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  1. Its disgusting how many negative comments people are making about something that was announced before the game even came out. And besides, even if you somehow missed that,it was obviously going to be released on xbox 360 first since its been this way since fallout 3.

    Please dont listen to anything most of these people are saying Bethesda, you guys are amazing and I dont know how you could do a better job. You guys deserve whatever bonus you’re getting from microsoft and everyone can live with an extra month of no DLC. YOU GUYS DESERVE EVERY PENNY! Especially if it’s being put to good use by helping to make better content and more updates, which I’m sure that it is, and even if it is just extra money in your pockets, you still deserve it.

  2. I really think that PC and Xbox should get the DLC the same day most of the hardcore Bethesda fans I know play on those two platforms (I personally play on both PC and 360 with a copy for each of the two platform that’s available for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout) I started with Morrowind on PC a long time ago and discovered the mods so I just started modding the heck out of the game on PC and bought the GOTY version for my XBox so I could play the vanilla game all the way through and have been doing the same for all Bethesda games since.

    Bethesda does such a great job so I don’t mind paying twice since I get two completely different experiences.

    Keep up the good work Bethesda and I’ll keep buying your games twice! 😉

  3. ok so this is what i think the dlc will be about roughly the glowing eyes clearly means something other than normal dovakiin crap going on the light comeing out is red which indicates fire the title dawnguard suggest a reference to the mythic dawn so my guess is that it will have to do with relighting the dragonfires or at least to talos

  4. My problem with this is Skyrim, Is the last single player, ES game and all the poeple will probily forget that they did this when they release there MMO. I don’t play MMO’s, So for me this just feels like a kick in the teeth. So Sad 🙁

  5. I don’t like the fact, that xbox 360 gets the first two dlcs one month before they hit the pc – but you guys at Bethesda pruduce epic games and as I know myself I will buy all dlcs as soon as they are available on steam. I would lie terribly if I said that I am satisfied with everything, however there is no game franchise equal to the epicness of TES games. I am in fact addicted to Elder Scrolls since Arena. Bethesda, you have my thanks for so many awesome games. I hope to see much more of your great work in the upcoming Skyrim DLCs.

    P.S.: good luck to Zenimax online studios with that Elder Scrolls online thing. I won’t play scrolls online, because I enjoy the TES singleplayer experience and don’t really like MMOs. I hope elder scrolls online will not affect or even cancel skyrim dlcs and future singleplayer TES-games.

    so long

  6. Hello Bethesda, Iv been a fan of your work sense morrowind and I know how it is making games like you do because I have made my own. even though yes the bugs do get upseting at times I still love playing your games, I just know that an Imperfect thing (man) can not make a perfect thing. Anyway I have to ask you 2 thing’s 1. will there ever be a system for the ps3 like you made for the knect? Id love to see that. 2. is it simply not possible for the ps3 and 360 to get the TES TK? or would that be soming that you guys would be willing to give us so that console players might be able to mod as well.
    Thank you for your time.

  7. I believe dawnguard is the rise of the falmer with their leader the snow prince in which maybe you get his shiny armor and spear. Of course we know the snow price is buried in solstheim so I believe it’s based there.

  8. Dawnguard is only coming out on 360 one month ahead of all other platforms is because their are more 360 sales than all other platforms and seriously pc players you have all those cool mods that 360 and ps3 players can’t get as for what dawnguard is about their is large speculation that it’s got something to do with the snow elves returning to skyrim and as for the vampire part not much is known but my best guess is that their will be you can join or start your own vampire clan. And we all know about the crossbow so I don’t need to tell you guys about that.


    Serious i LOVE skyrim but i miss the days where i could play rpg games with my brother like coop

  10. =] Not to brag, But I seriously just counted out all my saved files and have over 2,000 hours into this game. There is ALWAYS something new I come across, I think you guys did an amazing job.. really my fav game. I think one of the things that Would be really cool, and small, Is the ability to craft tents, and bed rolls where ever you want using animal hides and other things. And being a FEMALE player, we should be able to adopt kids at Honor hall,and have better female clothes. Thanks. =]

  11. First, Bethesda, u guys are awesome!
    Second. Pc ppl, shut up,u got mods AND ur getting the MMORPG.
    Third, ps3 ppl, really, why haven’t u guys got smart and switched to the 360 yet. Really, what is that u see in Sony that u stay with it. What does u console have that the 360 don’t. Oh! I’m sry. U ppl are giver, of all ur personal info. How many times will u deal with poor support, massive lag, and ur info being hacked? Such F***ing idiots.

    • Your a winner, Just for this comment.
      PS3 only thin they’re better due to their “Free Online” but hell look where that got them *Troll*

    • Oh come on, some people choose the PS3 over the 360 because they happened to grow up playing with the platform and like the way the layout is. Besides, I personally find the controllers for the PS3 to be more comfortable than the Xbox for my hands. Not to mention I have NEVER had those problems with my PS.
      Please, don’t hate on us for a different playing platform. We have the same interests in games as you apparently so can you keep the hating to a minimum?


    • well you see ps3 is more advanced than the xbox360 due to the blue ray player and being able to use the internet freely as xbox mainly centers itself on gaming PlayStation thinks all the possibilities that can be done as the ultimate gaming device plus PlayStation users love a gaming without the risk of a dumb little red ring destroying their system xbox has a 38% failure rate. Advancing from a disk tray that pops out and if the xbox is knocked over the disk is done for that is where PlayStation evolved and got rid of the tray. on another note PlayStation accounts cant be activated on other systems so if xbox player sell their account and buy it back that person has your info. ive never experience lag or account robbery and ive only ever seen one hacker online not like the xbox users that constantly hack other xbox users. while Sony works on the worlds greatest single-coop gaming system Microsoft can go back to making power-points or what ever it is they do. so now you know why we stay loyal to Sony. next time you post make sure you know what you’re doing and who you offend you idiot

    • Blu-ray access, the ability to play the playstation library of classic games, and fewer whiny kids when you play multiplayer. Because it actually has 1080p for games and can play 3D movies. Plus it is a fairly powerful computer.

    • I personally stick with sony, unlike you very poor person who probably only makes like $300 a month i have a 3D tv and enjoy playing my games in 3D and also i beg to diffder on paying $60 bucks a year for such a pathetic waste of money, cause you obviously like wasting money on something so pointless which i get for free, so you can argue better games and better realeses, but honestly for you to call me and all the othe ps3 owners fucking idiots? you have poor grammer and should go back to school you simple bastard 🙂

    • and i really enjoy playing the most in depth racing and baseball games the world has to offer and my ps vita is just amazing to bad you cannot afford it?

  12. You need online gameplay bethesda please ake it because me and my friends love skyrim and wanna play it together but we cant so plz make it online for Xbox360 and PS3 thank you for your time i hope it was worth it

  13. Easy people, they prioritize xbox because they surely have economic deals with microsoft for that, which it is understable.

    If they continue their support for the true gaming platform that is the PC as they do (simply because consoles are dated most of their lifetime and most importantly because do not seem to like keyboard & mouse which are the obvious controllers for many type of games like fps/rpg, etc) I will be happy, delaying a dlc for a month because microsoft pay them too, oh well, It must pay off econonomically I guess.

    Pc gamers in that month will just have to buy something else.

    • Accepting bribes, whether legal or not, is despicable, and shows a total lack of character, I no longer have any respect for Bethesda.

      • You are aware that accepting money for their game is literally the only reason they create them and that the extra money they make off it will help fund their new and upcoming games. Sure, it kind of blows but it’s hardly despicable. If someone offered you a shit ton of money to NOT release a game, something that requires no work whatsoever, wouldn’t you take the money?

      • There’s a subtle difference between bribes and contracts. Oh wait a second, there’s not, they are completely different. This is obviously either a contractual situation or more xbox copies were sold. Either way it’s referred to as sound business practice, not despicable. We waited more than a decade for Starcraft 2, we can wait an extra month for this.

      • it isn’t a bribe genius, each generation of consol has gotten a turn at being the first and favorite of an Elder Scrolls game.

        Playstation was Morrowind, PC/Mac was the first two and Oblivion, now the 360 takes the limelight with Skyrim get over it dude thats life and its buisness. simple as that.

      • Hey loser, it is probably in their contract for Xbox to get the dlc one month earlier than anybody else, so stop hating on the superior console.

  14. ok lets all get one thing straight people , skyrim is specifically a xbox360 game before any other platforms , thats the deal bethesda made with microsoft ages ago , theres no money situation or conspiracy going on , bethesda has chosen Microsoft to represent the game years ago same with oblivion … everyone stop crying and lighten up , the dlc is going to come out to pc and ps3 … you just have to wait a bit longer 🙂 the gaming industry realise’s that console’s are easier to play on then a pc, thats a fact . now that bethesda has gained momentum and wealth, they have decided to make elderscrolls at home in one of the following console franchises (Microsft xbox360 ) i think people need to realise that no game now is specifically made for pc unless its an online game those days of games made specifically for pc are kind of ending and in fact extremely rare. what im trying to say is elder scrolls is no longer a pc game , but a microsoft game . and yes they are doing elderscrolls online …. but that is a online game and i think another company different from bethesda is designing it.

    • You mean apart from the fact that elder scrolls has been a pc franchise since Arena?
      No games are made for purely pc: I think you need to do some research there, buddy, there are a good handful that i can think of off the bat, including pretty much every rts, and a fair number of rpg’s
      Consoles are easier to play than pc: 1. If you’re going to make a claim like that, you better be able to cite it 2. Sounds a lot like a 360 fanboy trying to justify shit-talk without knowing what they’re talking about

    • it is so a pc game. i dont care wat u guys say cause controls are easier,better graphics and mods. that is a sure sign of a pc all updates are on pc so eat that. im kinda mad dawnguard is on 360 first but hey,i can deal with it.But when people start saying elder scrolls is a microsoft game that makes me want to scream.

  15. I think this is well bull shit I play on the playstation and I have since the ps1 but anyway I think this is really unfair for the PC because they finish of your games they make mods that scrawny prick toad howard said himself he loves the PC community coz of all the mods they make so why screw them over? He might aswell of said I love the PC community coz they finish of our terribly laggy fucked up games for us i dont even care about the elder scrolls anymore I dont even know why I am writing this no cunt is gunna read it there is nearly 600 comments here saying WTF BETH!!! Yoy guys are arseholes I was so hyped gor this game in november and when I got it It was just mehh u guys make everything sound so good when actually its not ur release date was 11.11.11 the game wasnt even proply finished you guys are thick and this DLC Dawnguard or whatever the fuck use are callin it better make me feel like well what I use to feel when playing morrowind and obluvion

  16. This is atrocious. I can bet anything there are more people that bought this on Steam on the PC than did on the Xbox 360. I love Bethesda games for the most part but making something exclusive on the 360 is a slap in the face for anyone that bought this game on any other platform. Way to show favoritism.

  17. Gee, an image that surely wasn’t taken from ingame, with vague name and meaning that could mean anything and sentence that essentially says “we don’t care about you” to two whole sections of your costumer base.

    You guys sure know how to do marketing!

    I would initialize my slow clapping engine, but I forgot that would have to care.

  18. All of you would want to stop your bitching because there’s people out there who will have to wait several months before they can afford, should we make it free for them ? No because people would complain that there not getting it for free, now stop your childish bitching and wait the extra month, or buy an Xbox… Your choice

  19. I wish people would stop complaining about 360 timed exclusives!! the blame should never be put on the Devs. its all about the money. if you have to be angry be angry at micro$oft. or just…don’t get angry. you people should already see this coming! it happens with close to every major release!!! be patient, man. the other Xbox players and myself will be sure to let you know how great it is.

  20. Why for chuffing consoles first? Us PC customers made you and your games what they are today and you give it to XBox fanbois first? Why?

  21. I Really think some people need to take a chill pill. As a previous poster said, it’s only a game.

    As far as waiting a month for the DLC, ultimately you have a choice, if a month is going to make such an earth-shattering difference to your lifestyle, by and X-Box otherwise hand on 30 days for the PC version will be cheaper, less buggy and look a helluva lot better. Simples.

    To be frank screaming impotently on these message boards isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference now is it? If it upsets you that much, don’t play the sodding game. I’ve been pretty happy with Skyrim so far. Yes it is different from previous games, but that’s life. I enjoyed Morrowind and Oblivion and yes I am enjoying Skyrim. Are there things I would change in the game? Of course there are, but until I have the time, money and above all talent of the Bethesda Team I guess I’ll have to live with that. I’m sure I’ll survive.

    Okay time to go back to playing and wait to be trolled. 🙂

  22. Looking through these comments I can tell that people aren’t happy about the Xbox getting the DLC before other platforms. I can simply say that with each DLC that has been exclusive to one platform it is usually well worth the wait for other platforms. Take GTA IV for example, new stories and characters and weapons for the expansion packs, it was worth the wait for PS3 gamers and PC gamers; it usually means that exclusivity for one platform means that the DLC is good and should be worth the wait, if most of you 5 year olds can live that long. Behtesda have said that the exclusivity was a NOTE not a certanty, if you want exclusivity then look at the games and not the DLC, a few examples God of War (Playstation exclusive), Fable (Microsoft platforms), Halo (Microsoft platforms, Metal Gear Solid (Playstation until 2010), just think about what you type and look at the game itself before jumping to conclusions. I still play Skyrim among other games, does that mean I, an Xbox 360 gamer, am ignoring it? No it doesn’t! PC gamers, you have mods! Make a new adventure while you wait! PS3 gamers, you can play CoD or God of War or something else while you wait. Its just a stupid month, birds fly, grass grows, and Skyrim is still a multi-platformer!

  23. You gotta admit that’s a pretty damn bad title to the photo. “Coming this summer to Xbox360.” Putting it that way makes it seem like an Xbox360-exclusive. Can’t blame the fans for raging then..

  24. From the picture many people are coming to the conclusion it’s about vamparism. Could be true, but am I the only one seeing the possible relation between DAWNguard and DAWNbreaker, the daedric artifact? The eyes even glow the same colour as the sword does.
    Anyway, just an idea.

  25. swear if this doesn’t come out on the ps3 I’m never buying another Elder Scrolls game again. and The Elder Scrolls is my favorite game series.

  26. The dlc WILL include snow elves the dlc refers to the snow prince who was “wearing glowing armour and spear” so expect spears and a new land to explore I got all my info from the books in skyrim related towards falmer past and history and no I didn’t go in skyrim and looked forever I just found a website and read the books online and another thing I expect that the snow elves are still alive and well not as crippled falmer but As there true selfs somewhere in tamriel look at what I said and read for you self the snow elves are coming back with vengeance

  27. Please fix Skyrim before releasing any DLC!!!

    I’m at Level 78, dedicated 200+ hours to the game on my XBox 360, I’ve completed the main quest(s) and now Skyrim is all but broken. I can’t walk, run or conjure anything without the game freezing/crashing within minutes of gameplay. Before I completed the main quest I started to encounter areas that would freeze the game when I tried to reenter them (examples: Dragonsreach, Bloodlet Throne, Dawnstar Santuary, The Midden, Ansilvund, Understone Keep, etc.)

    Now the problem areas and load freezes have only multiplied making the game nearly unplayable. I’ve checked various sources for word on future Skyrim patches to no avail. With the pending release of “Dawnguard”, “Dishonored” or development focus on “The Elder Scrolls Online” I have no idea if Betheseda will continue to release future patches or troubleshoot the remaining bugs/issues in Skyrim. All I do know is that I can’t progress any further in the game in its current state.

  28. Everybody, don’t worry. Is coming out in all systems. XBOX 360 will get it first as usually and PC and PS3 will get it a month later. I have a PS3 and honestly, I could wait.

  29. I’d be more than happy with a decent working patch for ALL current bugs in the game in the next weeks, to bridge the time before Dawnguard is released for PC.
    The latest Hi-Res patch is great, but still has texture bugs. TESNexus has provided a fix, but come on Beth, how hard is it to copy that fix and make it official…

  30. see your wrong ps3 has lag yeh more then xbox 360
    but xbox 360 has horrifing menu lag
    bethdesa you need to fix the menu lag for xbox 360

  31. Bahahahaha!!! This is epic! Thank you Beth, for giving it to us XBOX players first! These PC kats get the creation kits, lots of third-party mods to play and all the patches first. Let them wait longer!!!!! To all you PC players whining about how we get the DLC first: ::ahem:: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!”

  32. Meh, I Don’t Know What us Wrong with Some of you Guys, It Would Be Awesome To Have It On PC, But We Can Mod Skyrim, We Can Add Any Content we Want to it On PC. While on Consoles *Most People Just Have The Plain Game, A DLC Would Be Great! But I Still Wish It Be Released on PC Too, If They Don’t… Then Cool I’ll Keep Downloading/Making Mods Normaly and Add Tons Of Cool Stuff To My Skyrim 😀

  33. I want it to come out on all consoles even the PC but what i really want out of Dawnguard for the xbox is more followers. I want to bring my wife, a guard, and someone from the assassins guild 3 followers would make me happy but more would be awesome….Like commanding a whole army? Make me king baby

  34. Im exited, and I’m a PS3 owner. A lot of people are whining, but it’s one month. I can wait, I don’t need it now. When it comes out I’ll buy it. People there’s a lot in Skyrim to do, and there’s a whole lot MORE in REAL LIFE. Do things while your waiting, don’t just sit there sulking and whining.

  35. I remember a time when the elder scrolls were made for pc. Now it seems a new elder scrolls title only becomes playable after graphic enhancing mods and gameplay mods and interface redesign mods are made by the fans. Don’t get me wrong I love the modding community and bethesda’s commitment to said community. But it just feels like the pc greats of yesteryear are leaving us all behind for the console craze and last but not least, its just lazy. So no to microsoft, no to exclusive xbox offers and no to the dumbing down of one of the greatest RPGs of all time

  36. Its either the werewolf quest in morrowind.. (hint glowing eyes and scratchs on helmet. Or the assassin quest thing in hammerfell .. Im pretty sure its morrowind tho

  37. Idk why, but I made the upgrade for the kinnect on my Xbox but my kinnect turns off whenever I actually interact with Skyrim… Has this happened to anybody else?

  38. look pc guys you got steam you got all the patches before us so lighten up you cant really feel that disappointed x-box and ps3 games sell more games than pc so why wouldnt they tap into that market and im shure microsoft paid to get exclusivity

  39. all i want is something like morrowind or some expansion to main quest or a new guild [dark brotherhood,theives guild,college of winterhold etc.]NEED CONSOLE COMMANDS ON XBOX :[

  40. You realize the only reason they’re putting it out on 360 first is because all of the coding for Skyrim is based on 360 specific format. For PC users, you guys get to sit and think of new ways to mod the piss out of the DLC to make Xbox owners jealous. And lets be honest, the chances of someone uploading the dlc codes and changing them to fit on the pc…pretty high. As for PS3 owners. Maybe if you bought a console instead of a blu-ray player you wouldn’t have this problem…just sayin.

  41. This is just pandering to money. Bethesda, if you do in fact read this, please remember your origins: computer games. Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, and even to an extent, Oblivion, were all PC games first and foremost. Pandering to an immature audience who is content with simple hacking and slashing is not the best business practice. I was appalled by the simplification Oblivion received in comparison to Morrowind. I was horrified by the UI in Skyrim, the delay of the Creation Kit, and by the linking of said kit to the Steam Workshop. Now, I understand that there was a contract, and most likely it was a very lucrative contract, but the matter stands that all the hype will be gone by the time the bulk of the playerbase is even able to purchase it. People will not buy a separate 360 copy to just play a DLC early. People will not convert to the 360 because of optional content. On the contrary, this will lead to alienation of many potential customers.
    This is not a surprise. I viewed several online gaming blog and magazine articles before, during and after launch, that mentioned the preferential treatment the 360 got. Neither was the delay of the Creation Kit. An ongoing joke was “”Want to hear a joke?’ ‘Sure’ ‘Creation Kit'”. I was not surprised at all, though, by any of these events. Most companies seem to cater to consoles first. I just hoped Bethesda would not be one of them. But I guess this is the thanks the PC customer-base receives for making Bethesda what it is today.
    tl;dr the rant of a long-time loyal customer

  42. People really need to learn how to chill on here.

    Firstly, ets get one thing straight, the only reason xbox is getting this first is money, when the head of the company who makes the console is bill gates, you’re always going to come in last. it’s nothing to do with a ‘thanks form Bethesda’ it’s simply money. call of duty did it too.

    Secondly, sorry to tell you xbox and ps3 gamers (and im both of those btw) but the elder scrolls will always be a pc game at heart, it’s where it started and someone pointed out todd howard said he loves the pc gamers and there modds. so just calm the funk down.

    ps3 and pc players need to stop getting so mardy about a 30 day wait for a dlc, ps3 i can see a reason, you wont have mods or dlc for 30 days but pc players, you have sooooo many modds you need to stop complaining! i’d kill for some of the stuff you guys have.

    just think, xbox get it first because someone needs to test for all the bugs.

  43. This game is the best on PC with all the mods and stuff. Sucks that the 360 gets it before anyone else, but thats just a marketing decision. For those that want Skyrim multiplayer. Bethesda seperated the two, that way they could focus better on each mode. Thats why single player is so great, because they did that. If you want Skyrim multiplayer, then just wait for Skyrim online to come out.

  44. Yep! This is what you get! Can’t WAIT to play it!! Oh, but you can, a whole MONTH!! XD Enjoy your little mods and kit in that time, should be plenty to tie you over while you wait a MONTH for the official stuff! hahahaha!!! XDXDXD

  45. The fact that the dlc is coming out for xbox 360 isn’t a matter of picking favorites, it was contractual. They agreed with microsoft i guess it is, that they would release the first two dlc’s that they would make 30 days in advance for the xbox 360 and any dlc after that would be fair game. so yeah chill my bro’s of skyrim.

  46. I really we will be able to adopt or ,,produce”kids,i think that bringing crossbows is awesome,liek the idea about snow princes,and i would like to see a quest or be able to play as the long lost race dwemer,like there would be a quest where you find signs of where was the last dwemer seen or somethin.

      • Oh you want some Dwemer? Good luck getting that on FailBox 360… oh what about PC you ask? Already have it on the Skyrim Nexus lololololol I pity people on xbox that want mods and new content but can’t have it…. and PS3? I feel like they are getting ripped off with all the game breaking bugs..