Happy 10th Anniversary, Morrowind!

Time sure flies.

10 years ago this week, we released the PC version of the The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. While I was still a senior in college at the time, I remember it being a monumental release, and I was envious of PC gamers playing it before it released on Xbox. In the five years I’ve been working at Bethesda, I’ve learned to appreciate the game even more. The game was vital our company, and allowed us to continue the series with Oblivion and Skyrim.

It never ceases to amaze me how strong Morrowind’s community remains. The modding community continues to push the game to its limits and Morrowind will always be the sentimental favorite for longtime fans.

Want to go back and play the game? Grab it on sale on Steam and GameFly.

Feel free to share your favorite memories in the comments section.

Reader Comments

  1. Happy birthday TES III: Morrowind! Tooday I admit I never really play this great game anymore, but I still make and test many kind of mods. This game will almost never die. Every time I say too my self – “now it’s the last time I’ve messed with this old and buggy game”. I always end up coming back usually after a break for five or six months. This time it’s been over a year since I played for more than 10 minutes, but something tells me that I might be forced too test a mod at any time.
    Even after more than six years I still have the option too start Morrowind at any time if desire.

  2. I came to Morrowind after playing Oblivion. I found it really hard, but thanks to the help and encouragement of the guys on the Elder Scrolls forum at IGN, I persevered and have never regretted it! I play with no mods, and still find places all the time. It is huge!. Even now with Skyrim, Morrowind gets it’s few hours a week. Thank you Bethesda, for the only truly open, open worlds you give us to visit.

  3. Thank you guys! you gave me the best game of my childhood, I have great memories of it, and that music…. I could just stare at the start menu for ages listening to that great soundtrack. Great job guys, congratulations and thank you again!

  4. Ahh yes Morrowind ^^ My first TES an my First Game that i loved 😀 I Was first a noob in TES. My first Chrakter was a Nord Mage with an Battleaxe and member of House Hlaalu.