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  1. I hope Dawnguard and future DLC will bring much, MUCH more variation. Like the return of more complex features, such as spellcrafting. And I hope future expansions will make the current and future cities and towns even larger with nameless and respawnable NPC’s walking around to make them even more lively.

    Oh and more dynamic quests, please. No more of these glorified “fetch quests”.

    Much of vanilla Skyrim’s content seem to be copy-pasted (I’m looking at you, “unique” items/weapons/armors). And much of the dungeons are pretty much tunnels and Draugr tombs.

  2. I just want to say that I’ve been a loyal ES fan since the day Morrowind was first released for PC, I put 3000 hours on that game long before it was released to the console players, and I am shocked that bethsoft would betray me so coldly. And lastly, shame on you for limiting my weapon selection, I mean really are throwing weapons so wrong?

      • excuse me but there is nothing wrong with console gaming i dont care what console x box or ps but they are both great ways to experience a game its about the players style and i think Bethesda appreciates the fact that their games are loved and charished by the whole gaming community not just pc…. but , to be fair pc is also a great way to play a game due to the modding comunity so keep on truckin sarvok

        • Your inability to form a proper sentence or use any punctuation is by itself testimony to what kind of spectrum Skyrim is catered to, being it the dumbed down (and downright horrible) UI, the spellcrafting system, and so many other things.

          Dawnguard will be released on the PC and PS3 eventually; it’s still understandable that offering exclusivity for additional content (even if only for a limited period) comes across as a slap in the face to that kind of playerbase that Bethesda grew and gained fame/reputation with.
          Hint: Those players aren’t consoleros.

          • Yeah, I was mad at first. But then I remembered that I play on the PC, and we’ve pretty much had extensive and exclusive DLC from day one in the form of mods. And in the past (at least with New Vegas) the “exclusive” dlc for xbox has been so bug-ridden (worse than usual) that it feels more like a beta test than an actual exclusive gift.

        • i think what was meant is that it was made for console and ported to pc, it should have been mad for pc then ported to console, beth are sellouts

    • wow you spent 125 days, on morrowind, you should be well proud, i guessing you don’t have a girlfriend to brag to ?

  3. Screw that 4gb xbox, it’s flash mem, no DLC will download to it. Get at least 40HD. Also, the xbox is easy as hell to repair. I keep a first-gen Elite, day it came out I had it. I’ve modded it so heavily that it purrs like a kitten. There’s just jack shit can be done when PS3s go down. Requires a reball, and often a new eye for the BR player. But yeah, I enjoy it most on my Xbox, any game, any time…. and XBgold is so worth it.

    • lmao thats why i have every DLC for fable 3, fallout 3 and NV, and Oblivion and many more… cause the 4gb wont DL them…right. Maybe try getting the DLC from xbox Live not off a disc. Anyway works for me.

      • You’d have some trouble fitting all that DLC on a 4GB unit, considering most game DLC range from 500-600 MB each.

  4. Dont blame zenimax or any other dev its mircosoft and there spoiled child attuide if they dont get it first they wont hav eit on there system but you know its ok with me they are just beta testing anyway mircosoft is a horrible company they act like a giant 2 year old child that throws a fit because they know ps3 and pc users have better toys

  5. I just want to tell you guys what I know about Dawnguard. They released info. about it haveng to do something with snow elves, the problem is that ysgramor apparently killed all the snow elves. My thinking is that a couple of them fled, and re-populated their population. They might do something with they want to attack, but you are trying to keep peace, and it will come down to you picking sides. I personally like my take of it. I know for a fact that they are adding crossbows, with the picture… they might be doing something with vampires. They are probably fixing all the bugs they can right now.

    • i agree with everything . i do hope they add more though … im greedy lol. i cant wait for the new vampire abilities and maybe quests .

      • hey just fyi …..the snow elves turned into the falmer ..they werent killed off … it says so in a quest.. my take is that to escape isgromors wrATH THEY fled to the dwemer , and the dwemer were like no way dudes , so they wiped the dwemer olut and took up refuge in thier vast underground complexes …. when you think about it it makes since… but yes the update files were hacked and there were files under snowelf prince and crossbow and stuff so ….cant wait !

        • umm snow elves didnt wipe dwemer out, they explain it in a sense in morrowind, dwemer kind of obliterated their entire race

          • Dwemer technically vanished due to them following Dagoth Ur and attempting to use Kagrenacs tools to achieve a type a divinity I guess you could say. Also, you can do Arniel’s quest from the College of Winterhold and he attempts the same experiement as the Dwemer and has the same result. sorta.

          • Actually, to escape the wrath of ysgramor, the snow elves sought out refuge in the dwemer cities, the dwemer aloud them to live in the deepest tunnels and be their slaves, the snow elves went blind from being underground and revolted and killed all the Dwemer.

        • it was explained even in skyrim what happened… centuries of being dwemer slaves used for mining and being kept in subterranean captivity made the snow elves into the falmer.

        • it actually says in a quest that they run to the dwemer and were given plants to eat that were toxic to make them blind and theyy were turned into slaves. That’s how the falmer came around

        • You sorta got that right zman. When Ysgramor and his companions came to Skyrim they fought the Snow Elves, drove them from their lands and claimed them as their own. The Snow Elves fled underground to their cousins the Dwemer (Deep Elves) who sheltered them for a time but eventually turned on them and drove them from their halls into the subterranean caverns and forgotten caves of the world. Over time they evolved into the what we now know as the Falmer and hold a deep resentment and distrust for all other races.

    • There is info that the snow elves where pushed underground and maded into slaves by the dwarfs and that they became the felmore. its in game content that you can find i dont remember witch mission but i remember the city guards r green. been a while since i played

      • It states in the thives guild guests that the snow elves were turned into the falmore do to the dwarves betraying them.

  6. this is so awsome thank u bethesda greatest game makers im so excited about this,but i need to say playstation and xbox360 users please dont fight lets just talk and revel about what this game could hold ( :

  7. Anyone having PS3 glitches still should delete all game data, corrupted saves and updates from the PS3, while leaving the uncorrupted save data alone. Then start the game and reinstall the data and latest update.

    This fixes a lot of issues since the most recent update is not compatible with the others it seems. I was crashing every time I went into the water after the latest update, then I did what I described above and no more crashing.

    • Actually, you don’t have to delete your saved data, just the original install and previous update, then reinstall the game and the new patch.

  8. Bethesda, please add more animal and creature variation, make sure their ragdolls and animations arent bugged.

    • I fell in love with The Elder Scrolls series with Morrowind,though I’ve played the older games, and though the franchise is still my favorite of all time, one thing has has been gradually disappointing me. This is the conversion from the wonderful, semi-alien creatures of the first few games into a simulation of real world animals, like wolves, bears, horses, cows (werent Guars good enough??), or classical rpg monsters, like giants, or zombies (whatever happened to bonelords?). I mean, its fantastic when these creatures fit into the lore, as do the dragons, but part of the reason I enjoyed the Elder Scrolls series was because it didnt conform to typical medieval rpg. Please bring back the creativity! Where are the Netchs, the Dreughs, the Durzogs, the Twilights? Or at least new creatues for Skyrim? I would have thought that the Udefrykte would at least be a different creature other than a troll- Elder Scrolls lacks the diversity it used to have 🙁

  9. microsoft pays bethsada…
    so that means its be cheeper… right?

    thanks bill we ps3 people appreciate it

    ps3… saves you money.

  10. Damn, after reading some of the comments it really seems like the level of the TES community has sunk to niveau below zero since Skyrim…

  11. Ive read all the comments and no one seems to be excited about the dragon mounts? i mean come on! how cool will it be to fly around skrim and breath fire with it?!

    As for attacking from your horse, i think it’d be pretty bad ass. Just think you could run down your enemy and put and arrow in their back while riding, legolas style. <== Not to metion if you got a finishing killcam for that too!

    • i would love to turn into a dragon that would be even better , and having the option to choose what type of dragon you morph into such as , blood dragon ,ice dragon, fire dragon ect.

      • yea what if the kill cam let you lean off sadle and shoot … just like legoloas… or even when killin mamoths you klimb uop thier sides and shoot three arrows into base o skulll then slide down trunk …. or is that overbourd?

      • Actually, there’s a pc mod for this. It’s not perfect, but you can fly, shout, bite and hit things with the dragon’s tale. It does need SKSE however, and the dragon has a tendency to fly through the ground if you’re not careful.

    • Fighting on a horse is what I really want. First character I made was a Legolas clone so imagine my rage when I stole the horse outside of whiterun and couldn’t attack anything. I am lovin the killcam though. Looks so badass when you bring the enemy down with the final arrow.

  12. i would like to see also more clothing or robes for mages or hardcore spell users.
    personally i think the major want in any adventure quest game is the ability to be able to fly weather its on a mount or in my personal fav is the ability to self fly , i have this image of a wisp or cloud of dark smoke speeding through the air hitting the ground and you character appears….. i know some ppl may think thats corny or lame but … eh :). i dont think its going to happen but i guess i just like passing ideas across .

    • It will be, but not for a few months. Why? because M$ is an evil cooporation that offers developers an obscene amount of money for timed exclusives. It sucks, but hey, what can you do.
      except play on PC, because you should be anyway.

      • it does suck… having us gamers have to wait becouse we play on the ps3 or the xbox wile those selfish consel makers decide to bribe everyone… and has any one ever thought to put a consel in a consel game… i mean you can send messwages and theres keybords… you can definetly put a conel in a game… they could definetly add a bunch of stuff
        to a consel game that they wont for some reson… and why does ever body complain about the xbox or the ps3… i have both… they both have some thing that are better then others… there both eaqually great in there own ways… yet game mekers give others the first thing or whateer… and gamers allways complain about wich is better… i just game to game and for the joy of gaming… not to prove wich is better or to brag about how i get the DLC first (wich i dont) if i ever had a game compant i would try my hardest to keep it fair… not to say… oh look, he gave me money, im going to release the DLC to him first… this is a preitty long message and has typoes… thats what heppens when u type as fast as u can… (lawl)

    • Calm down, it will be. It will just come at a slightly later date. Microsoft paid for early rights to the content. PS3 and PC will get it as well, it will just be somewhere between a month and 3 months after the 360. (expect only one month)

    • it is going to be on PS3, its just that Microsoft have rights (don’t ask me how I don’t know) to have dlc from Bethesda games like fallout and TES 1 month before PS and PC does.

  13. Spears. I want a spear. Who the heck designs a game around slaying dragons and leaves out the 12 foot pike? The lack makes a dedicated melee fighter less of an option, and ES has always been about options…. play the game your way, y’know?

    I’m gonna duct tape a knife to a broom handle and I’ll see ya’ll in a bit….

  14. Take the stone road SW out of Fort Neugrad. Follow it
    until it comes to a gate on the Southern edge of the
    map. You will not be able to go beyond. Maybe this is
    where Dawnguard will be.

    • thats the border of cyrodiil. theres another gate just like that in the east, north of riften. that is the border of morrowind. look at an oldschool map from daggerfall or arena and youll see what i mean.

  15. Flying would be cool as long as it’s not like before were you just started walking off into the air. I saw a mod for flying but it looked like they were pulling a superman with one arm out straight. I thought it looked corny.

    Being able to turn into a dragon would be way better though.

  16. I’m so excited for the new skyrim dlc!!! Finally something more to do. I hope they add a new area or something like one, also i wonder if they will add more and cooler spells, shouts, armor, weapons, EVERYTHING!!! I was just watching chronicle lol so i was thinking about a force spell or ability haha!

  17. I hear a lot of talk about Snow Elves (namely the Prince?), crossbows, and dragon mounts. Couple of notes…

    1. Snow Elves = Falmer. Remember that giant statue at the end of the Thieves Guild with the Eye of the Falmer? I’m not certain, but I would speculate that is the Snow Elf Prince. Either the DLC takes place before the Battle of Moesring (time travel through the Time Wound?) or you would merely interact with the ghost of the prince. Strange still is he used ice magic during the battle but has a script for fireball in the recent patch. According to lore, Ysgramor didn’t kill the Falmer but drove them underground after the war where they were enslaved by the Dwemer until their master’s disappearance. It would be a strong case of P.I.S if one tribe just so happened to avoid the whole war and remain civilized while the rest were turned into abominable creatures.
    2. Crossbows – Wouldn’t a crossbow defeat the purpose of the Archery skill? Essentially, they were made so that commoners could fire at long range without training. Factor in the rate of fire (unless it’s a repeater crossbow which raises more questions) and its questionable power, it strikes me as rather odd. I suppose its possible that it’s just a resurfacing of a Morrowind favorite?
    3. Dragon mounts – they already have the animation for the Dragonborn to mount a dragon but it would be out of character for Bethesda to give the player that much of an advantage over the environment or would actually animate a battle between two warriors atop of dragons. My guess is it is just another means of transportation to a far away land, no control just fast-travel much like the carriage, that is if it really is added in the DLC.

    I understand it’s fun to dream up crazy add-ons and wish for ludicrous amounts of material, (PC users are more prone to achieving such things with user created mods), but that’s why they’re are mods and officially released expansions.

    If anyone has any citations to dispute my notes about the DLC, I’d be happy to listen. Now as far as my shot in the dark for future DLC, I wouldn’t be surprised to revisit to Morrowind or even Cyrodill in the 4th Era. Perhaps even Daggerfall.

    • I think Snow Elves isn’t as far-fetched as you make it sound, if their culture was isolated enough, the Nords may never have found them, and they wouldn’t go underground and become Falmer.

    • crossbow wouldn’t be too far fetched since the dwemer machines that roll around in a ball have one of their left hand also in the dwemer museum in the first room when u enter there is a display case with 2 arrows and something else can’t remeber but one of them is an arrow you can’t pick up maybe a crossbow arrow?

    • Daggerfall is not a provice, I think you’re confused with Hammerfell. Daggerfall is a game title.

      However, would it be nice to visit Hammerfell (which is where Daggerfall takes place?) Yes, I believe it would be. The lore states that the Aldmeri Dominion has conquered Cyrodil, bringing the Empirical government under their control instead of Imperial control. Themselves come from Alinor (previously the two provinces of Summerset Isles and Valenwood), and have politically taken control of the Empire and Cyrodil. They had a foothold in Hammerfell, but got resisted and Hammerfell, with their seccession from the Empire is the only province to date to have resisted the new Aldmeri Dominion and their ruling.

      Essentially, since the Empire is now under the control of the Aldmeri Dominion…Elsweyr, Black Marsh, Morrowind, Cyrodil, Summerset Isles, Skyrim and Valenwood are all the new Empire.

      The biggest one in question is High Rock, which is above Hammerfell. I only assume they’ve joined that new Empire as well, as they have strong ties to the High King of Skyrim and Torryg (or whatever) accepted Aldmeri rule.

    • just an entire daggerfall remake on the skyrim engine would be an incredible piece of DLC. or even a whole separate game. shrink the iliac bay map down to skyrim/oblivion map proportions and we would have quite an adventure

  18. Pole arms, flying potion, more conjuration spells, telekinesis on people and creatures, throwing items, pets (like a wolf), getting drunk. that’s all you need.

  19. I’ve been a major fan of pretty much every Bethesda game to have ever been released, and my favorites being Fallout and The Elder Scrolls (I would have to take TES over Fallout, though, considering I am so fascinated by the background story and lore that had been created). I am with you guys at Bethesda Studios 100% of the way, no matter what. It’s not easy creating an immersive RPG world and making everything work perfectly, and it’s obviously not easy to please every single one of the idiot fans out there who whine and think that they could make something better. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who has the same thoughts either, there just needs to be more considerate fans. Other than that, I’m looking forward to all of Bethesda’s future projects, and more specifically Dawnguard and The Elder Scrolls Online!

  20. To the people of bethsoft you guys rock love Skyrim and cant wait for Dawngaurd, only thing is wish you could put in more and rare armors amd weapons as in with different graphic appeance like Dawnbreaker and the like, but still thanks a lot for your games am a big fan Fallout 3, NV. Keep up the good work!

  21. it would be nice if we could shot arrows or cast spells while on our hourses. the main reason why i dont like the horses is because i cant blow up bandits with fire ball and travel 50 miles an hour.

  22. I hope that add some additional crafting options into the game. Having no matching weapon set to go with Dragonscale(plate) armor is…well, disappointing. Seriously, what would be more badass than an ivory-looking great sword made out of dragon bones? or how about nice shiny bow made out of dragon scales with matching arrows?

  23. This is a DLC ot a full game. There will be some great stuff added but not a whole lot. I read a comment saying that they should unlock the whole of Tamriel. That would be a full game alone trying to have that. This is no doubt it will be awesome but remember, this is only a DLC.

  24. I feel a little trapped by Skyrim, not by its size at all. It seemed Morrowind and oblivion had more self customizations,IE: armors, spells and weapons. Graphically its the best. But remember two worlds one copied your ideas and did and exceptional job even with a below average graphics engine. Content is every thing guys. I hope This DLC can beef up the lack of customization and choices in armor, weapons spells\. Also their are not enough monsters. Their also should be and exceedingly high level cap with monsters to match so the game will last longer . That way their is some thing to do until you come out with the next game. No matter what i say its probably the best game of its kind yet.

  25. Skyrim feels to restricted, but not in the geographical sense. If you take a step back and look, there are less skills and overall number of items in the game compared to Oblivion or Marrowind. Also, there isn’t as much variety in the visual design. In Oblivion each city is architecturally different, were is in Skyrim many cities are somewhat of copies of each other. Granted cities such as Markarth are a breed all their own; it just feels like Skyrim starts to get a bit monotonous.

    I hope that in this new DLC, that you would go somewhere a bit more exotic such as the Summerset Isles or Esywar. Although, I do believe that in the DLC you will end up some expedition team that uncovers so long-lost Falmar/Snow-Elf strong-hold. Think about it, who is to say that a group of enslaved Snow Elves didn’t rise up agasint their Dewmer masters and take control of said city before the Snow-Elf race was transformed.
    Maybe “Dawnguard” is a play-on of Redgurads? You could very well have to deal with the Akir warriors in someway. Second civil war, but now with our scimitar-wielding friends from the east? Probably not.
    Finally, I would like to know what would happen if Ulfric became high-king? Embassy mission to the Imperial City or if Ulfric died, sent to the emperor for awarding job well-do. The whole Dark Brotherhood would have to play into effect, but with the Broken Steel add-on after Fallout 3 proves that Bethesda can make a good post-story DLC.

    If you liked what I had to say, thanks, or if I mess up with my facts or you just don’t agree with what I had to say please reply.

    XBL Gamertag: My Names Rigel

  26. ok i have been reading some really retarded comments so let me get some things straight…

    1. they havent released ANY detail other then that picture and were it was going to be announced…. there might not be dragon riding or snow elves or crosbows

    2. it is a PC game, and it allways will be, the reson xbox gets it first is becouse they payed for the rights, you get it first… you also have to pay 60 dollars for membership and online play…

    3. beta testing is testing for bugs… beta testing is comeing for xbox… the means PS3 shouldent have as much bugs… probably not 100% bug free just like any other game… but it wont have as much… and when beta testong ends xbox will get its bugs cleaned too…

    4. the xbox or ps3 can last longer depending on how you care for the systems… if you just let dust grow all over your ps3 or xbox… its going to die fast

    5.although ps3 dosent have alot of online content… you also dont pay for it…

    6. all of PC PS3 XBox are great in there own ways… PC has mods and graphics but has lag… XBox can lag, has preitty good graphics but no mods, ps3 can have great graffics, only lags if its frozen from bugs(same with XBox)and still has no mods… XBox also has more online content… but you have to pay for it

    7. personaly i think there all greedy… i look at every game… even year old ones… there all 60$ thats preitty retarded

    8. the DLC is comeing to PC XBox and PS3… XBox is getting it first becouse they have money from people paying for online…

    9.about 97% of xbox users commenting on this are imature becouse most of them are braging and saying “yes! be mad!” i mean seryusly… just shut up.

    10. im done.

  27. Been a huge fan since Morrowind.. the series is still producing my fave games of all time.. but PLEASE stop making them increasingly easier!! Played Skyrim on master and within a few levels am practically untouchable! I remember getting killed over and over by the first rat in MW lol. Yes, i could run around without enchantments, armour etc.. but i don’t want to have to ignore large elements of the game. I should be panicked when a dragon flies over, not kill it in 3 hits without breaking a sweat. At least introduce a ‘nightmare’ setting. otherwise.. awesome!

  28. I hope they bring quick keys for preset equipment in either hand. Changing from spell to spell constantly when you are a mage becomes a nightmare even with the Q key quick access option.

    There is nothing quicker than pre-setting keys 1 to 0 with different spell settings so you don’t have to pause the game constantly.

    • you actually can. Go to the “Q” favorites UI and hit 1-0, Then all you have to do is hit the corresponding key for which ever spell you need. it Comes in handy for bow/melee as well.

  29. “Dawnguard”
    A few possibilities:
    1) Snow Elf plotline
    2) Has to do with Dawnstar
    3) Has to do with Meridia (Dawnbreaker)
    4) What was that other continent the Nords were supposed to have come from? Anyway, those guys try to invade from the north.
    5) Sheogorath dances the Fishstick.

  30. I would like to see more crafting options like clothing, tools, new armors, etc. Customizable colors/dyes. Ability to use embalming tools as weapons. That was the first thing I tried when I saw them, I was sorely disappointed. I want to be able to make armor out of any type of metal; I.e., ebony armor made of gold. Daedric armor made from silver. How about weapons? Ebony steel dagger? Golden daedric battle axe? Where are my silver weapons? Only found one type of silver sword and I can’t upgrade it with silver ingots… Wtf? Anyway things to think about.

  31. Addendum: Spells need to level with you. I love “flames”, “frostbite” and “sparks”… I’m nearly maxed out on Destruction yet it is impractical to use them against even the most mundane skeever. I want master level sparks, flames and frostbite. Fireball is cool and all but a gout of flames is always more fun.

  32. I think that if your disposition with the people of the hold is high enough they should willingly let vampires feed from them as long as they have a blessing from a shrine active, or not care if they change into a werewolf. Maybe even allow us to create a clan, or marry a vampire, heh

  33. I hope they add polearms and an item/armor/weapon that’s like the ultimate thing and you have to like a big quest line or doing alot of caves/dungeons to get items and at last smith this super item.
    Also make smithing harder so you can’t level up to 100 at a low level.

  34. Hi people all I see here is aload of bashing I have skyrim on Xbox n pc so I enjoy every aspect about the ps3 bug issue yeh I feel bad for u lot but serious u went and bought the game now complain about it being on Xbox for 30 days early when it was stated before release of game, pc has mods so to be fair they have had access to stuff most don’t, as for ps3 I’d say next dlc goes on them for 30 days before? But if ur complaining now when in theory u knew it was coming out on Xbox first u shouldn’t of bought the game, consoles n pc are a business they compete with each other just hang in there we will all get. Apiece other wise go hate sumwhere else.