Game Informer announces The Elder Scrolls Online

Since opening its doors in August of 2007, we haven’t been able to say much about happenings at ZeniMax Online Studios – until today. Announced just minutes ago, Game Informer’s June 2012 cover story is… The Elder Scrolls Online!

The magazine will be available to subscribers early next week and should arrive at GameStop stores shortly after that. You’ll also want to keep your eyes on Today they put up the magazine cover, and you can expect more updates throughout the month.

The Elder Scrolls Online is planned for a 2013 release on both PC and Mac. To keep up on the latest news for the game, check out our official Twitter and Facebook accounts for the game, and also visit the game’s discussion forums.

More to come!

Reader Comments

  1. Not enough that Skyrim has been sacrificed to Microsoft’s Xbox360 – now it seems like the “The Elder Scrolls” game franchise became a victim to the virulent MMO-plague. TES once was the most epic singleplayer RPG series on PC.. I am pretty disappointed.

    Well, thank you for the great time with Arena, Daggerfall and especially Morrowind. In my opinion it is sad what happend to The Elder Scrolls.

    • And for the people that dont understand that u cant have 90 ppl in a town with the awesome graphics from previous TES, theres no computer in the world that can run a game like that, not even close, not even in 10 years from now. So go figure…

  2. I’m really sad and worry… I know this is unavoidable. So, I’m only ask for one thing. I’m beging! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! That the graphics aren’t like cartoon!!! NOT LIKE WOW OR SWTOR!!! PLEASE!!!

  3. Ugh, the last thing I wanted was an MMO. Worst news I’ve heard since that Starwars knights of the old republic MMO garbage.

    • there will probably be more singleplayer games. like tes6. why donbt u whiners just quit it? alot of people wish there were some kind of online feature in skyrim. the people that dont like to see skyrim online are a rare kind, stop the whining, there will be a tes6 maybe with an online feature but with singleplayer optimization for sure 🙂 dont get me wrong, i love skyrim and every tes before.

  4. I have lost respect for you guys for this to even happen. lets hope its a fast and quick flop so you all can learn your lesson and move on.without much of a financial loss.

  5. I’m really excited! I can’t wait to explore all of Tamriel, especially Hammerfell, home to my favorite race the Redguards.

    • Agreed. I take issue with the female armor. Seriously, boob windows? There were no such thing in Oblivion or Skyrim. I have more or less stayed away from a number of games due to their portrayal of female characters. I hope that will be concept armor art will be fixed. I have always thought highly Bethesda due to their treatment of female characters.

  6. Poor Todd… His baby is being destroyed… Sad! WHY!!! THE ELDER SCROLLS IS BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!

  7. Well look at that. It’s a third person, cartoony visuals(looks exactly like Kingdoms of Amalur) game, with a skill hotbar.

    Failed already, Zenimax. Congrats at killing the opportunity from the very start.

  8. I don’t know what to think about this…

    We know the Warcraft saga died almost 10 years ago because of World of Warcraft…

    But on the other side, after Final Final Fantasy XI Online, there was a XII and a XIII… sure, the last one was terrible, but the series didn’t die because of a MMORPG.

    Well, I really expect to see a TES VI in the future… Please, Bethesda and Zenimax, DON’T HAPPEN OF LANCES!!!

  9. I guess I saw this coming. But Good God do I HATE this. No. No. No. Unless there is something completely unconventional to the MMO genre in mind I cannot possibly see this being anything but disaster for the Elder Scrolls world and lore. Maybe if they at least stay true to first person focus, reject hundreds of items on a toolbar and hotkeys (reject “traditional” MMO interfacing), focus on action and atmosphere and not efficiency.

    Ugh. This is a disaster.

  10. Thank you for destroying one of the best game series that ever were. Thank you for disowning the very people that made you great – the single player RPG gamers.
    Oh, yes, yes, it’s not by BGM and I’m sure they will be allowed to continue making SP games when that mmo hits big. of course. that totally will happen.

  11. Maybe we are all overreacting a little. It seems harsh not to at least wait for more details considering that they may have been working on this for as long as five years.

  12. Oh my God, I just read the article.

    You have no decency. At least it’s so bad, so bad, I actually feel better now. Oh my God, what a complete failure.

    WHO made this happen?

    In the near future, maybe two or three years from now, things will already have gone south, and people will start pointing fingers. Somebody (more likely a whole bunch of people) should start worrying right now.

    Let me tell you. This colorful monstrosity is NOT Elder Scrolls. It’s SO VERY bad. You must see it. I recommend you look out for it as soon as you get the chance, but I warn you, it’ll hurt in your stomach. I felt like vomiting half-way through the article. It’s horrible.

    And YES, it’s a World of Warcraft-esque game with a few things mutilated off of Dark Ages of Camelot. It’s that bad.

    Read it, see for yourselves, and if you do feel as disgusted as I, trust me, I just KNOW it will flunk. It’s so bad, it’s a complete failure, I guarantee. <———-

    In fact, I'd wager it won't last a few short years, with the first year drawing some interest and later we'll just watch it whither and die slowly as people's interest wanes…

    Colorful environment, check. Stereotyped sexy females, check. Unrealistic portrayal of characters, check. Bright colors everywhere, it hurts the eye. It's not even the whole of Tamriel as they're planning to release other provinces as expansion packs. Oh, and it's mandatory 3rd person. No real-time "feeling" to combat, either. You'll be fighting using a hotbar with buttons, like every other MMO, and specially WoW. It even went as far as copying the newest stuff Blizzard's been using, like "phased" zones. Oh yeah… just for "LOLZ", every day the three player factions can fight for control of the Imperial City (God knows how many times a day, but I'd say something like a couple hours, again just like Blizzard's larger PvP battlegrounds) and the "best player in the fight" (statistics) will be CROWNED emperor. For bragging rights. Yeah…

    It is SO bad. You won't believe this.

    • Way to go trying to compete head first with the King of the Hill.

      But I think their MMO is more bright and colorful. You should have invested on bigger pauldrons.

    • I’m trying to understand what their thought process was here. Clearly Zenimax wants a slice of the MMO pie, so they look at the list of IP they own, and decide TES would be a great fit. Okay. I can understand that.

      So they put together a new development studio, and throw truckloads of money at the project. Great! But this is where I start losing the plot…

      In a market over-saturated with WoW clones, where a new style of MMO would be a breath of fresh air, they decide to base TES Online on WoW’s combat mechanics. They even specifically state that in the Game Informer article. If I wanted to play WoW, I would play WoW. In fact, I genuinely do play WoW. I tried SWTOR last year and came to the realization that it’s not as good as WoW, because Blizzard have had seven years to get their mechanics nailed. I’ll realize the same thing with TES Online, no doubt.

      Secondly, by choosing to turn TES into an MMO, you’d think that the devs would start out by looking at what the huge fan base for TES love most about the series. Because they are, after all, the target audience, right? So you’d think that the first-person real-time combat and the unique leveling system of ‘getting better through practice’ that have been staples since the series’ inception would be essential. But they just… drop them? Saying it’s too hard to implement in an MMO? And just copy/paste WoW and add in a few little tweaks like every other MMO does. I fell for that with Aion. I will not fall for it again.

      What a wasted opportunity. A TES MMO had so much potential as a mature game with groundbreaking (for an MMO) combat and leveling mechanics. Even the provinces and races of Tamriel would have been perfect for a player-driven faction system, where we could form our own alliances based on political goals and views, instead of being shepherded into pre-defined factions based on race. What a shame.

  13. MMO’s are dead and this one doesn’t look like the next gen MMO, it looks just like wow. Zenimax you bet your money on the wrong horse and it may effect the tes franchise in a negative way.
    You proofed that you are not different than EA or Activision.

  14. Well, its not a bad idea.Its terrible idea.It will ruin the series.Imagine slow combat game like skyrim like mmo.

  15. Personally, I think this is great news. I heard Jeremy Soule’s ‘Knight’s Charge’ when I read it 😀

    Instead of chatting with friends outside of TES games about the fun we are having, we will soon be able to do this in-game! And being a lover of Khajiit, and being able to explore Elsweyr, and experiencing the lore is really exciting for me.

    Seriously tho, two bits of exciting news in one week … I needed a lie down 😉

  16. A CARTOONY TES GAME.,, it’s an insult! A colorfull monstruosity!!! Yes, it’s hurts the eyes. And destroy the hearts! I feel sorry by Todd and the real ES team. Zenimax Online are not capable of capture the essence of the game. I have only recognice an ordinator! Only that of a dozen screens. This is not TES! TES IS BETTER THAN THAT!!! Sorry my english. But I need, I really need, My angry

  17. Where are the armors from a TES game? Glass armor anyone? And the monsters?! They stole from KoA? From WOW?! Guild Wars? My god!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  18. Why would they do this? Now its most likly going to turn into another WoW and tes series will be put to a perminate hault… there goes the best rpg series anyones ever played </3

  19. WoW clone #346. Generic uninspired art direction, 3rd person, skill bars, factions, etc. You can’t out-WoW WoW. You have to be original, otherwise you’ll end up in the MMO graveyard like all the other clones. Why would you guys knowingly design a game based around a failed concept? This project is in a heap of trouble on the bullet points alone. And it’s Elder Scrolls in title only. Server closures and free to play beckons in the first year, yet again.

  20. Which tie-wearing prick thought this was a good idea? Well, have fun throwing your money down a hole, Bethesda.

  21. For those who had the chance to see some pictures of the TES ONLINE, get ready for another MMO with no impact. Hardly WoW one, possibly a boring Star Wars colorful MMO.

    I liked it! will be nice see the “sacred TES” finally fall into the supermarket for the masses. Get ready for some skeletons wearing colorful armors! vibrant colors, it will be awesome! I laugh a lot.

    Hey Todd! happy? please marketing division, your public need a massive campaign! start now promoting TES DLC, TES ONLINE, DOOM4! show the amazing creators, show more images, talk about the 20 years of amazing evolution, to end in the most safe and linear mentality.

    But dont blame this company, Bioware and others, there is a lot of MMOs to come, more triple lame games. The user need just lost your faith in take videogames as art, and return to use as simple games.. like movies! is all about remake, linear and boring.

    I loved! is all about see the “triple lame” marketing falling again in a massive fast food! loved!

    But in the end is ok.. without money, without jobs. They have a better reaction than the stupid politicians.

  22. bethesda is going to lose big on this. all bethesda games has been crap originally. what has made them okay is the mods, and the community. MMO, this is not going to work. ALso, how many companies has tried to do the midle age MMO’s. It’s growing old, and I’m getting sick of it. If they would have tried fallout as MMO. it would have been something new. However not sure if bethesda should tremble their way into the MMO scene anyway.

  23. in “The Elder Scrolls Online” any more there will be no that for what we loved TES(( I HOPE FOR THE GOOD)

  24. Look what all of you Debbie Downers have caused!

    What is all this confusion, Pete Hines said himself that TESO will not be affecting current or future plans of BGS.

    TESO is just a “spin-off”. I know I’m repeating things already posted in this comment thread but get it through your head!

    Also, everyone needs to realize that every time something new is happening with a game/game franchise we love ppl go ape shit and turn into rowdy pessimists. Things usually turn out fine, and with a franchise like The Elder Scrolls I’m sure they aren’t taking the development lightly. A lot of you have been drooling at the thought of an Elder Scrolls MMO for years now, and when it finally becomes a reality you bitch about it?

    Even if they do “run it into the ground” with expansions like WoW has done, you don’t have to play it – there will still be the single-player games to play/look forward to. TESO is set way, way, back in time; around the era that TES Adventures: Redguard was set in, so don’t worry that it will affect the current timeline in SP games!

    Good day!

  25. From all the info I’ve read and seen this looks like a completely stale and “me too” MMO. I am usually the optimist with new games even in the face of lots of negativity but I think this is going to be terrible. What a waste of such a rich and deep IP. Such a waste. /bummer

  26. Bethesda: “Houses r too haaard!!!” ;(

    Yeah right… .

    Matt Frior was even working on DAoC that had player housing.

    Also EQ, LotRO (just to name a few of many) and more recently ArcheAge which does player housing all over the game world.

  27. The end of a great single player game that just needed a way to group up with friends on a console.

    R.I.P TES
    Glad I bought you all before people start calling them antiques. At least I won’t miss you.

  28. An Elder Scrolls MMO will completely miss the point of the last 5 numbered games and its two spin-off releases. The Elder Scrolls is a single player game because each character a person creates is truely unique and original. Their adventures are long and interesting, and they provide a deep personal connection with the player. Even with Skyrim, I can feel that unique experience fading away and being replaced with a cookie-cutter experience that appeals to a broader audience. Now with the new MMO, there will be almost no creativity and the Elder Scrolls will cease to be what made it great in the first place.

  29. im guessing ZeniMax and Bethesda gave squashed their beef, this means the likeliness of a future Fallout Online is garuanteed. It was a dispute between Zenimax owning the rights to an online Fallout game and Bethesda preventing them from using any of the fallout characters/locations/weapons/pip boy/logo/name etc… that prevented it from ever happening.

  30. A bit dissappointed with what ive seen so far. First a trailers with nothing in it, then a pegi 12 rating (no decapitatons) and then no houses and “WoW mechanics” im frankly a bit upset you chose to take it in that direction

  31. You gotta be kidding me. Bethesda should be ashamed of the screenshot for this. Looks like it’s going to rank right up there with Final Fantasy XIV. I wouldn’t waste my pc space to download this generic piece of crap if it was free to play. Just what we need. Another WOW clone. Disappointed and digusted don’t even come close to describing my feelings about this. I just lost a lot of respect for you Beth.

  32. Even though it has always been a dream of mine to play in the elder scrolls universe with friends this isn’t the right direction. The design and game play mechanics from Morrowind, to Oblivion and currently Skyrim has been great. And while I wouldn’t expect an MMO with hundreds of high def NPCs and PCs together the current art direction and combat mechanics being revealed are not appealing what so ever. Cookie cutter design is not the way an Elder Scrolls game should go, because Bethesda and Elder Scrolls are their own style. Converting that style to the MMO genre isn’t just condensing the Elder Scrolls “flavor” it is diluting it with garbage. You can’t have an Elder Scrolls game if it looks like it trying to look like every other MMO to attract subscribers. With so many MMOs out and SWTOR losing 400k subscribers it is clear you can’t attempt to be a “WoW” clone successfully in the long run and still maintain a reputation for the series.

  33. Let me think of all the mmos I have played. In the late 90’s it was Ultima Online then it was Star Wars Galaxies (tell the update that #$##@@ that game up) then it was Lineage II, City Of Heroes, Runescape (yes I will admit I played and like RS) then and still from time to time WOW, next I tried Rift, Star Trek Online, then went and spent $80 on the Digital Deluxe Edition of Star Wars The Old Republic (OMG and I still pissed on that deal) And now I’m on Tera. These are the ones that I put in 3 or more months in to TRYING to like. I give up NO MORE I am not going to go out to BUY a game and then pay to play it. You want to make any money off me it better be free to play and I’ll buy the game and try it or free to have and pay monthly because I’m burnt out on you game developers sucking me dry and promising things they don’t come close on delivering.

  34. i dont like it at being on the pc wich means youd have to buy a new pc with grafics card etc im a disabled vet im limited on money ive played on the pc game daggerfall since then it was the morrowind on xbox then the oblivion an skyrim on xbox 360 why go to online where instead of enjoying a game you end up with a bunch of jerk hackers running around with dupped weapons killing you and taking stuff and the being little smart arses im still hopeing to explore the regions of tes but not online dont make have to buy 1500 hundred dollars worth of pc crap just to get my fix

  35. I always wished that their games had an optional 2 or 3 player co-op mode, be it via LAN or TCP/IP. That’s it… It would’ve made the game so much more enjoyable for a lot of people.

    I’m not really keen on that new art style (Skyrim was pretty good, but even fans started meshing and improving textures the moment it was released – they really should focus more on character and environmental art) What scares me the most is how nasty the Khajiit would probably look.. If the artists aren’t going for realism, then they’re doing it wrong.

    Also, if they’re serious about an MMO, I think they should keep the current left/right hand-to-mouse-click setup that they’re using in Skyrim. Just add the option save different spell/weapon setups and hotkey them from 1-9 (press 1 to equip bow, press 3 to switch to fireball & shield, ect.)

    Make the whole combat system revolve around something innovative and new(in an MMO-sense.) If it uses the same setup as WoW (and every other MMO currently out there) then I seriously doubt that i’d actually consider playing this.

  36. I viewed the first screenshots, and yes…I know they are brand spanking new but I can’t stop laughing. I really cant. The guy on the left looks like he’s high on skooma and has a taproot in his rectum, and the atronachs or whatnot look like sock-em bopper robots. GG. Lmao.