$ of troubles in 2012!

    • Who’s to say they won’t do bug fixes with this release? I suspect they’ll also still release bug fix patches until (and after) Dawnguard’s release. I do agree, though, that there are a lot of bugs that will never really be fixed because they aren’t game breaking. Things like horses randomly flying through the air, mammoths spawning in mid air and then falling to their deaths, projectiles getting stuck into your body for days on end, water failing to appear (and animals running through it like it isn’t there). There’s still a TON of bugs with Oblivion and Fallout 3 that were never fixed. People just tend to joke about it and say that they aren’t bugs, they’re unintended features.

  3. I saw photos on the web, of the freaks of id software testing 3D glasses.. his friends to produce games with horrendous bugs. Probably the big deal with the horrible idtech5 and Doom 4, are useless 3d glasses, just like receive voice command first, and updates??? Please let me know of corrections! please, do not act like id software!

  4. Bethesda how many people do you have working on the skyrim project?
    if we knew this it would help us have a better picture of how team Bethesda works and maybe silence all those who moan about this bug not being fixed and so on.

        • I pre ordered the game got the updates for my 360 and played over a 100 hrs and i’ve never had one problem with mine no glitches no bugs no normal problems most have with bethesda games i guess i’m just lucky i guess but the mod/dlcs they have shown at keynote need to be title updates and i have one thing to be pissed about why make the werewolves be so beast and make it a shitty thing to be a vampire underworld vampires rape how about utilizing real lore instead of godamn movies for your vampires eh

  5. Even though I have an Xbox 360, all of my Skyrim time has been spent playing on my PS3. So when is this expansion going to come out for PS3???

  6. dafuq BETHESDA? We PC games respect you and stick to everyone of your games. I frikkin played Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and I spent my savings to buy myself a PSP when Oblivion PSP was announced, and you didn’t even release that. BTW,just so you know I HATE FPS’s (Fallout 3 and FNV were surely FPS’s). Yet you people just ignore us completely and go stick to the XBOX players who are probably playing some other crap on their consoles anyway totally ignoring Skyrim, the best game I’ve ever played (I am playing it for the seventh time now). Well, I can’t understand why I am raving in here when I certainly this isn’t going to change Bethesda’s mind, BTW again, the most user friendly site for Mods is Skyrim Nexus (Thought You’d like to know).

    At least, we have modder’s with talent who can give us FREE EXTRA CONTENT. We have Dragonbone weapons, Free Houses, Deadlier Dragons, and even Sheogorath advising us on the loading screen instead of some random buggers.

    I’ll stop now. Sorry for all the above, but I don’t think I am going to stick around with Bethesda if they prioritize Xbox. Can’t they not do Console-ial Discrimination?


    • We have been committed to fans on all platforms. We continue to work on new updates adding new features and with PC specifically, we’ve put more effort into the Creation Kit and Workshop than previous modding tools.

      We’ll have plenty more to share on our support for Skyrim soon.

      • We continue to work on new updates adding new features and with PC specifically, we put more effort into the Creation Kit and Workshop than previous modding tools.

        I’m glad to know. Now i do not need to ask anything else.
        Thank you.

      • How about you give us all that stuff from game jam video for free and we are even…

        Haha seriously, its not that bad its just a month! i would have RAGE like a mad if they would have made it 100% XBox360 exclusive, i also own a 360 but i only play GTAIV i cant afford the same game on both platforms, besides get the CK while xbox360 owners just wished to play with all the mods.

        But do give PC players something instead and soon, people are making a heck of a deal out of this.

        • i think you people are forgetting how much more PC skyrim has to offer, while we Xbox360 players are stuck with Nothing but the Original game. Why is there so much Griping with this, PC skyrim players have it made.

    • Look, the reason this is happening is because Microsoft helped Bethesda to make Skyrim and made the Xbox. If Microsoft made the PS3, the DLC would be earlier for PS3 gamers. You guys have console commands AND mods, so stop crying about how you’re being left out here.

    • bethesda are in no way prioritising xbox, in order to create all of the games you mentioned and improve upon them they must sign deals with other companies and as microsoft are one of the most wealthiest console companies they signed a THIRTY DAY DEAL!!! so you dont have to wait that long to get this dlc

    • Ok, that’s not cool. AT ALL. I understand your distress, but the Xbox players can’t do anything with mods that are EXCLUSIVELY used by PC gamers. So don’t give Xbox players any crap when the PC gamers already have a billion DLC’s fit into one mod control.

    • HAHAHAHAHA!!! You got the creation kit and mods, we get the DLC a MONTH before you!! XDXDXD Sit in your misery and rot!! XD

      • yes that is true pc gamers should be quiet we have to do the same thing on xbox now we finaly get somthing new

      • Hmm yea I know which one I prefer… I’ll just go download some extra quests to do while I wait for the official dlc.

    • I completley agree with you lately xbox has been getting lots of games/dlc early its really gets on my nerves! what makes them better then us honestly i think its becuase microsft bribes companys its really unfair!

      • The fact that you get a creation kit, third party mods and get all the patches early…. not to mention, we play it on xbox, that makes us better than you! XD Do us a bit favor, let that envy eat you alive in the month we’re playing it before you!

    • Dude WTF u basically killed your own argument u said it yourself YOU have talented modders who make really amazing stuff what do console players have NOTHING we cant mod we cant get cooler stuff and we cant have DRAGONBONE weapons so before you go bitching about what you want look at what you already have and stop thinking about just yourself.

  7. HMM….

    Activision and Vicarious Visions announces 360 exclusive DLC for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

    360 gamers: Cool, new heroes bro…
    PS3 & PC gamers: Waaaah! Nobody loves us! This is a conspiracy against us PS3 players!

    Midway let’s Kratos join the Mortal Kombat cast as a PS3-exclusive…

    The same 360 gamers: Ugh, that sucks that we don’t get anything but the game looks awesome. I’m getting it.
    The same PS3 gamers: WOO! PS3 IZ TEH BEST LOLOLOLOL. SUCK IT 360 1111111

    Koei announces PS3-exclusive content for all its games…

    360 guys: Ugh. Seriously, Japanese company (where the Japanese system is king)? Where’s the love?
    PS3 gamers: WOO! PS3 IZ TEH BEST LOLOLOLOL. SUCK IT 360 1111111 No XTRReme l3gends 4 uzzlolololol

    Bethesda announces Dawnguard to be released for the 360 with supposed delay for the PS3 and PC.

    360 gamers: I hope we hear more about this soon. It better not be just a few quests and crossbows.
    PS3 gamers: Omg u gaiz get something we aemrent!? Grrr! Raagggh! You gaiz get everyting. How come we no get anything evers????? *insert evil company conspiracy therory #49*

    Ugh.. I swear the PS3 community has more spoiled, entitled cry babies than any other system.

    Get. Over. Yourselves. Or buy western-developed games on…you know, western systems. Or in this case, umm… wait a month I guess. You will live, I promise.

      • yep, mods helped when (place title here) dlc was buzzing with gamestopper bugs until it was patched playable – wich always took 1- 2 months + 😉

    • Crossbows are an awesome consolidation prize. Seriously, if anything, the least they can do is throw in crossbows (flails and spears are killer too)

      • I’d also like to see other options for weapons. like maybe an Atlatl, or a naginata, but crossbows are f-ing awesome. Wonder what the second dlc is going to have.

    • Ehhh I hate people who act like that but as a PS3 user, I don’t care about any other games anymore. Skyrim is the only game I play and I don’t give a damn what other games favour, I think all games should favour all platforms equally so this shit doesn’t happen. But well, 30 days is a bit long really, but why do they favour Xbox? TES came out on PC first, then Xbox for morrowind and then ps3, so PC should get the game first but again I wish everyone got it at the same time.

    • To me is not the size of the team that interests me. I saw glitches it remember a beginner using the map editor, with things in the air, bad finish, and too much trouble with navmesh.. (moveto player) guys, without this all hope is lost.

      I wonder the deadline to deliver things inside the company, after years inside the editor and everything, deliver something in some cases, so unfinished.. i cant imagine the thousands of problems that team must have.

      Skyrim is exact what i hear in the making of, when the guy says: The World. Is all about mountains, landscapes, trees… but is a mess inside the houses, ruins, dungeons. The best part after my time playing this? a accidental death, stoned by bones, weapons, candles, pots, flying around the cave because of my !SHOout! to try kill a Troll.


      • I asked for the size of the team because everyone wants them to do everything at once but if there’s only like 150-200 of them delivering dlc and fixing glitches ect is a tall order even for a seasoned team like bethesda nvm what deadlines they have to meet i say put yourselfs as fans in the shoes of a bethesda worker and imagine what pressures they are under then you realise that having a buch of spoiled little gamers trash talking about your work is not very motivational at all we should be motivating them so that when they get the feed back from these blogs they feel more motivated to give us quality content.

          • …and yet just one person was able to fix the majority of gamebreakers within a fortnight of the creation kit being released… and Bethesda show no sign of catching up. Console players have every right to be annoyed.

  8. Seriously guys read up on stuff first before you comment!! Xbox 360 gets it for a month, then it will be released for PS3 and PC. Yes we know that PS3 had lag issues but seriously dare i say it…. Grow up!! Yes its a fact that the PS3 is better in SOME ways NOT ALL!!! Yet you still moan about us xbox owners getting stuff before you!! Three words… WE.PAY.MORE!! We pay more for this service. Get over it, you want exclusive downloads get an xbox otherwise stop moaning about it!!

    • Thank you finally someone understands we pay more so our servers don’t get hacked and shut down and we pay more so that x box has the money to pay to get it first so what we get it first we will be pointing out bugs that will get fixed and so we are the ones actually roughing it cause we are putting in input to make it better when you get it

  9. I think is all about turn into a MMO in the future.

    Until the desistence of the author, the mod “War in Skyrim” really shows the best use for the huge landscape, is all about multiplayer to compensate the small dungeons, the lack of action, because the enemy attacks are the same, sometimes you need sleep as hell for pass the game time, to see more action.

    I think the end of open world for single player is join the online activity after all.

      • Indeed. You’ll never get the same immersion in multiplayer because you’ll always have to deal with joe public and his leetspeek killing the atmosphere.

        • ES mmo has been announced. It’s beginning of the end, imo I had always liked that ES was single player & I didn’t have to deal with little kids I could just get in there & play. Guess thats a thing of the past. You broke my heart Bethesda.:*~*:.

  10. I think the game .Dead Island. offers an optimal case study, the sum of the single player campaign + multiplayer was great! To hell with the “cgi and feelings”. That talk over the cinematic and ingame (DICE 2012) i am sorry Todd, you talk to much about marketing a good visual, Skyrim is not necessarily a balanced game, the feeling dont match the final result too.

    We’re talking about making the game better return for the player, after all, both games have craft, kill and level up. The history is just a background in both.

    • you seem to forget something video game design is an art form you cannot go and tell the artist how to paint his picture you either like it and invest in it or move on simple

      • There the publisher is the art gallery between the devs as ‘painters’ and the investor – the latter shapes the painting, not the art buyer’s or the game developer’s desires and tastes – explains a lot why so many pr campaigs and games flopped of late… 😉

  11. In fact the period of painting the landscape, is conceptual, all free+feelings. Then it is necessary to organize and control the design of things, to not waste npc with tight dungeons and other problems. Do you remember John Romero? he drew every line of his maps in Doom, this is important, and all items are included in the picture. This control helps to remember things like “rocks on the floor”.

    Skyrim have things that leave an impression of stuff unplanned. Because the error is repeated many times.

  12. Looking forward to the release, tho, as an embattled PS3 user, I would sure consider it a nice gesture on Bethesda’s part to offer this to us at a discount.

    Either way I’m buying it, but I’m thinking extending an olive branch would be nice not only for PR, but for customer retention as well.

  13. If there was ANYTHING I ever wanted to ask for in this game it would be this, PLEASE make it so all the cool weapons in this game can be upgraded. Maybe its just me but it doesn’t make ANY sense whatsoever that the EBONY blade can’t be upgraded with EBONY, that and the side fact that there are the special versions of weapons like the Woodsmans Axe (only a unique iron battleaxe) that becomes completely worthless since if you upgrade the regular iron battleaxe once, it out damages it easily. Plus why is the ultimatum reward for the Companions (Wuuthrad) sooo worthless?! It should be the best weapon in the game but if you have a bound battleaxe you match it, and if you got the perk, you kick the crap outta it. Really, why can’t soo many armors and weapons be upgraded?! Please address this

    • Is better put double spells on your stuff, after master level in smithing and enchantment. The special weapons are just for unlock achievements.

      Conjuration have the magic weapons with soul trap, less carrying and the same effect. the rest are cosmetics, like mods.. milions of new weapons every day.

      Just a comment.

      • If you like “master level” say goodbye to the dlc. Everything returns to level zero. Your house burn to the ground and your wife leaves you.

        But if you buy the $KEY$ Transfer Dragon Blood(tm) ok.

  14. Im kind of a nerd and have 400 hours on this game and it’s getting a little boring so I’m super exited… Oh and I think it’s out for ps3 and pc one month after the release date for Xbox 360

  15. XBOX 360. I’m hating you with all my heart Bethesda. I bought a dam Steam pc copy yet Ill have to wait 1 fff–ing month. Why? What about all the bugs in the ck? I think Ill just pirate the damm dlc once its out at the pirate bay. I just cant support you anymore.

    • The exclusivity to Xbox is something that was noted originally in August during PAX.

      We have been committed to fans on all platforms. We continue to work on new updates adding new features and with PC specifically, we put more effort into the Creation Kit and Workshop than previous modding tools.

      • So where does that leave PS3 players? PS3 players don’t get mods, don’t get exclusive DLC (but do get to have it all spoiled by 360 players and game media) but do get copious amounts of exclusive game-breaking bugs.

        There’s no hardware limitation restricting DLC to Xbox 360 like there is restricting the CK to PC. Saying “oh but you get the CK” is just a strawman to distract from the real issue.

    • Just 1 month exclusive.

      Then you need buy Skyrim connection cartridge(tm) after that, a hardware detection start to check your Dragon Blood(tm). If you have the original Skyrim, a Dovakin with red eyes and makeup start kiss you, like a boss. After this, check your wallet completely empty.

  16. not too mention that ps3 is better anyways. and so is the pc due to the cool mods. xbox hasnt been good since halo and that ship sailed years ago. I can always take solace in the fact that god of war is ps3 only. Oh and im really not shocked that bethesda did this, they are pretty much thesame thing as obsidian that kept screwing up fallout releases on new vegas making people wait for lonesome road and it ended up sucking bad. yeah bergman your product sucked. anyways the day that bethesda can create a game where women dont look like guys is the day that they don’t anger the masses

  17. I bought the PC version, so it sucks that I probably won’t be able to play this DLC anytime in the foreseeable future. However, I honestly prefer the ability to mod my game over getting new content from the developers.

    With that being said, I wish you guys would release fixes for the bugs… and I wish the Greybeards were killable after killing Parthanax. Can’t stand them due to the fact that they claim the path of wisdom yet, to me, fail to see things from the point of view of others. Someone with wisdom can see things from the point of view of another… doesn’t mean they have to agree with it. Just means that if they were truly wise, they could see it.

  18. I’m pretty sure taking money from Micro$oft for a month-long exclusive on DLC is a form of corruption… Like the Pakistani cricketers who accepted money to lose matches. Or the recent news in Britain about a deal between a supermarket and a dairy to be the exclusive supplier of milk to that supermarket. Yeah, news here is slow. But my point still stands.
    I’m pretty sure we could sue Microsoft and Bethesda for corruption. I wouldn’t want to take too much money off Beth though, just tarnish their reputation.

  19. Right, I feel like I should share something on this topic. I’ll start by explaining a few things. The reason why this DLC/Expansion is comming for the Xbox 360 a month before the PC and PS3, is because Microsoft gave Bethesda an unknown amount of money. Now, believe it or not, the finicial crisis is not yet over. Not too long ago, THQ had to fire over a houndred empolyees and almost 40 additional employees from Relic Entertainment(Space Marine and Dawn of War creators).

    Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Bethesda to fire anyone, and to avoid that, they need money. So from that prespective, I do respect Bethesda’s desicion on this very much. And hey, maybe it’ll give them more time to polish and remove bugs for the PC and PS3 version?

    However, a month is actually quite a long time and because of that, the DLC MUST be good. If it isn’t, reviewers and players will say it’s bad, which most probably reduces sales for the PC and PS3. So from that prespective, is the money Microsoft gave really worth it?

    I personally respect your desicion, Bethesda, and as a PC gamer, I am forever greatful for the Creation Kit. However, you got to impress me on E3 with this DLC. As well as my friends and the gameing news sites I go to. If not, I just might not buy it.

    I love your game, Bethesda, but I am still a consumer and it’s about my money. But you’re a good game company, so I hope for a good DLC.

      • Bethesda may not run on Unicorn Piss, but unless you’re a Xbox bothering idiot (where are your mods? How about your console to fix bugs? Don’t have either right?) you have a right to be pretty righteously pissed off about it. I know I am, and it presents a major deterrent to me purchasing further Bethesda titles. Why would I buy from a company that habitually acts in Microsoft’s best interests? And it honestly makes me kind of sad, Ive been playing their games since Daggerfall, and its a slap in the face.

        Bethesda, you need to learn to NOT piss off your original audience, the PC gamers. All I have to say is Oblivion PSP. Bethesda’s finest example of Vaporware. I doubt we or PS3 gamers will get any of the DLC.

        But thats okay, we have the modders. I kinda feel sorry for the PS3 gamers because ya’ll dont.

    • If one is truly a Bethesda fan then they buy the release date on Day 1. Every DLC Bethesda has released for previous games like Fallout and Oblivion expansion packs have been quality.

  20. This is cool, it really is. What’s up with all the hate? I don’t really like that it’s XBOX-exclusive and I’ll have to wait another month (PC-player). But since you’ve already told us that it would be so I can’t be angry with you. Especially now when the CK is released. Bethesda, don’t take people’s nagging too seriously, you’re still awesome.

  21. @seriously: The funny part is, I read a comment in this thread stating that a player was going to buy an Xbox, implying the reason was for this purchase. Yes it’s clear that Microsoft pays for exclusive rights. I’m sure Sony would, too, just like any and all businesses have the right to bid on patents and copyrights. And speaking of rights, nobody said the individual didn’t have a right to complain. Don’t be ridiculous. We’re just explaining that 1) it’s been known since months before release that the first two DLC were exclusive and 2) Bethesda is well within their rights to do, well, whatever they want since, you know, they created the game.

    As a side note, I will say that exclusive content has played a significant role in my not switching to PS3. It’s like Microsoft knows what it is doing or something.

  22. So Xbox gets DLC a month earlier. They can test it out, find all the bugs, then Bethesda can fix most of it and release it on PS3 and PC. 😀

  23. I have a respect for all consoles seeing I play on all of them, including PC, I am sure when it is released we can all get along again…..Hopefully.

  24. What really annoys me is all these people complaining yet if it was 30 day pc exclusive pc people wouldn’t care. And if was 30 PS3 exclusive they wouldn’t care. They just don’t know patience.
    Yes they took money from Microsoft. SO do many others from multiple sources. IS naughty dog corrupt for making PS exclusives? NO! And the thing is it’s a 30 day exclusive so stop whining like a whole bunch of spoiled brats.

  25. I think it comes from the console itself being pretty expensive, and for an extended amount of time, and you have an extremely valid point.

  26. I gotta give you guys credit. It took me longer to realize then it should have. The Stormcloaks are whites, the Empire is the US Government, and the Thalmor are the Zionists who control the US Government/media. What a cleverly disguised piece of white nationalist propaganda! Well played, Bethesda, well played.

  27. odd that all assume ‘vampirism ahead’ and nobody thinks ‘in corpore draconis transmutare’ 😉

  28. Maybe they take priority for the console players, due to mod-less skyrim?!
    PC users already have mods to boost Skyrim game…
    It’s simply obvious the Bethesda’s choise.
    (I’m a PC user)

  29. How are you showing commitment to all platforms when you prioritize Xbox a month ahead of the others? So we get to hear all the spoilers for a month before we get to put our hands on the DLC? It would be different if the main game hadn’t been released simultaneously on all platforms, but when you start everyone at the same point and then delay things for everyone except one group, that is not commitment to all platforms. That’s you taking a quick cash grab from Microsoft and punishing everyone else for your greed.

    • You realize this is a business right? “greed” Oh shut up. They’re the developers not you, you dont know what goes on behind the scenes in bethesda game studios. Also like i said THIS IS A BUSINESS. THEY GET PAID TO CREATE GAMES.

  30. How can you guys be so upset about the xbox getting dlc ahead of time now? They said that it was going to happen before the original game even came out. They aren’t doing it because they like xbox players more. Whatever it is is between microsoft and bethesda.

  31. I find it incredibly annoying, the amount of people who INSTANTLY assume they are going to screw over the other platforms. When would that ever make sense? And in all the information I’ve found on it, they never once said “exclusive” Seriously, the elder scrolls games were PC and then Morrowind was basically a release title for the original xbox when it came out. They have more experience developing for the xbox. It’s easier for them and faster. Instead of trying to release the content for all platforms and be more buggy on all of them, they can focus on your damn port. So chill out, grow up and enjoy the game and amazing universe Bethesda has created for us. Seriously.

  32. Wow guys… it would appear that “Dawnguard” is dragon tongue for “send all your whining little skeevers here” 😉

    I don’t give a pair of fetid dingos kidneys whether you’re releasing it for XBox first. I look forward to playing it on PC.